Weekly Watching-26


This was supposed to be my last post before exams but things have changed yet again. DAMN exams have been pushed AGAIN for some God damn reason and this makes me angry!!!

Do I have to spell it for the uni that it’ll be Ramazan in May?

What kind of management is this? I have been hearing about exams for the past 3 months and the dates keep changing without any notice.

I have spent thousands of dollars on the exams fee and all of my energy, not for this… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

One can’t even plan a trip in fear of exams suddenly dropping from nowhere.

I called the uni on all of its numbers and all I heard was that the person I’m calling is unavailable. Then I emailed them and I never got the reply.

Such AMAZING management! One of the prestigious uni….MY FOOT!

Nothing’s gonna stop me from watching dramas anymore. I made my mind to take some time off for uni but since uni is doing what it wants then I’ll do the same.


MANGA (Kuroshitsuji chapter-126)

So who came to the Ciel mansion? Is it Ciel’s twin or Lizzy? Souma would never act so chummy and friendly to strangers. Don’t die Souma. Maybe he’ll get injured (I’ll definitely flip tables if he died) and Ciel will then realize what a great friend Souma’s. I want to know what Agni found in the fireplace.


Why is Yul always eating in chief Kim? Why is chief Kim so annoyingly awesome? Love their bantering and bickering. Now that both of them are on the same page, they are going to take the bad guy down. GO! GO!

Voice special episodes were so MEHHHH….tsk tsk tsk you guys had 16 episodes just shove all the making and BTS and NG and everything.

Defendant: Episode 17-18 END

The acting was AMAZING. The ending was satisfying and so was Jung woo’s wink. My favorite scene was Min ho crying for real in the court room when Yeon hee tells him that he’s the father of her child.

So Min ho’s minion takes Jung woo’s side so does Yeon hee. I knew it’ll be her who will bring Min ho’s downfall. Nonetheless, its satisfying to see the high and mighty Min ho getting a taste of betrayal and truth.

Min ho gets the death penalty even though he tries to get out of it by feigning insanity, which I think is real. He’s slowly losing his mind. He can’t forget his father’s last moments the way he grabbed his leg. Min ho was planning on being Hamlet and he became one. I’m one of those who believes that Hamlet wasn’t feigning insanity, he actually went MAD. And may be Min ho won’t get the death because he’ll lose his mind and will live the rest of his life remembering what he did and will scream in agony. Yeon hee left him with her son never to turn back again. He’s left alone in every way.

Jun hyuk confessed his crimes and got his punishment but I still hate him.

Ahahah It’s so funny how the gangster was playing with a toy truck of doom and slamming into minion’s face

Jung woo’s cellmate the old man’s ex-wife killed 2 people but we were not told under what circumstances or why she killed but he took the blame. He decides to get a retrial after meeting her and gets out of the jail. Gangster guy too gets a retrial and gets out.

Lottery guy and the prison doctor become a couple and it’s so nice to see everyone out of the prison. Thank God there’s no sudden development of feelings between Jung woo and Eun hye. I was scared for a second when they were standing together at the PPL shop.

We never got to Eun hye’s father’s story just that something happened to her mother and her father’s blamed. This sounds familiar… Jung woo’s story?


Rebel: Thief who stole people: Episode 15-16

I miss Amogey but I love how Gil dong appears like his father. A man with powerful presence and dignity.

Gil dong joins hand with the eunuch after they agree to help each other. King’s private fund is running low and Gil dong will fill it one way or the other. Eunuch mentions Gong hwa (Nok soo) to Gil dong and says there’s no one by this name in the palace.

Gil hyun on the other hand decides to go undercover to understand the people more and how they are living. Basically he’ll be king’s eyes and ears.

I thought Mr green beads was a nice guy but he’s Mr not so nice guy who also thinks commoners are beneath the royals and nobles and because of him prince’s exile ends and that means trouble for Gil dong and his Hong family. Mori has joined prince’s side as well.

Shaman visits Gil dong and predicts tragedy for him which angers everyone especially Ga ryung. She doesn’t want anything bad happening to him or she’ll die. She tells Gil dong about her background and how she was sold and he affectionately cups her face. You have fallen for her, right?

Gil dong expands his business to all the provinces and sends his group to different assignments. After 4 years and finally, Gil dong confesses he likes Ga ryung but he doesn’t want her to get hurt. I’m trying my hardest not to remember the opening scene. Oh, and their kiss scene was never-ending long and she wants to get married ASAP.

Nok soo is envied in the palace but she won’t let anyone have their way with her. She’s gotten ever so close to the king but she won’t give her heart to him as that’s the way to have him by her side.

Eorini grows up but there are two girls shown so which one is she? One is ambitious and the other is scared.

Baby Jo becomes deputy governor and he and Gil dong meet and start off on the wrong foot. Thank God Gil dong didn’t say his name or baby Jo would have recognized him instantly. What fate! Now what?


Nazr-e-bad: Episode 13-14

Brilliant acting by Azfar Rehman. He’s perfect as Pervaiz.

Ahmer gets caught in Abeera’s room and things just go from bad to worse between two families. Loved the creepy horror moment when Abeera and Ahmer were alone, talking, in the room and the door to the closet opened on its own…or maybe it’s just a mistake or maybe its Pervaiz’s minions at work and that’s how he knew what’s happened without anyone telling him.

Pervaiz almost kills her sister for ruining the families name. He plays dirty and asks Shafique to make Abeera his daughter-in-law and he names Baber, the oldest son and not Ahmer. Abeera hears it but she can’t do anything. Pervaiz orders his minions to destroy the lives and happiness of Shafique and his family. Love the creepy whispers of the other beings.

Shafique blames Nusrat for not being a good mother and for lacking responsibility for bringing up HER son. He thinks his responsibility was to earn money and nothing else. Shafique and his family have problems on after the other. He makes mistakes at his work and in anger ends up divorcing his wife.

It’s the usual saying 3 times the talaq word which is completely wrong but our dramas always show this method and people do believe in it. Nusrat leaves the house and Pervaiz happily tells his mother about his deeds.

Pervaiz finds a new place to stay with the help of client binch. The new place is haunted but that doesn’t effect him at all and at the end, those “things” submit themselves to him. Once he did help a girl in removing a spell on her maybe he did it for money. A rich lady gives a huge amount of money to Pervaiz to destroy a person’s life because he destroyed hers.

The lost money is found and now I have no idea who was behind it. My money is still on mumani aka mother-in-law. Aftab needs some money for his business and asks Maham to ask her father to get him help a loan. He’s kept in the dark by Maham about the troubles at her home but Pervaiz deliberately tells him everything.

I have seen and read about the name Pervaiz. The owner of this name either go high up or they never succeed in life. This Pervaiz is similar to the 2nd one.


Strong woman Do Bong Soon: Episode 9-10

Bong soon easily wins from the gangsters and our boys come just in time to see the most important stuff. For Min hyuk it’s the pink hoodie she’s wearing, she later admits it’s her and she used her powers for the first time, and for Guk doo it’s her Herculean strength. Mr. tooth tries to harm Bong soon but Min hyuk takes the stab meant for her and Mr. tooth then takes the beating from Guk doo and Bong soon cried for Min hyuk.

Why would anyone put themselves in harm’s way if you don’t care about the other person? Either you are like chief Kim who accidentally saves the other person or you are like Min hyuk who like the person and would not want to see them get hurt. In the shooting incident as well, I remember Min hyuk covered Bong soon in his arms.

Bong soon’s heart has started to sway in Min hyuk’s direction. She closes her eyes hoping for a kiss but he doesn’t kiss her because she’s yet to sort out her feelings between the two guys. She even dreams about him and again she’s Juliet and he’s Romeo but that couple ended in tragedy, right? Yep, I’m one of those rare species who has never read the original version or any version of Romeo and Juliet.

I totally got side tracked. Coming back to the dream Min hyuk’s about to kiss her and she wakes up, actually it’s her friend who woke her up. Now, why would you dream something like that if you don’t have any feelings for the other person? Since I have no crush or love interests I dream about randomest things.

Ahem…ahem…Bong soon cares about him, she knows he’s lonely and on the other hand, he’s giving her time but he’s impatient as well. He shows his affection in different ways: accepting the way she’s, keeping her by his side every way he can, which can he burdensome but… I went KKYYAAAA when he rested his head on her lap and then went double KKYYAAAA when he asked her to end her crush thingy with Guk doo and confesses his love for her.

Daddy Ahn doesn’t care about his son getting hurt, all he cares about is his pride. Min hyuk doesn’t have respect for him because he abandoned his mother and this is why he feels betrayed and lonely.

We shouldn’t forget Guk doo. The guy who is a step late and reckless. He’d all the clues about Bong soon’s strength but he’s oblivious. I wonder if he knows that she “used” to like him CRAZILY. This is one of those dramas where you don’t root for the 2nd male lead to get the girl. It’s all his fault. Don’t you dare pull Hwa shin (Jealousy incarnate) on me.

He’s not lucky in the girl department but he’s lucky in finding out that the witness is the criminal and Bong soon recognizes the voice but some other guy gets arrested while the mask guy now has another girl. Worry not because Guk doo’s police team also believe it’s the witness but their hands are tied because the case has been taken from them but they are willing to go forward anyways. Mask guy’s targeting the cello girl and Bong soon.

Remember Mr. tooth who keeps getting beaten up? He’s a doppelganger and he/she? Works for Min hyuk. First I was confused if its Mr. tooth 2 or Ms. Tooth/bully. Its Mr. tooth and he tries to bully Bong soon and she teaches him a lesson. Secretary and tooth 2 compare their miseries and have their own melodrama segment.

I completely forgot about the gangsters. They are all in the hospital and the big/pig boss drank the poo wine. The teens gang hides Bong soon’s face and uploads the video of her fighting the bad guys. Good idea?


Dukh Sukh: Episode 21: Talafi (atonement)

Such a MEH episode all because of the main girl’s acting.

So, we have a widow, Faryal. She’s stopped living after her husband’s death and always wears a sad expression. She passes time doing useless stuff. Her sis-in-law, Annie, stays with her for the time being.

Enter Jibran, their neighbor. He likes Faryal and wants to marry her. She slaps him at his boldness and he decides to leave but at the last moment, she stops him. They get married. At their first night, Jibran confesses that he accidentally killed her husband. To atone for his sins he married her and she doesn’t know what to do now.



6 comments on “Weekly Watching-26

  1. Jo says:

    Are they protesting or on strike or is it the company that distributes exams because that sounds weird. Im sorry they are stressing you put *virtual hug* Defendant was amazing🎉🎉🎉, the wink *faints* and Minho still hasn’t realized the severity of his actions and that is sad. NZB sounds crazy and it reminds me of those OLD novelas, i love it . DS is still on? Wow!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Khan says:

      Thank you ^___^
      i don’t know whats going on but i do know that uni is being a BITCH.
      defendant is one of those dramas i don’t think i can watch again. i can’t see Jung woo in pain anymore. LOVED everything about it. Min ho has gone crazy that means he feels guilty. I replayed the WINK gazillion times.
      i just want to see the end of Pervaiz in NZB. he’s crossing every limit and boundary just to get the girl he loves. he doesn’t care if she loves him back or not. psycho biatch.
      DS didn’t air this week, i think. so, hopefully…


  2. Jo says:

    Agree, defendant is a great drama but I don’t think i can watch him go through that pain again, but who knows i might watch it nxt year. Pervaiz behavior is scary and unhealthy 😳😩 he needs to go away. I feel like DS has been on forever 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Khan says:

      I secretly want to watch because Ji sung but then i remember all the sufferings and pain T_T are you watching Whisper? i’m not T_T and i’m also losing interest in Bong soon T_T
      ahahha its because DS comes once a week. Pervaiz is freakin psycho but i LOVE the actor’s acting

      Liked by 1 person

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