Natsume Yuujinchou Roku: Episode 2- Place you can return to


Let’s go to a place where you’ll be loved and not judged. 

Again this episode emphasized on close bonding and relationships and this is one of the best traits of this anime.

This time a stone washer yokai comes to ask help from Natsume. A stone washer is someone who purifies the stone. The yokai, Nanamaki is finding his disciple, Azuma, who came to him in a bad shape and he let him stay and taught him the art of stone washing because he loved it. After some time Azuma left but wrote letters which suddenly stopped and now Nanamaki wants to find him.

After hearing the story Natsume is reminded of himself and how the Fujiwaras took him in. He wonders if he’ll leave too…

Natsume asks his yokai friends to find out about Azuma and they get the info about him being exercised and that he won’t be a stone washer anymore. True enough Azuma hides as he’s being ashamed but Nanamaki tells him that they’ll find a new place to return to.


How come the Fujiwaras can’t hear Natsume yelling and making a ruckus in the room? Granted they can’t hear the yokai but they can hear Natsume, no?

I want even for just one day for the Fujiwaras to meet/see the yokai friends of Natsume, maybe like in the dream…


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