People change behavior changes, attitude changes, weather changes, fate changes and so on… at one or the other time change will happen. New grows old and old gets older, newer things get their place. But why is it that I don’t like change? Even changing for a new laptop or cell phone gives me heebie-jeebies. I like my old stuff and then I’m forced to change those things because of the life span of “once” new things have deteriorated.

I “hate” the “new” stuff in life even if it’s a dress because it replaced my favorite one. I once didn’t use my favorite pen and then I felt guilty because its ink dried after some time. I still kept that pen though, I couldn’t bear to throw it out.

change (1)

I keep old stuff in my cabinet and has to hear nagging from my mom and siblings. I really find it hard to get rid of the old stuff. It only occupies the space and doesn’t do anything positive or meaningful but it gives me peace.

I don’t even change my dressing style or hairstyle or the products I use, the food I eat, the websites I use. It makes me panic when a website shuts down or the product isn’t made anymore because I’m used to it so much that I don’t know what to do afterwards.

Yes, I have changed. I was a baby and now a grown woman. Education has changed me. Meeting people has changed me. Change is inevitable and no matter how much I think I don’t like change nothings going to stop “change” not even death.

As I was writing on this topic I was called by my family and my thought process was broken and this is one of the change I do like even though I had more to say but have now forgotten.


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