Weekly Watching-25



idioms, rhymes and synonyms

whaling, civilizing and double standards

what have I gotten myself into?

they all make sense though

but sometimes they just fly by me



There’s this C-drama where ever I go everyone’s talking about it. Its called something three lives or is it ten lives and the title also has blossoms in it and peach too. I don’t have time now but maybe, soon, sometime in the near future or far I might check this one.

Rebel: Thief who stole the people: Episode 13-14

Loved Gil dong’s revenge on the prince. Prince guy gets flogged and exiled. He’s no more a royalty. He realizes much much later what has happened but it’s already too late…or not because mistress Jo saves him from committing suicide and asks Mr green beads help and he visits him.

Eunuch recognizes Gil dong in a second and surprisingly Gil dong didn’t see him

Loved Amogey sitting there with an authority as the prince is wheeled to his exile. Amogey and team go back to Ikhwari and everyone welcomes them and he decides the surname Hong for all the team. Amogey saw a dream in which a priestess told him Gil dong will die if he didn’t use his power for the good cause

I admit I cried when Amogey died. Why did he have to go so soon? Gil hyun and Eorini had yet to meet him. I again cried when Gil hyun saw his father in his dream. And cried again when I saw Eorini in the palace smiling. How did she end up there? Does that mean she has more chances to meet Hyun!

Heo Tae hak dies because of his own greed and selfishness by his right-hand man Mori. Because he abandoned him to save himself and he needed to die because he disrupted Ahmoge’s funeral. And because of that Gil dong got angry and unleashed his powers and everyone saw that but none of the gang shrunk away when they learned the truth about him. Gil dong lost his memories temporarily. So does that mean that whenever he hulks he loses memories?

Gil dong becomes the new leader of Ikhwari (he now holds his father’s beads) and Hong family and decides he’ll be real brother to Ga ryung *shudders….Hawarang memories* he says he won’t bow down to anyone but the king. He wants king on his side and gives his silver mine to him and gets a place in capital and a respected title. Magistrate gets promoted and can visit the palace. Meeting with Gil hyun soon?

Because of the new change in the king no one dares to oppose him. That means no check and balance of the king. Nok soo takes her revenge on the magistrate who took her innocence from her, with the help of the king.

Minister No, the one who is opposed by everyone, says king needs to stay away from those who want revenge. As the king himself want to have revenge for his mother.

Gil dong and Bong soon need to team up to save the world.


Defendant: Episode 15-16

Min ho strikes with the help of his father and make the knife useless and then throws his father under the bus. He feels guilty for not helping his father when he’s dying, and its revealed Min ho knew Yeon hee was taking her revenge.

Poor Jung woo and puppy. Don’t die puppy!!! Why kill him!!!? I hate puppy’s killer with all my might.

Puppy gives up his freedom to save Jung woo. If Jung woo blames him for the murder and abduction then Jung woo will be free but Jung woo doesn’t want to do it but puppy’s death changes things and he blames him and leaves prison.

Jun hyuk sold his soul to the devil and he can’t repent. The devil won’t let him. And yes, of course, Jun hyuk is the biggest, coward and now I think Satan has nothing to do with him. He and the deputy prosecutor need an eternal punishment or I won’t be satisfied. Chief prosecutor’s the only one who believed in Jung woo and helped him and so he earns respect and cookies.

Lottery guy goes back to the prison and finishes his few days sentence because his escape was hushed, warden didn’t want any more trouble.

One by one the prison grows empty and only 2 are left. This scene made me cry real hard. Eun hye takes the case of the old man, surgeon, in the cell on Jung woo’s request. The old man framed himself as well to protect his family. Yay! The detective friend of Jung woo’s alive and doing well.

2 months pass and Jung woo comes back as a prosecutor and Min ho becomes the chairman of the Chamyung company. Jung woo vows to bring him down. It’s the end of Min ho as Jung woo has a mole, the secretary and Min ho is suspicious about him but has no time to worry about him because Jung woo has the evidence (Min ho murdered his brother’s mistress) to drag him to hell.


Nazr-e-bad: Episode 11-12

Puppo leaves after asking for forgiveness from Nusrat and clears the misunderstanding of Aftab regarding Maham but Nusrat doesn’t have the heart to forgive the one who tried to destroy her daughter’s happiness.

I’m pleased to see a character like mamoo. He’s sensible and always gives mature advice. Major respect and kudos to this guy and because of him Aftab brings Maham back home. He once again promises and reassures he won’t doubt her as he’s ashamed of his earlier behavior.

It feels like mother -in- law’s doing more than black magic. Aftab gives some amount to Maham for safe keeping and it disappears.

Client binch is the female version of Pervaiz. Pervaiz gets arrested for doing black magic but there’s no evidence and binch bails him out. Loved when Pervaiz was wearing lens.

Love love love the scenes when Pervaiz is doing is magic mojo and either Maham or her mother is praying and the magic doesn’t work and it affects his health.

When in difficulty everyone starts praying and after that, no one bothers until they are in trouble again.

Ahmer confirms he likes Abeera and then he thinks his cousin is strange but you said yourself you love her. Am I missing something?? I’m so not interested in this story line. Pervaiz tells his mother to keep an eye on Abeera.


Strong Woman Do Bong soon: Episode 7-8

Bong soon dreamt herself as Juliet and Min hyuk as Romeo but in this version, Romeo had to leave not because his step mom was waiting or his carriage was turning into a pumpkin (wrong story?) but Bong soon stepped on his foot.

Does this mean she’s some feelings for him or why would he suddenly dream of Min hyuk?

The killers get caught sent by the gangster and by the voice it’s the second brother, the one Min hyuk likes, who is behind it and this gets confirmed which just breaks poor Min hyuk’s heart and when Bong soon hears it she takes him to an amusement park to change his mood. He tells her about the angel who saved his life and I’m pretty sure she knew what he’s talking about.

Gangster used to work with daddy Ahn and now his son is using him. The killers end up falling in love with each other because of the talisman Bong soon’s mother hid for things to heat up between Min hyuk and Bong soon.

Bong soon’s training still goes on. She’s to control her powers and she ruins everything she touches even Min hyuk almost loses his limbs but they get closer and closer and she learns how to control her powers and Min hyuk gives her a chance to develop the game. He can’t send her to the gaming department because he wants her by his side but he doesn’t say it. The proximity did things to my heart.

He’s taken a step towards her heart and she’s felt it on the other side Guk doo and is girl friend have broken up.

Bong soon now acts as Min hyuk’s fiance and everyone in her family approves them being together. Min hyuk felt alive and happy eating with the Bong family. Poor guy has lived alone and his family dinner is always suffocating.

Most important thing: Guk doo now knows about Bong soon’s strength. He pretends he doesn’t know but his back tells him a different story. Bong soon completely misses the hints which say he likes her but I think she’s left his train station.

In another important news our masked creepy killer has gotten another bride. He’s apparently making his own play of seven wives which he sees in the theater. Why Bong soon always runs into the masked killer!!? He’s even planted cameras in the precinct and so he knows where the investigation is going and why is that junk yard guy always calling someone whenever the police visit the place?

I’m not watching Yoon Sang hyun’s new drama so it’s really nice to see him as Chul soo I mean Charles Goo and he’s the one who told the gangster how to take care of bong soon. I love the gangster minion who lost his teeth but I don’t know his name. Mr tooth? I like my name.

Bong soon falls for a con and now have dozens of villains to fight and her two guys are coming to save her but she most probably won’t need them. She’ll crack some nuts on her own.

I think Bong soon’s mom degrades her or compares to her brother because that’s what happened to her. Bong mom’s own brothers are very successful in their lives and as we saw granny was praising them in front of Bong mama to the neighbors. So I think she doesn’t know how to deal with daughters. She does what she was gone through.

I don’t like Bong mom much and my hate-o-meter for her as gone up when she beat her husband. It’s not funny. I wonder why her character was written like this

From the shaman’s prediction, it feels like Bong soon will be in danger and the culprit will be holding a knife.


Dukh sukh: Episode 20: la pata (missing)

It’s a story about a successful woman Farieha. She’s divorced and has a son, Sam. She takes care about herself more than her son. She likes how everyone is envious of her looks and frankly speaking half of the comments felt like she’s sexually harassed but she’s happy.

She thinks of her son as an annoying burden and she’s sick of him. She wants to settle down again and send her son most of the times to her mother.

She runs into her university friend Nouman. Nouman is also highly successful in his life and single but the thing is Farieha is not what he imagined.

She gets rejected by him and loses his mother to the angel of death and her son goes missing. Nouman took her son when she left him outside her mother’s home without waiting and seeing if he enters the house. This teaches her a lesson and she promises him that she’ll be different if they ever met again.


Kaitou tantei Yamaneko

I watched because of the actors.

I like Kamenashi Kazuya. I wasn’t a hyphen but I had every song of KAT-TUN. I wonder why I said the above line when everything screams the opposite. Well I had every song until things got worse and I got busy. Anyways, I hate what happened to KAT-TUN. It’s the only J-group I was crazy about.

Narimiya Hiroki has his own charms and I always thought he looked like a cat. I was so depressed when I heard he’s retiring from the entertainment industry. I couldn’t believe at first and thought it’s just a rumor but it’s not.

First Maki and now Narimiya. Speaking of Maki she made a guest appearance for some brief seconds in Yamaneko and Nobuto wo produce’s theme song was played in the background and she met Kame’s character and they both did the NOBUTA POWER chu-nyu thing. Ahhh it brings back memories. I was hoping Akira to pass by and say “ Akira SHOCK!” Yamaneko did dance on Seishun Amigo in another episode.

Speaking of Shuji and Akira, they both are appearing in a drama together though I don’t know the details but the drama will air in April.

I completely got sidetracked. So what the story is about? It’s about a thief Yamaneko (Kame) who steals from corrupt people and exposes their bad deeds. Narimiya plays a journalist and writes about Yamaneko and then gets involved with his group. While watching I thought I love this guy when he plays the bad guy and next thing you know he’s actually a bad guy acting as a good one.

Oh yeah and there’s this girl I think I have seen her but I’m not sure. She’s a hacker and joins Yamaneko’s team and there are other people as well, like a cop and the bartender lady.

All in all its an easy watch. There’s humor and over the top stuff but like I said I watched for the actors so nothing matters afterwards.



2 comments on “Weekly Watching-25

  1. Jo says:

    YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT (after school or during break of course)!! I watched with/o subs and it was AMAZING . Not watching rebel but I love nickname you’re giving the characters. For Defendant: sad that they’re ppl greedy ppl in this world. I need to watch Nazr-e!! I keep thinking DS is about to end and it doesn’t 😂😂oh, tomorrow for you is getting intense, evil guy followed main guy to the subway and we have more lovey dovey present scenes and sad future scenes

    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Khan says:

      everyone has gone crazy who have seen the peach drama. so im a bit hesitant because i know how crazy i get when i like something hmmm or maybe i won’t like it.why am i judging before starting? i should soon…
      i always give nicknames to most of the characters because for the love of God i can’t remember them. Naz is getting better and better and i too feel the end is soon for DS but a new episode pops out. i heard Tomorrow had a happy end. i so wanted to watch this but it never clicked with me. all hail the defendant cast- such amazing job, BRAVO


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