Crisis: Episode 2 – NO SUBS


Bear with me as my understanding Japanese skills are below average. Then why am I writing when I don’t understand? Good question.

So, in this episode -half of the things went above my head as usual- Saburou Tamaru’s acquaintance, a freelancer journalist is killed by poison after he takes some photographs of a man, whose face was not shown but only his minions. Journalist friend also sends a picture of a house to Tamaru as well. The death is ruled out something else? and not murder.

Tamaru checks his friend’s apartment to get the answers but the minion is already there and manages to take away the laptop. The investigation team finds the house in the picture and Tamaru finds a USB hidden from where the picture was taken. The house is empty, no furniture and no humans. When asked by the neighbor, they are told a family lived there but now has left and remembered an ambulance coming for the daughter.

From here I completely got lost. The daughter’s name is Alice? And she’s in a coma? There’s another girl and she asked Inami and Tamaru to let them be because she’s scared. The minion tries to kill the coma girl but Inami was waiting for him.

Commissioner? tries to talk Tamori out of it. The “family” is some highly influential or something. Tamori gives the USB which had the pictures but vows to change the rotten system. He visits a woman and gives him some money. Of course, he knows her, brother’s wife? friend’s wife?


The faceless man, Kamiya? is shown at the end. He’s some hotshot and minion is there with him and the commissioner turns off the tv when he sees him.

Ummm…so yeah… I really need SUBS or I better start polishing my Japanese listening/learning skills.


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