Muqabil: Episodes 11-12 Trust and Revelation


Armaan’s friend needs to disappear like forever. I don’t understand why Armaan shares his personal life with him. He doesn’t even have a wife and changes girlfriends when he likes, how can he advise anything? Armaan, be sensible like you are always, PLEASE!

Parisa tells him to ask and discuss about her with her instead of strangers.

That damn friend puts a theory in Armaan’s head that Parisa likes someone else and she married him in revenge. It just so happens Parisa leaves without telling anyone to meet the psychiatrist. The doctor is surprised to see the change in her and asks if she married for revenge (Parisa has told her the truth?) and surprisingly Parisa says no and she doesn’t love Armaan but only feels sorry and pity for him.

Once she comes back, she lies to Armaan and gets caught. He thinks his suspicions are true and leaves the house in anger. Parisa actually gets worried about him and when he comes back she tells him about the psychiatrist because she doesn’t want him to think that she’s a loose character. She then reveals her SECRET and I literally cried with Armaan and Parisa. The courage she had to muster up to bring it up again, to tell her husband….I’m speechless

But she doesn’t name the person and he demands it because he wants to KILL him. He visits the psychiatrist and she tells him to think, killing that person would not benefit Parisa. She asks him not to think of Parisa as his property and I was personally surprised to hear this. I never thought that way for me Armaan was trying to work his marriage, he wasn’t trying to control her that’s why when she told him by the pool side to leave her and find someone else, he said he can’t and got angry for thinking him as a toy. I’m actually having a panic attack thinking what would Armaan do once he learns about the identity of the man.

Mahmood the eavesdropper brings some amulet for Armaan and Parisa but he never says what it’s actually for but I can guess, for the husband and wife to share the bed and for the wife to get aroused and it’s really hilarious at least for me when Parisa shared her spiked drink with Symbul, Armaan’s sister.

Nasreen is quite sharp and since she’s nothing to do and always stays and Shehnaz’s house and time to time mentions her daughter? Or was it son? Bunty. She notices that something is off between Armaan and Parisa and shares her suspicions with Shehnaz and she takes it to Mahmood and he reassure her everything is fine but he’s scared inside, what if Parisa tells the truth to Armaan.

Poor Armaan should wears his glasses again because he touches his eyes a lot when he wears lens.

There’s this theory that maybe Parisa likes Mamhood, kinda Stockholm syndrome, because there was a line in the song “jisne barbaad kiya hai, wohi abaad kare” (one who has destroyed me, make me bloom) but I guess the drama never took that turn which is definitely a good thing.


2 comments on “Muqabil: Episodes 11-12 Trust and Revelation

  1. Jo says:

    I cried too when she told him😩😥😭😭 you could see anger and sorrow in his eyes. They both have sad lives, im kind of glad they have each other idk if Ill feel the same way in the new ep tho, because things might change

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