SnK Season 2 -Episode 29- Duty to protect


SnK= Shingeki no Kyojin aka Attack on Titan

When human race is in danger what would you do to help? Get married and have babies!! that too and help your loved ones survive by sacrificing yourself.

We didn’t even get a glimpse of Levi or Eren or Mikasa or Armin or Levi. Did I mention Levi? It’s just a tactic to give more screen time to secondary characters who are about to die a heroic death and don’t worry there’s a huge surprise for those who haven’t read the manga or the spoilers.

We track back a little before the titans attacked the castle. Crista talks about the titans and no hole theory and Conny again thinks about the titan on his house, thinking it’s his mother. Ymir makes the whole thing into a joke. Nice move I say to distract and Renier thinks the same as me. The bonding makes you feel secure or not. Ymir reads a language that’s unknown to Reiner and before he could voice his suspicions, titans attack the castle.

The scouts hold the titans but some of them slip inside and one of them attacks Reiner and a memory flashes before him. Someone sacrificed himself and saved him. With the urge to live and survive he manages to get away and then rest of the team helps kill him but before anyone could breathe a sigh of relief another one appears and attacks Conny and Reiner saves him but gets bitten on his arm.

Crista helps Reiner with his wound and he all of a sudden wishes to marry her, of course, he said it in his heart and mind. We also get to know that Reiner and Bert are from the same town.

Things are looking grim, the castle gets broken and more titans appear and the scouts die one by one and the Beast titan crosses the wall to the other side.

With nothing else to do but wait and die Ymir reminds Crista a promise, to live a life you’re proud of, and suddenly dives into the ocean of titans with a knife which she uses to slash herself and reveals her true form: TITAN

No sight of Jean. I’m starting to get worried. Was he actually a horse that could transform into a human?


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