Weekly Watching-22



I want to run

I want to hide

this life…

is too much for me to bear

I’m lost

in my thoughts

in the world, full of people

I know some and some are strangers to me

I need comfort and solace

who can give it to me?

I want to tell what’s bothering me

but something is stopping me

this feeling, this burden

makes my heart stop

maybe it’s for the better

I should leave


Hwarang: Episode 19-20 end

Once upon a time, there were two friends. One died and other took his place because the dead boy’s father wanted him to. The father had a daughter and she fell in love with her so-called brother. She told him time and again she doesn’t want him to be her brother but the guy was a special kind of dimwit who insisted on being her brother. The girl had no choice but to spell to him that she likes him and guess what he liked her too and they lived happily ever after….too soon? Okay, they got into some troubles not worthy to be mentioned and the girl got herself an admirer but she rejected him even though she knew he’s the king. Girl is not materialistic she’s just plain stupid and annoying. The king lost his chance with the girl so her sister decided to make the guy fall in love with her because she somehow fell for him but the guy too rejected her and since the drama has the ancient setting and there were discussions on the siblings to get married, so who knows…

I’ll admit I liked the start but somewhere in the middle something happened and all of a sudden nothing was making sense. And we have no idea why Sun woo kept fainting or did I miss something?

This has to be the non and anti-dramatic last 2 episodes ever. I knew Sun woo will never declare himself as the king because first, it’s the last episode duh! and second, the drama fails to create any kind of suspense. I hated how the queen mother just died with a “sorry” to daddy doc. Like what the heck! What about all those times she put Ah ro in danger and ruined his life???

The only good thing was Dan se being a part of Hwarang. I guess Han sung’s death changed grandpa.

Meh and meh and meh step daddy loses his wealth and position. Ban ryu and Soo yeon perhaps will get married if they got the permission. Still, no idea who Yeo wool’s father’s. Maybe he just fell from the tree.

Wahhh wahhh = crying sounds

Sun woo is mine. I can protect him. – Sook myung Wahhhhh wahhhh

NO, he’s mine – Ah ro. Wahhhh wahhhh.

Someone ask the guy what he wants!!!

I’m the king. It’s my throne and I have my plans to run the country- GD. Wahhh wahhh

No, you are still week. You can’t protect the throne- queen mother. Wahhhh wahhhhh

I’ll be the king – step daddy muhahahhaa

I’ll be the king because I know the hardships of the people – Sun woo

Dafuk is going on? – me

I found one thing really hilarious. No one was accepting GD as the king but Sook myung tells him she wants Sun woo…because priorities.

Oh and yeah GD becomes the king.

Thank God

It felt like the drama went on and on and on for years


Rebel: Thief who stole the people: Episode 7-8

The siblings got separated, Noooooo

Just Gil dong’s good luck in trying to find his sister he ends up finding Ga ryung, who by the way hits him in the head and probably because of this he loses his memories, and the gisaeng Gonghwa or should I call her Nok soo or just gisaeng. I don’t want to confuse myself.

The three of them grow closer and closer but Gil dong and Nok soo has some romance going on. He said when he first met her that if they meet again it means they are meant to be and they spend the night together.

Nok soo has a young son and she treats him harshly. She tells her story that her mother was a giseang at the government office and every new governor was her husband and if she wasn’t liked her family had to suffer. One day an old governor asked her mother to give her child to him and she did as she was told. That’s why she needs power as she can’t forgive that old man.

Gil dong gets his memories back and leaves Nok soo to find his sister but finds Ahmogae instead. The magistrate saved him and hid him. I’m so happy he’s alive. He looks more aged and weak. No one knows that he’s alive and Gil dong makes sure the gang knows and gathers them. YAY! He’s given up his sweet dream of being a farmer now he wants to punish the prince for destroying his family. He thinks his siblings are dead. I hope they reunite soon. He went back to Nok Soo but she wasn’t there anymore but Ga ryung waited for him and now tags along with him and everyone thinks she’s his woman.

Eorini is kidnapped but she looks fine. I hope it’s a good guy who took her. And Gil hyun makes it alive as well. He now might take the government exam now that he’s wearing a scholar and nobleman’s clothes that he got from a hut of a dead man. Green beads!!! Mistress Jo had those green beads as well. Who is this guy?

Merchant guy? I thought that guy was some merchant or trader but he’s a government official and after having his suspicions about Gil gong, he says that Gil dong is not the mighty child to Nok soo who for some reason wanted to know.

On the political side-King dies but before dying crown prince tells him that he knows his father killed the mother. He’s not interest in the teachings of Confucius and Mencius. The new king likes to sing and dance and so the gisaengs, including Nok soo, are preparing so they get chosen.

On a side note Wolhamae is one funny and interesting woman.


Defendant: Episode 9-10

2 episode extension!!!!!…Noooooooo WHY? WHY? I just hope the quality doesn’t drop.

Powerful performance by Ji sung and Uhm ki joon. I’m so so so so impressed.

Jung woo remembered all his memories and he might lose them again. He records a video, in case he forgets everything, with Eun hye’s help.

He hid the knife which Min ho used to kill his wife because it’s his blood on it. That must be one useless glove that Min ho was wearing then.

Just like Jung woo never believed that Min ho is Sun ho, Min ho doesn’t believe Jung woo has no memories. He appoints Eun hae as his lawyer too. He deliberately tests Jung woo and Jung woo tries to pretend he’s fine but it’s really difficult for him and he lets Min ho know that he remembers him when Jung woo gets a jail transfer to some other jail and not the one he was originally going to. Jung woo writes Min ho’s name with blood on the isolated cell walls and this makes Min ho excited. This freaking psychopath. Warden is prying into Min ho and Jung woo’s story. He wants to know more.

Loved the bread scene. Min ho reenacted the scene of him killing Jung woo’s wife and Jung woo attacked him making it look like as if he’s angry because his bread was taken. I need time to compose myself.

Jung woo takes a gamble on his life so he can go outside to find Ha yeon and I swear I didn’t saw it coming. Gangster and Jung woo make a plan. Gangster stabs Jung woo and frames Min ho and Jung woo is taken to Chamung’s hospital on Min ho’s orders and coincidentally Ha yeon is hospitalized there. Puppy decided she being there will be safe. Tae soo helps Jung woo get away so he can prove that Ha yeon is alive and Jung woo manages to see his daughter but he’s bleeding and in danger in every way. Min ho is on his way to Chamung hospital.

Why do I feel like puppy will die? Don’t die puppy, for the love of God! Please don’t! Puppy’s sister did get the surgery but she still died and puppy is dying little by little inside because if the guilt.

Ha yeon calls Jun hyuk and so now he knows she’s alive and he gets some award and is going to states or whatever. I won’t forgive him for what he did to Jung woo. Are you going to help Jung woo? I still hate you. Are you going against Min ho?

Can Eun hye and her aunt stop eating subway don’t they have anything else to eat? I don’t even remember when I last ate Subway. Thank God Min ho didn’t order Subway for the inmates.

Louie’s chauffeur, Jo In sung or should I call him Ma Jin seok because I can’t recall his name in this series, wants to break the jail even though he’ll be released in two weeks because he’s won the lottery and the time limit clashes with him being stuck in jail.

Daddy wants mother not to bring up Min ho again because he’s dead. He cannot lose both his sons. He only cares about his company. Not a great father, I see. Yeon hee believes her family’s downfall is because of Min ho’s father and she thinks he’ll show his real colors soon because he’s not helping Min ho with his prosecution of the paper companies in the name of Sun ho.


Missing Nine: Episode 11-12

I don’t think I can watch this any longer. I have waited and waited for the story to get better but…so I’m giving up at the end like literally there are only 4 episodes left. I should have left sooner

Anyways Joon oh came back and the story suddenly turned into a comedy which I didn’t enjoy instead it made me upset hence I made the decision. This drama from the day one was never good with adding light moments. I always hated those and look now this happened….oh and yeah Tae ho is still roaming around freely after “accidentally” killing half of the cast.


Tomorrow with you

Not watching anymore. My friend “Jo” will fill me.

I wonder what went wrong. I like the actors but I think the story is not making sense for me. Maybe I’ll watch it sometime in the future *looks at the unfinished dramas list* ummm….yeah…


Strong Woman Do Bong soon: Episode 1-2

Interesting definitely. This is awesome. It’s all the elements that I like especially thriller. There’s a perfect blend of comedy and thriller.

We have Do Bong soon (Park Bo young) a petite woman with a Hercules strength which runs in her family, only in the females. She’s a twin brother, Boog ki, a doctor/medical student. She wants to make a game in which the female character has enormous strength.

Her mom is losing points with me but her dad is super cute. There’s a myth of some kind that if the powers are used unjustly they will disappear or the abuser will get some sort of disease but I think when it’s the time of the next generation to come, the powers jumps to them or something like that. Bong soon’s mom and Guk doo’s mom are not on good terms and there’s this redevelopment thing going on in their section of the story which for now is not getting my attention.

Bong soon’s a crush on In Guk doo, (Ji soo) a police officer and her childhood friend and he might have a girlfriend but Bong soon has kept her feeling for him hidden or so she thinks. He’s not someone who will bend the rules and he doesn’t shy away going undercover in women’s clothing. He thinks of Bong soon as a powerless weak woman. Huh? Does he not know about her STRENGTH?

And then there is the richie rich boy Ahn Min hyuk, (Park Hyung shk) owner of Ainsoft, a game company? who has seen Bong soon’s strength and hires her as his bodyguard because someone is threatening his life. Min hyuk doesn’t like police because they cater to the rich people’s needs. He himself got up high on his own without his father’s help and that’s why he likes Guk doo because he is a person who abides law and is totally handsome. And he has some rumors going on about being gay. He reads Bong soon like an open book, like she’s feelings for the cop but he doesn’t look at her that way. And so he decides to help her. They will make Guk doo jealous and that works. Min hyuk asks her to stay at his place because a killer is roaming around in her neighborhood but Guk doo won’t let that happen as he comes all the way to Min hyuk’s house to take her away. By the way no one really knows she works as a bodyguard.

Min hyuk has seen Bong soon before as she saved his life but he doesn’t know it’s her because he couldn’t see her face.

In Bong soon’s neighborhood, a girl is attacked and killed and second almost dies but the killer still manages to take her away from the hospital. Bong soon’s life gets in danger because she saw/heard the killer and she gets her own bodyguard thanks to Guk doo. A bodyguard needs a bodyguard! But they soon realize the situation is a lot more serious than they think. The robot bodyguard gets stabbed and Min hyuk worries about Bong soon’s safety but she’s signed the contract so she’ll protect him.

The killer is one creepy guy with a creepy mask.


Voice: Episode 11-12

Voice got a warning for showing gory and bloody stuff and the production team/director decided to tone it down.

WHY? I seriously have no problem with any scene and I was enjoying everything. Me need more eyeballs and broken and smashed heads…just kidding but if the gore is reduced then….then… it’s not Voice. I love the drama for that. Cut on the Subway scenes, not the gore at least it doesn’t interrupt the flow of the story.

A call from the fiery pit- is the new title for the new case

Who entered Kwon joo’s room? Is it the killer or some else? Crisis! That someone must have seen the map Kwon joo has drawn on her wall.

Jin hyuk took care of the man himself who planned on harming his son.

Killer is one freaky guy. He has a briefcase in which he keeps strands of hair belonging to the people he killed and combs them and he’s reserved a place for Kwon joo and Jin hyuk’s hair and he’s a corpse in his room and he talks with it as well. It looked like a female’s body. Is it his mother, sister, girlfriend? How come his father, the white-haired man doesn’t know anything?

Limping guy is still on the run and everyone thinks of him as the suspect in all the killings. His bag and right-hand man are with the police and in that bag might be something of the killer and by the way why is no one checking on the contents of the bag. Our killer is angry at limping guy for that. He gives him two options either kill Jin hyuk or become disable like his father’s.

We have another code zero case. A man calls from a welfare center, saying, he’ll be killed, and our team two responds immediately. The man is said to be hallucinating and the president of the center cooks up something to reassure them everything is fine but the reality is something else. The man was telling the truth and this is some organ trafficking organization and they are experimenting some drugs on the homeless people including little children and thank God they got caught or I would have flipped tables.

Chief Jung comes clean to Jin hyuk. He’s nothing to do with his wife’s case, he’s just being threatened because he’s cheating on his wife. So, who is working for the bad guys then?

Kwon joo finds out that Jin hyuk’s wife wasn’t killed without a reason. She’s a social worker and was looking for a homeless person who had a habit of running away. They might have some sort of relationship going on but Jin hyuk doesn’t believe it even though Kwon joo shows him a text she got that said, Jin hyuk’s wife was not someone everyone believed her to be. She’s secretly working for GP company. GP as in the white haired guy’s and our killer’s company?

Divide and conquer is what killer and limping guy are doing. Limping guy says to Jin hyuk that he’ll tell everything about the killer if he gets his freedom and asks him to meet where he used to meet with his wife. On the other hand, our killer asks Kwon joo to meet him. Is he bathing in blood?

For the love of God don’t ever go alone. Why aren’t they learning this yet?


Nazr-e-bad: Episode 5-6

Almas deliberately infuriates everyone because she feels happiness that way. She makes up rumors and accuses Maham of having a relationship with Parveiz because they grew up together so who knows something might have happened and this causes a huge rift in Maham and Aftab’s relationship.

Kudos to Aftab’s father, he’s the only sensible guy who knows that people around them are jealous and one should believe in what’s true and good. And thanks to him Aftab and Maham get engaged. Mamoon jaan (mother’s brother aka uncle) please stay alive.

Parveiz has finally decided to take help from black magic so he can have Maham. He finds the black magician, Shamsi sahab through his friend and asks for guidance. Shamsi at first tells him how difficult it’s and he might lose his family members but Pervaiz doesn’t care. He’ll do anything to get Maham.


5 comments on “Weekly Watching-22

  1. Jo says:

    Will read your post later because today is hectic BUT: we had some breakthrough on Tomorrow for/with you and anyeays the mister is her dad and future wife knows about him and asked him to divorce her but he said no because i love you that’s why im being super careful. Ep7 was good but not great but ep 8 solved the whose the father question and we know he loves her but i wonder what happened in the future OHHH they had a forshadow flashback and the director from his compqny pushed the president from the ngo Happiness. Ill tead your post later. HOPE UNI IS GOING WELL☺☺


    • Miss Khan says:

      Thank you for the updates

      we had an idea mister is the father. future wife? as in Ma rin. and who is this director? which company? you don’t need to explain everything in detail. sorry since i have stopped watching. i’m not even looking for the spoilers.

      Uni is getting on my nerves. i wouldn’t care if its class test or some other exams, or maybe not i’ll scream even then. Uni freakin CHANGED the exam date, days before the exams. its FINALS!! FINALS.. its bye-bye from my side to uni after that….ARGHHHHH

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jo says:

        Ma Rin in the future told him to divorce her and started crying and idk why but she seemed so sad and hurt. His company, guy married to Ma Rins enemy.
        That is so weird, who does that without early notice😩 good luck on finals, YOU CAN DO IT!😎💯💯

        Liked by 1 person

        • Miss Khan says:

          Ma rin’s hubby needs to live in the present. is he still going on his future travels?
          oh my God i never thought that annoying guy will kill someone. why would he do that?

          Thank you ^____^ if i all of a sudden disappear that means exams started or i’ll make sure to post that i’m leaving for few days.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Jo says:

            I still haven’t watched this week. Life😩 will watch tomorrow and if you disappear I’ll understand BUT remember to eat, take breaks, and stay hydrated GOOD LUCK😎👊💯💯

            Liked by 1 person

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