Weekly Watching-29


Don’t you Dare!

I may be not that disciplined

but I do have made

some rules and regulations

for myself

I keep my life

under check and balance

I’m strict with myself

so others don’t have a chance

to scold me

I won’t let them do it

I won’t let them scare me

I’m strong

I’m brave




Rebel: Thief who stole people: Episode 21-22

It’s my fault and Gil dong’s and Gil Hyun’s to believe in the king. At least I knew what kind of person he’s become. How could I believe that he will prevail justice?

The brothers show the book of evil to the king hoping he will right every wrong and then we are told the king’s name is in the book as well. And moreover he hates the fact that a low life like Gil dong is worried about the country and people.

Dear king, you should have been the one doing this. You should have these qualities but alas you were busy in merry-making. And I hate you for hurting Gil dong and acting as a mighty ruler and a hunter.

The officials and ministers are once again scared of the king because he starts his punishing and killing spree who wronged him and his mother or troubled him for some matter. And of this is because of Mr. green beads. DIE ALREADY!!!

Nok soo dies a little every time she sees Gil dong. She plays her role in trying to save his past lover and Gil dong does his best to save his brother. I’m so scared for Gil hyun. I don’t even want to imagine the punishment he’ll have to revive once his identity comes out.

Poor Ga ryung thinks Gil dong died and her plan is to take revenge and on the other hand Gil dong met both Eorini and recognizes one as his sister.


Nazr-e-bad: Episode 19-20

Is the drama testing my patience by letting Pervaiz do what he wants and making Maham’s life more miserable than it already is?

Maham goes cuckoo and breaks all crockery and her cock-a-doodle doo (Aftab) becomes a drug addict and the first cigarette is given to him by Pervaiz and for some reason, Aftab failed to recognize Pervaiz’s voice.

Must be the black magic or Aftab’s selfishness or whatever is it. Aftab divorces Maham because he thinks that he isn’t good enough for her. Maham’s father, Shafeeq, disappears after giving the house to Nusrat, his ex-wife.

Pervaiz is VERY happy and he collects more information about how long does she have to wait (iddat) and when she can get married again. This is seriously pathetic because this is basic knowledge. Loved the scene when he steps into the mosque he gets dizzy and then again loved the scene when moulvi sahab refused to take his money because it’s not HALAL.

Pervaiz is taking a gamble and he’s scared. He knows the one who does black magic can’t have children and if they do they don’t survive and if somehow he/she makes it the child will be disabled for life.

Pervaiz helps his Ms Rich client in identifying her husband as her enemy but I’m not so sure because husband dear humiliated Pervaiz so he might be taking revenge.


Crisis: Episode 1

The drama actually has a really long name like something about “special investigation…or something but I can’t memorize it.

New Jdrama starring Oguri Shun and Hidetoshi Nishijima…. KKYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA… I WUV BOTH OF THEM!!!

Like the name of the drama, there is some crisis in real life as well…the crisis of NO SUBS!!! but that didn’t stop me from watching. How much I understood is another thing but I think I got the gist of it. This happened last year? as well with Ouroboros. I watched the whole series without subs.

So what I got is… there’s a special team of 5 members and they take mainly terrorist attacks and other BIG stuff. Both of the heroes have some secrets in the past, which will be revealed as the story progresses. And there’s a big baddie, an organization, with its evil plans.

All the faces in the drama look familiar so this is definitely a plus point even though I can’t point where I watched them last.

Another plus point is the OST. There are two songs I heard that I remember. One is the opening, called: “I need your love” by Beverly

and the other song is also by her called, “Empty”. And it’s not on YouTube, at least on my side.


Strong Woman Do Bong soon: Episode 15-16 END

The only thing left was to catch the culprit which means NO suspense, NO thriller and that means NOT MA CUPPA TEA. For me the drama worked until 8 or 10 episodes after that it’s a downfall. The drama should have been of 12 episodes.

The cops were useless as ever. Gangsters and teen finally helped the trio and they caught the creepy mask guy. No one ever thought what if Bong soon got shot in the head… I tell you, she be dead, DUH!

Bong papa leaves and then comes back because of Min hyuk. Guk doo reveals he always loved Bong soon but had no idea that the feelings were mutual. He needs to learn how to read signs. Cello girl and Bong ki break up. Bong soon gets into strategy department or whatever that’s. She develops the game she always wanted.

Bong soon and Min hyuk get married (his family is not seen anywhere) and they too get a pair of twins but both the babies are girls. As we know the girls in the family take the supernatural strength and no nanny or babysitter can take care of them. Bong soon instead of helping her husband taking care of POWERFUL girls, helps save the city.

I thought something will happen when Mr tooth met his doppelganger Mr bully but nothing. They could have used the lost siblings thingy or something and what was the purpose of the monk?




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