Muqabil: Episodes 3-4 Jaw Dropping


Parisa dropped a bomb and the rest dropped their jaws, including me.

Shehnaz is hell-bent on Parisa’s marriage and even calls one of the suitors to meet her. Parisa very calmly tells mama’s boy that she’s in love with someone else and can’t live without him and when asked who the guy is, she points at the clueless Armaan who is busy with the flowers and his music which he always listens to and so is oblivious to what is going on.

The news reaches Shehnaz and Parisa gets a slap and a lecture about how she’s copying her. Shehnaz’s delusional in thinking that her daughter idolizes her ( and is jealous) because she married Aftab who was an accountant at her father’s office. But the thing is Shehnaz had the upper hand in the marriage. She didn’t let her husband meet his relatives or let him visit his father on the death-bed. According to her she’d no choice but to marry that man and if there’s someone else she wouldn’t have married him. Good thing is Aftab is not present during the conversation.

Mahmood is called so the situation can be cleared and better understood. The moment he hears the accusation on his son he literally starts sweating bullets. He makes Armaan swear on Quran about his relation with Parisa and he denies everything which assures Mahmood for a while.

Shehnaz on the other hand interrogate Armaan in her own style and asks for the password for his social media accounts and stuff and feels satisfied when she can’t find anything.

Parisa enters the conversation and Armaan begs her to clear things up but she asks him to not to be afraid when she’s with him. Poor guy stutters trying to prove his innocence and Pairsa goes ahead and in front of everyone says that she loves Armaan, sending everyone in shock and she deliberately hugs him when everyone’s watching and this time Armaan gets a slap from his father and his father loses his faith in his son and believes in Parisa’s lies.

What is Armaan’s fault in all of this? What crime did he commit?Why is Parisa dragging him in the mess? Why is she ruining his life?

Parisa likes to solve maze game. Her life is a maze and she wants to get out of it or perhaps not.

Salman, Parisa’s brother is one of those who follow their friends instead of finding their own path and I don’t understand why his parents expressions turns disgusting like he’s a disgrace when they are talking to him.

Mahmood is shown a pious man with prayer beads in his hands and chanting on his lips. He’s very humble and polite and call Shehnaz: madam ji. He gives her family utmost respect and treat their children as his own. His wife, Zubeida, hates the rich family. And for the love of God will she stop screaming?

10 comments on “Muqabil: Episodes 3-4 Jaw Dropping

  1. Jo says:

    I really don’t understand the mother, why does she think everyone is beneath her (even her own child) also I feel bad for Armaan because he’s always clueless as to what’s going on. THANK YOU, Armaan’s mom’s screams are too much

    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Khan says:

      because she’s self made. she handled her father’s business. bla bla bla i seriously hate her and her make up artist. Armaan is just a poor pure soul who has no idea why he’s being dragged. i seriously demand for subtitles when Armaan’s mom comes on screen. i can’t hear her voice anymore T_T


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