Weekly Watching-23


Lord! Hear me!!

time is running out

and I can’t do anything

I don’t have the power

or means to stop this

I look around for help

but there are humans everywhere

I look at Him as He knows

what I want, without me telling Him

He reassures me,

He’s a plan

but I can’t stop crying



I was complaining that I was watching way too many dramas and now I’m happy. All the credit goes to Hwarang for making me realize I shouldn’t waste my time on dramas that make no sense. Of course everyone has different opinions.

Defendant: Episode 11-12

The adrenaline rush is no joke!!

Jung woo met her daughter and puppy but he’s not angry at him because he protected his daughter. He gets caught deliberately so puppy can leave with Ha yeon. He asks her to go to the Maria hospital and ask for the director’s help. The director helps hide them both and lies to Min ho’s minions when he’s asked about them but puppy’s car gives away his whereabouts. Dammit! Hide the damn car, puppy!!

Min ho knows Ha yeon was present in the Chamyung hospital and says that he’ll find her no mater what and he doesn’t even let Jung woo have his surgery and is sent back with a hole in his abdomen. The old man in Jung woo’s prison was a doc, a surgeon and he stitches him up with the help of female doc.

Jung woo tells warden to keep him busy that Sun ho killed Min ho but warden wants more and threats him that he’ll be transferred to a different prison, where no one wants to go. Jung woo plans to break the prison before that happens.

Jung woo makes plan on breaking prison with the gangster and lottery guy gets his chance to be in the group because he’s the keys. All the cellmates help him. They are all much better friends than Jun hyuk.

Tae soo now knows Ha yeon is alive. Why didn’t Jung woo give Ha yeon to Tae soo in the hospital? Tae soo also knows Jung woo’s planning on breaking the prison and helps him with the final obstacle. But then he just stands there for no reason. Dude, remove the damn rope cloth and pretend like nothing happened and because of him standing the security now knows the prison has been broken but the good thing is Jung woo and the team have escaped. Hopefully. Tae soo, I like you now that you have changed but for the love of God what did you do!!

It feels like Yeon hee is deliberately playing with Min ho because she knows he’s feelings for her. Min ho is now suspicious of his father. Why do I feel like Min ho will kill his mother.

Jun hyuk for some reason tells Min ho that he knows his real identity. Dude if you are not gonna help Jung woo then just shut up.


Rebel: Episode 9-10

Gil dong starts his revenge and takes care of a petty thug Heo Tak hak and through him paves his way to the prince. He acts as a servant to the prince and takes all the humiliation but doesn’t kill him because he wants the prince to regret him being alive. He escorts the prince to the capital where the prince doesn’t get the treatment he expected but the king soon clears the misunderstanding that it’s because of the political thingies going on.

Jo mistress son is with Gil hyun’s friend at the school. What fate! They both don’t know who the other person is. One of the reason is they both have changed their names. Baby Jo seems like a changed person, like a completely different person. Gil hyun has decided to take the state exams. Reunion of the brothers, perhaps!

Ga ryung wants Gil dong to be her orabeoni. For the love of God, don’t go on the Hwarang route. She’s a scar on her body that’s why she acted as a maid and not as a gisaeng.

New king is busy with the ministers who think they are right and want the king to listen to him instead of giving his own orders. Nok soo is waiting for her turn to see the king and strikes the deal with the eunuch/ minister or who ever he’s. She’ll comfort the king and she’ll take any punishment if he’s not happy. With ministers going on and on about their own stuff and making the king’s life miserable, Nok soo appears to put a smile on his lips. Mission accomplished.

Eorini is still missing and someone needs to comb Ahmogae’s hair


Nazr-e-bad: Episode 7-8

Thanks to mamoo jaan Aftab and Maham get married and promise never to doubt the other. Or so they said

Pervaiz can’t help but cry helplessly and then decides to put some more effort in black magic. Shamsi told Pervaiz he can lose someone in his family and Pervaiz’s father dies but the filial lad doesn’t go for the funeral because once the ritual has started you can’t leave and if you did you won’t get what you desired. In this case, Maham. Love for father or love for a girl. Pervaiz makes his choice and next day makes an excuse for not being there.

Shamsi also told him that a magician can’t die until he’s given all of his knowledge to someone and he gives his everything to Pervaiz and dies. With the power of more powerful black magic Pervaiz casts a spell on Maham’s new home and Aftab’s behavior with Maham changes and the other reason is Aftab’s mother deliberately breaking their marriage.

Pervaiz changes his get up so no one can recognize him and sets up his private practice. I for a second didn’t recognize him.


Strong woman Do Bong soon: Episode 3-4

Me no likey Guk doo’s girlfriend, heebie-jeebies, the cello girl or whatever her name is. She’s trying to get closer to Bong gi. Bong soon knows cello girl is an evil biatch who lies to her boyfriend to meet Bong ki. Guk doo is clueless about her but is worried about his powerless friend.

Bong soon hid about her powers because Guk doo liked flower type girls *face palm* I can’t say anything. I haven’t experienced love. She acts super sweet with him but as soon as Min hyuk enters the picture her expression changes.

Bong soon has told everyone she works as a secretary, only her friend knows the truth. Well, of course, it will be realllllyyyy odd for a petite woman to be a bodyguard for a man. I like her ringtone

According to her, she can’t stop her powers for some time now. Is it the hormones? Love? Something in the air….bugs? I like it how she accidentally injures him from time to time and I like him literally shaking and making assumptions maybe: she’s a guy or an alien or someone who has been experimented on…She’s this weird dream where Min hyuk dresses as a girl, as Bong soon, and gets all touchy touchy with Guk doo. Aahahahha Boys are taking turns in cross dressing.

Why wasn’t there any article or news about a girl carrying a guy princes’ style and running???? How???? Was it stopped by Min hyuk?

We get Min hyuk’s background story as he takes Bong soon to his father’s place. Meet Min hyuk’s not so lovely family. His mother is dead and he’s 3 step bros and 1 step mom. Everyone is suspicious but the 2nd bro is even more who acts friendly and Min hyuk trust him and Bong soon thinks his father is the most suspicious.

He left the family so he wouldn’t have to fight with his brothers for the inheritance and his father makes him the heir and he gets targeted because of that.

I think that Min hyuk made the rumor of him being gay and it’s because he knew he can’t fall in love because she’ll be harassed or killed by his greedy family. He won’t be able to protect her. He never says YES or NO to the gay statement. He finds Bong soon sexy and cute, dammit! he loves her.

Min hyuk looked so so sad when he’s alone and that’s why he acts childishly with Bong soon and teases her. He’s an underground place which has all the cool games and stuff but he’s alone. He’s painted/drawn Bong soon in her pink hoodie when she saved him. Fate! She saw it but didn’t recognize herself.

Eeeppp the killer strikes for the third time and this time as well takes the girl with her. Killer said one meal a day…Min hyuk said the same thing too. Eeepppp!!! Is it one of the brothers????

Why does Bong soon keeps bumping into the killer? and why her neighborhood is being targeted?

Gangsters are soooo funny. I loved the hospital scene. Maybe one day when she’s in danger the high school punks who have started to worship her after getting a taste of her power mighty help her. Maybe the gangsters as well but for now they want to recruit her and are a part of the developing area story.

Bong soon injuring the secretary of Min hyuk and working for him reminds me of Ghost Hunt but Shibuya and Min hyuk are worlds apart and one has ghosts and the other killers.


Voice: Episode 13-14

Case 7- the birth of Satan

Why now, why suddenly? Dae sik never gave a clue that he’s involved with the bad guys, that he’s working for them or is the insider everyone is looking for. Why did he suddenly became awkward and gave it away? I never wanted to believe that it’s him who told about Jin hyuk meeting the limping guy.

I didn’t want to believe its Dae sik, so I thought maybe its someone from the call center like Eun soo or Hyun oh or someone else, give a twist and say it’s Jin hyuk or Kwon joo but not Dae sik. Why him!??? He definitely feels guilty and that’s why he’s asked the dark side not to hurt Jin hyuk. Arrgghhh I hate this!!! Jin hyuk knows and still remains calm.

Killer killed the limping guy making it look like it’s a suicide and leaves some evidence which shows that Jin hyuk’s wife was cheating on him.

I’m no Kwon joo but it clearly felt like the recording was altered and indeed it’s. Jin hyuk always believed in his wife and I’m happy for him. She figured out something important, something dangerous regarding Sungwon express and because of that, she’s killed.

White haired Mo knows what kind of psycho his son is and even finds out the corpse he’s hidden in his house. He knows he killed limping guy who he thought as his son and as usual he doesn’t do anything. What kind of father are you?? You know your son is mentally sick and instead of giving him help, daddy dear helps him enjoy his hobby of killing.

Daddy Mo threats commissioner that he’ll lose his job and commissioner immediately disbands the golden time team.

Killer visits the precinct and Kwon joo freezes when she hears his voice. She goes through emotions of anger and fear and immediately tells Jin hyuk and as we know he’s a crazy dog and he just grabs him by the collar and this excites our killer. This crazy psycho!!!

Killer pays a visit to Kwon joo’s place and leaves few strands of hair and her picture which he borrowed. We have no idea who is the owner of the hair.

Daddy and son Mo enjoy a party regarding some road construction and whatnot and their bus gets into an accident because they didn’t care about the maintenance of the bus and this becomes our new and perhaps final case, as a passenger calls to the help center and at the same time Jin hyuk finds out where our killer has been fulfilling his hobby and is with him at the moment.

I don’t know which is more sad Dae sik’s betrayal or Jin hyuk and Kwon joo visiting the places where their loved ones were killed or the drama ending with an open end.


Cold case: Shinjitsu no tobira

More….more I need more!!!! I need all the soundtracks as well!
But there are few questions that were not answered, for me of course.

Like, was Saya truly innocent like Takagi believed or was cunning like her sister Yuri believed?

The child in the box case, the 9th case if I’m not wrong. The cold case was solved but what about the recent founding about the children in the boxes?

8th case not sure. The one where a girl is found dead with circles and cross. Why wasn’t the parents charged with abuse? Their son was affected because of what they did as punishment to him and his sister. He lost his mental balance.

In the end did Yuri became a monster or not? Eiki? wanted to end his life or why would he have an empty gun in his hand. He deliberately made Yuri angry and she shot him.

I want more of the officers’ background. We had no connection with Chika and so were not affected when she committed suicide or maybe someone made it look like…nah the drama doesn’t go there.


5 comments on “Weekly Watching-23

  1. Jo says:

    Love the poem, I feel the same way *especially these last two weeks* Defender getting better and better, more secrets to revealed❤❤ would you recommend Rebel because idk if its something I’d watch. Voice is taking a weird turn and Im not really feeling it either, can’t believe it ends this week. COLD CASE WAS AMAZING! Glad you’re watching it

    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Khan says:

      life is tough and i seriously feel so helpless. if i didn’t had my studies and drama watching i would have gone crazy.
      Rebel has a nice pace and since its 30 episodes long it might drag but its good for now. i fell instantly after watching the first 2 episodes. the grown ups come in ep 5 and the story grows stronger.
      Defendant is SOOOOO GOOOD. i specially take out the time to watch this. i just hope it doesn’t drag because of the 2 episodes extension.
      Voice is also REALLLY GOOOD but since the Tae gu story line the drama feels its neglecting the rest of the cases but its still good.
      I so want the ppl to tone down. i cringe so hard at the Subway and the waterproof cellphone.
      Cold case was OH MY GOD. LOVED everything about it. my sis asked me to recommend her more dramas like this.


      • Jo says:

        Defendant keeps getting better and agree, hopefully it doesn’t drag. Subway😂😂😂😂 wasn’t that like Goblin. Omg I love dramas like Cold Case another good one is Detective vs Detective

        Liked by 1 person

        • Miss Khan says:

          its the last week of defendant. IM SO EXCITED.
          subway is like in every freakin drama. and the annoying ppl of water proof phone of samsung in Voice was so out of place.
          thank you for the recommendation. *notes down quickly*

          Liked by 1 person

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