SnK Season 2-Episode 27-Is this really Snk…


cuz no one died.

SnK= Shingeki no kyojin aka Attack on Titan.

I got a complaint about not writing the complete title. Ma bad for that.

Okay, so is it me or Armin looked different? I never liked the way he looked in season 1 and was half expecting him to die but he turned out to be the brain of the group. Maybe I just accepted him so that’s why he looks different in my eyes and yes, he’s still the brain of the group and is on to sometimes about the titan-ic walls and so is Hanji.

As you may remember Levi hurt his leg in the previous season when he saved Eren from Annie or am I remembering it wrong? He maybe not active in duty but his tongue still is. And that’s one of the many things I love about him. His tongue can practically kill someone. I need his sarcastic remarks!! And that priest better starts talking.

This episode titled “I’m home” gives us the story of Sasha- the potato girl or the girl who loves to eat. If you still can’t remember her then do a quick search on her and be amazed to how awesome she’s in this episode. She comes from a hunter family and belongs to a village. She fought with her father before joining the military. She tries her best to hide her accent in fear of being made fun of and that’s how she kinda made friends with Ymir and Krista. AND because of these two I suddenly remember the story in the manga. Don’t worry I won’t spoil.

Sasha goes back to her village to inform them of the invasion of titans but is alarmed that the titans are already there. She saves a little girls’ life and fights with a titan, first with a bow and arrow and then with bare hands. GO GIRL! Bad-ass Sasha! I wanna watch this scene again and again but that would have to wait as Conny reaches his village with his team. He finds his house destroyed and a titan lying there staring at him.

Oh, poor Conny, no words can comfort you and I can’t say anything not because of the lack of words but in the fear of spoiling for others. By the way, where’s Jean- the horse face?

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