Tea or Coffee?

tea or coffee

To drink or not to drink? I say that’s some lazy thinking. There’s not much difference between me and Hamlet. Why? We just procrastinate over not so important matters. Okay, wait, Hamlet’s scale was different. Poor guy was all talk and no action. At least I can make tea and coffee. He got himself and the entire cast killed. Or is it Shakespeare’s fault?

It’s summer here which means less hot drinks but in my case, I need a cup of tea a day at least. I can live without tea. I experimented it and was tea-less for 3 days and I survived. I mostly drink milk tea. Green tea or any other tea is for winter time.

I can feel something is changing. In the past few days, my body demands more caffeine. Before I tell you more about that I want you to know that I make tea in a different way. I don’t use a tea bag and do “dip dip” in the boiling water. I take a pot with boiling water and put it on the stove and add loose tea and then I add boiled milk. My tea is ready, all I need now is sugar. *sips* tastes good.

Coming back to the demand of caffeine. So, I don’t drink coffee that much and by the way, I don’t buy coffee I make it at home. Why I don’t buy is because me is stingy but let that discussion be for some other time. For the past few days, I’m drinking coffee. I drank milk coffee and ice coffee and I suddenly realize I’m out of coffee mate. Black coffee will have to wait cuz I’m not in the mood to drink some bitterness or I can add sugar.

Adding of sugar reminds me of my morning cup of coffee. After making a cup of milk coffee I added some sugar but I needed more so I added some and all of a sudden it felt like I was drinking just sugar, Ack.

What do you prefer Tea or Coffee, Hamlet perhaps?


3 comments on “Tea or Coffee?

  1. Jo says:

    IT’S SHAKESPEARE’S FAULT! I am not a fan😂😂 Im a tea drinker (honey, ginger, and green) i heard its good for inflammation ❤ and coffee makes me sleepy so I can’t even drink it😂😂

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