Weekly Watching-24



My tears are way too precious

to be spent on you

my life is way too valuable

to be wasted on you

my body is way too expensive

to be treated like a rag

my every breath

still, reeks of you

my every thought

still, revolves around you

what have you done?

where have you gone….?



Defendant: Episode 13-14

Let Jung woo breathe for the love of God!!!

Jun hyuk you dirty biatch!!! Why did you come back!!! Go to hell!!!How can he claim that he loved Ji soo when he’s not even trying to go against Min ho, the real killer. Jung woo’s misery is because of him. If he came forward and told the truth about being there the night of the murder, things would have been different and Jung woo would have helped Jun hyuk to remove any kind of suspicions on him. Die!!!! Don’t you dare ask for forgiveness, Jun hyuk.

Jung woo and team manages to break the prison and they almost get caught. Thank God its not the truck of doom which we saw at the beginning but its Eun hye for help. What about her father’s story? The one who was in jail…

Warden thinks its better to keep it quiet about the escapees or he’ll lose his job. But Jung woo has another plan. He reveals to the media about himself and the gangster, and doesn’t mention the lottery guy, so puppy can contact him.

Which he does after escaping Min ho’s minions but by the time Jung woo reaches Ha yeon has been taken and puppy is stabbed and is told to blame Jung woo because they have evidence against him.

See! I had a feeling Yeon hee will cause Min ho’s downfall. She makes it look like his father is against him but herself gives the info to the prosecutors. The one he (Min ho) dearly loves (Yeon he) will bring him misfortune. He realizes his father knows the truth about him being Min ho.

Lottery guy didn’t have his name out and was able to get his prize money and secured it in the bank. His sister played his mother in shopping Louie, right?

Min ho knew Eun hye helped Jung woo that’s why he called on her phone to talk to him. He also knows about the damn knife and tells Jun hyuk to get it but Jung woo beats him to it.

The only good guy is the Chief prosecutor? I don’t even remember his rank but he’s always worried about Jung woo and gives him a chance to torture Min ho.

Eun soo is min ho’s child…why all of a sudden this is a rumor?? Min ho time to time threatened Yeon hee with this but I don’t think this ever got out.

Jung woo uses his son to get his daughter and then turns himself in.

I can’t count the times Jung woo was this close to hold his daughter but couldn’t and when he did I was scared something bad is going to happen. I LOVED when Jung woo beat the hell out of Min ho.


Rebel: Thief who stole people Episode 11-12

Gil dong is different from his father. The way he rules and orders. And is it me or Dong’s way of speaking changes when he’s serious, like his tone…

Amogae gives Gil dong hints and he acts on them and makes his plan. To lure the prince into his trap Gil dong buys a gibang house and entertains him so he can find out more about him.

His first move is to make the prince look bad in the king’s eyes. He hoped for the punishment but things didn’t go the way he predicted but no worries he soon comes up with another plan and that definitely drops the prince from the king’s good book.

Baby Jo and Gil hyun pass the state exam and baby jo gets the green beads from his mother given by Mr. green beads. See! I told ya, I have seen those green beads but I don’t know what it represents and who is Mr green beads?

Baby Jo and Hyun work in the palace as recorders. The one who sit in the corners and write everything quietly whatever goes in the room.

The ministers and scholars are still protesting as usual. Seriously! In those times killing a cow was such a big thing that it’s told to the king?? King has definitely changed. Was he calm just for the mourning period?

Nok soo succeeds in making the king smile and tells her name but after that night the king doesn’t ask for her…until he wanted to hear the rumors about him and only Nok soo comes forward because everyone else is scared. He asks her to find out more and punishes whoever is behind them even if its royalty.

Dong manages to put the prince’s name in those who are spreading rumors about the king’s lineage and Hyun after hearing the name wants to punish him because the prince caused his family’s tragedy.

Prince calls for Dong and Heo Tae hak for help. Yeah, like they are gonna do that. Mori is still in dark about his Heo Tae hak changing sides. He might become prince’s right man.

In all of this going on we have Ga ryung with her one-sided crush and she doesn’t hide it. Go girl!! I just hope no one takes interest in her which is bound to happen and Gil dong will save her.

I just hope Gil hyun’s real identity doesn’t come out. He’s not of noble lineage. Tragedy!!! Will the brothers meet soon? No sign of Eorini again.


Dukh Sukh:

Episode 18- Shadi (marriage) on internet

I seriously thought the series ended because there were no new episodes.

So we have a woman, Zooniya, and a man, Jawad, both were married once to their partners but are divorced now. Jawad was married for 15 years and has kids. Zooniya was married for 4 years. Both met via dating site but they were not each others ideal types but still stayed as friends.

They both decide not to get married. Zooniya’s mother falls ill and she’s to come back to Pakistan from the USA but stops at Jawad’s city to meet him. Things go pretty well at first but they soon start to bicker and bickering means you are interested in each other.

Conclusion: They’ll get married

There’s a scene in which Jawad’s talking to his friend and from that conversation, it’s revealed the house belongs to the friend…So what’s Jawad’s real identity?

What about Zooniya’s mother who is waiting for her before she closes her eyes forever?

Episode 19: Nai bahu (new daughter-in-law)

The story is of Rabia, a housewife. She narrates her story as a third person. She’s married to Aslam and the couple has no kids but they raise Rabia’s sister’s son, Khalid as their own after his mother’s death.

Khalid is not educated and spent his days doing nothing. Rabia thinks that if he gets the responsibilities he’ll mature and what better way to get responsibilities then to get married.

Things start to change but for Rabia, everything remains the same. She still has to do all the house chores including Amna’s, the new daughter-in-law and Amna’s son.

She sees how Khalid got the job as a driver and takes his wife out and keeps her happy and even gives her salary to her. This is all strange for Rabia. Her husband nor her son gave her the salary and when she expresses her feelings, she’s labelled as a jealous woman

An unfortunate accident takes Khalid away from his family. Aslam only worries about Amna and gives her, his salary to use as she wants. I was expecting Aslam to marry Amna but that didn’t happen but I can’t say maybe in the future…

No one ever understood Rabia. In the end, she’s still the same: without any recognition. What’s the point of staying together when you don’t love each other?


Nazr-e-bad: Episode 9-10

So, Maham’s parents marriage is a love marriage but when phuppo liked someone Nusrat thought that guy’s not good for her and that’s why phuppo is taking revenge in ruining Maham’s life. Nusrat begs her to stop and phuppo finally feels guilty and asks Pervaiz to stop his antics too but he casts a spell on her family back in London forcing her to leave.

Now only one phapha kutni is left, now that phuppo has realized her mistake, and that’s none other than mummani aka Maham’s mother-in-law. I don’t know how much it’s the effect of black magic and how much is it mumaani’s doing but Aftab’s behavior with Maham is rude and Maham can’t do anything. Mammo is the best. Always guides Aftab and gives him good advice.

I didn’t understand why would Pervaiz reveal to his clients where he lives. He got a separate place where he gives himself a makeover which means he wants to hide himself and then a desperate client visits him at his house and because of this his mom finds out and Pervaiz asks her to keep the secret to herself because he thinks black magic will solve all their monetary problems and he’ll get Maham as well.

Abeera and Ahmar’s side of the story confuses me. Abeera is Pervaiz’s sister and Ahmar is Maham’s brother. Abeera clearly likes Ahmar and secretly talks to him but it feels like Ahmar is not interested in her or maybe he doesn’t know she likes him.


Strong Woman Do Bong soon: Episode 5-6

Min hyuk deletes the video of Bong soon in the club with the pole showing her super strength. He realizes Guk doo likes her as well and he’s sure Min hyuk isn’t gay. That’s pretty obvious. Guk doo is way too much worried about her. He even asks Min hyuk to let her stay at his place because the mask guy is roaming free but then he realizes he can’t leave the two alone and decides to stay with them in Min hyuk’s house. Her mom is happy that her daughter is living with Min hyuk. She always wanted Bong soon to jump on him. What’s wrong with this woman?

Min hyuk and Guk doo both want to protect her and so they compete only to end up dead drunk and do some embarrassing stuff and she’s to carry them back. As usual she shows all her affection to Guk doo and Min hyuk gets the rough treatment.

Min hyuk’s rumors about being gay makes the stock price drop and his father wants to get him married and Min hyuk says he likes Bong soon to get out of the situation but we know he actually likes her.

She wants to use her strength to help and he wants her to train properly so she can use her power. He accepts her as King Kong…little Hercules. I love how Min hyuk knows about Bong soon’s strength but still gets scared and amazed. He’s a feeling maybe the pink hoodie is Bong soon but then he dismisses the idea.

Guk doo and his girl friend, the cello girl, both are at fault. If they don’t like each other anymore, then they should end the relationship. Why drag for no reason? Cello girl tells him that she’s started to like someone else but doesn’t name the guy and Guk doo doesn’t feel much bad about it (Shhh! He likes Bong soon). Bong ki is at fault too. He knows who she’s then why is he falling for her and letting her do what she wants….he likes her?

Bong soon’s friend becomes the next target of the mask killer and Bong Soo saves her friend before anything worse could happen and injures the guy. We got the killer’s face but I think I’ll forget soon and the spoilers are saying he’s the witness of the second kidnapping and I swear I can’t remember him.

The gangster’s patrol the area so they can gain the confidence of the residents to redevelop the area but they themselves are afraid of the dark. Bong soon’s granny makes her entrance and she’s the similar strength like her grand-daughter. Why?

Secretary is back yay! And he just goes on and on about Bong soon without realizing she’s in the room and then gets embarrassed.

Forget about feeling embarrassed someone is about to slit Min hyuk’s throat!!!!


Voice: Episode 15-16 END

Everyone gets saved from the bus but the incident gives a huge blow to daddy Mo and his business and all more evil deeds surface. They are making roads and buses for peoples’ safety….pfft…

Title: For the last golden time

Daddy Mo killed someone and our killer saw that and that triggered our killer’s killing because he already had a mental illness, which wasn’t treated and things got worse when his depressed mother committed suicide and now daddy Mo is scared of his own son.

Daddy Mo kills himself for some reason..like his crimes and his son’s wrongdoings would just go, POOF

Killer gets caught and sent to an asylum where he’s killed. I thought that was his imagination where he’s being killed by the patients and the doctor, no?

All the higher-ups leave the beloved seats and Golden Time Team becomes official, it’s temporary first, and they are working as they always do and I was hoping to see Jin hyuk at the end again but…

Dae sik was manipulated and threatened that’s why he worked for limping guy. His father killed someone and Dae sik accidentally killed limping’s minion and then he’d no choice. Now that Jin hyuk knows the truth Dae sik feels more guilty and decided to take matters into his own hands when the killer calls him because Dae sik has the key to the house in which killer enjoys his hobby and this means he didn’t call the killer about the meeting between limping guy and Jin hyuk. Dae sik loses the fight but not his life thanks to Jin hyuk and Kwon joo.

I know I shouldn’t make a joke but when the killer threw Dae sik’s cell phone into the sea, it made me think “no worries, its waterproof”

It’s Kwon joo who dragged Jin hyuk upwards because he’s wallowing in sorrow and that’s another reason why I loved Kwon joo and of course her being able to command and control and not being a damsel in distress = me a fan

Lee Ha na was just an okayish actress for me but she’s made me her fan and of course, I always loved Jung hyuk and Kim Jae wook.



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