Weekly Watching-28



I seem to jinx my own work

don’t ask me how

because I want it to remain a hunch

and hunches can be a hit or a miss



Thankfully I’m back to anime land and yes SnK takes the credit for that or maybe I just wanted to hear Levi’s some ultra sarcastic dialogues.


Goodness, I’m not watching much. First I was complaining because I had too many dramas to watch and now I have few….dilemma.

I wanna watch Tunnel. I wanna watch Whisper. I wanna watch Chicago Typewriter. I wanna, I wanna…

Rebel: Thief who stole people: Episode 19-20

We are down to last 10 episodes and it feels like there’s so much to cover. That’s dramas problem though, my work is to complain. I sound like a meanie biatch.

Okay so, the Hong team helps people in need and they help them in return by saving them from the guards. At first, the king isn’t fazed by it but he, himself hears people praising him more than the king and Mr green beads adds fuel to the fire by saying that the Hong guy is stealing the king’s people.

Why is the king getting angry? He didn’t do anything for his people. He just spends money and doesn’t care about anything else. For him, he’s the king and rest of the people his servants. With that mindset, you are not going anywhere but to your own downfall.

And where the heck are the masks of the Hong team? And that’s why they get caught. No one knows about Ga ryung except Gil hyun so she stays safe. In all of this mess, the brothers meet through the ex-magistrate. Finally!!! *wipes tears* and they make a plan. Gil hyun who loses his position to baby Jo will now again gain the king’s favor. Gil hyun takes Gil dong to the king and he boldly introduces himself. Nok soo, now a concubine, for the first time in many years, hears about him and runs to see him. Eorini sees him too but she can’t remember him. Who is this second girl with Eorini? Why is the drama trying to make us believe that she’s Eorini?


Nazr-e-bad: Episode 17-18

Pervaiz would do anything to get Maham. He’s that much in love with her but here I thought when you love someone, you want them to be happy and not miserable like Maham. Pervaiz’s definition of love must be different, it’s nicely wrapped in black magic. And because of that, he thinks she too loves him. He needs some serious help.

Maham gets pregnant. Aftab is more than happy and apologizes yet AGAIN for his misbehavior and for the first time perhaps takes a stand for her. Muamani is not thrilled to be a grandma and the other side Pervaiz goes crazy when he hears the news and causes Maham to lose her child and later rejoices when he learns that his plan worked.

Maham’s world crashes. Her behavior changes. Aftab closes his business because of the loss. Her father gets in trouble at his job. Maham’s sure some unseen things are behind all of their problems and she’s not wrong but no one believes in things that can’t be seen.

Things are moving as Pervaiz wanted. He finds his sister and his beloved money. Abeera is forced to marry Baber. Poor guy was used as a sacrifice and Abeera acts like a true biatch with him.

Pervaiz helps a rich client to get what she wanted. Miss rich impressed and happy gives him a job, in her company, so people won’t be suspicious about his income. He’s to work for her and find out who is a friend and who is a foe.

Almas, Pervaiz’s mother learns magic from her son, for the happiness of her children. Sorry to burst your bubble woman, but I haven’t seen anyone use black magic for good purpose or anyone’s happiness. And she takes her revenge by treating Nusrat poorly and deliberately rubing salt on her wounds. 

Client binch falls for Pervaiz and even tells him but she doesn’t want him to love her back because once you get what you wanted, “that thing” loses its value.

Why does Pervaiz always wears flip-flops? He’s them in every color. And there are some scenes when the actors are not present in the scene and its made to look like they are. Did the actors fight with each other?


Strong woman Do Bong soon: Episode 13-14

These episodes were much better than the last ones, but why the hell did the drama force every OST they had? Highly inappropriate insertion was when Bong soon saved the trapped girls and her friend was nowhere to be found.

Bong soon and Min hyuk almost have a break up but since we don’t have many episodes left and there seemed to be no progress in the story we had random stuff going on as usual. Min hyuk’s tracker pendant can be a little creepy in normal circumstances and he never told her about it so…but it comes in handy.

Cutting everything in short. Bong soon saves her friend and loses her powers because she hurts an innocent person ACCIDENTALLY. Drama just makes its own story as it goes on. Why didn’t Guk do shoot the mask guy before the effin guy sat in the car? DRAMA!!! and of course the mask guy survives a bullet to his arm and a fall from a cliff. He manages to kidnap Bong soon from Min hyuk’s building and plants a bomb on her and leaves. Min hyuk doesn’t budge even when she cries and begs him to leave. She then prays for Min hyuk’s safety and her powers come back.

We get some lovey-dovey scenes with Min hyuk and Bong soon and Bong mama’s excuse why she only cared about Bong ki and as always she’s hella annoying when arguing with her husband. The gangsters got the green signal for the redevelopment or whatever that’s. Randomness was still at large and who thought a time bomb can change into fireworks??

Thank God the drama is ending.


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