Weekly Watching-21


To whom it may concern

listen, I have a story to tell

but you are unwilling to hear me out

you can’t see my heart bleeding

but why do you ignore my tears?

I’m screaming

you can read me like an open book

I’m willing to be used

but why aren’t you sparing a glance at me?



Writing about dramas all at once takes a toll on my writing skills and because I’m watching way too many I can’t find time to watch any anime. I need to take a break from watching everything.

Hwarang: Episode 17-18

Woo hooo finally, like finally, like literally, there are only 2 episodes left and GD reveals to the ministers that he’s the king. Great! But who is going to believe him? They all think Sun woo is the king.

Which he almost is, I mean he’s the right to the throne. Sun woo is also a true breed. Whenever I hear the word breed I think of dogs. Anyways, Sun woo is the son of the limping prince and a wonhwa who mother queen almost killed but couldn’t because she too was pregnant like her.

Sun woo and GD are cousins! Surprise! Actually no, we always knew. The drama dragged it for too long

I don’t understand Sook myung. She likes Sun woo on her own but is betrothed to GD and gets angry at Sun woo because she doesn’t know about her feelings for him. Crazy much? She blames Ah ro for being a road block in Sun woo’s path to future.

Queen mother is crazy as always. She blames Ah ro for the change in GD because he now asks for the throne. Craziness must run in the family. She makes Ah ro and Sook myung as wonhwa’s. I don’t know what that is but they are 2 ladies commanding or leading the Hwarangs and they protect the royal family and are killed on the whim of royals or when they are not needed or something like that.

Ah ro asks master for help as she knows the medication for the plague is with step dad. The evil ministers don’t even care about those peasants dying of plague because then they would have to spent from their own pockets. These biatchs! Master gives the problem to GD and Sun woo to solve and they both come to the decision of stealing which they do with the help of Soo ho and Yeo wool and Ban ryu secretly helps them. The medicine is sent to daddy doc and he knows its Sun woo.

Ban ryu is kinda stupid. He’s clearly showing he’s become a cold-hearted guy which he isn’t but then he helps the gang to steal the medication. May your love succeeds. Please don’t die Ban ryu and Soo yeon.

Step dad didn’t say anything to anyone about getting a sudden visitor GD but he makes a plan on his own. This cunning old man! He wants to make the fake king into the real king. Oh my, this is going to be so hilarious once he finds out who Sun woo really is.

Because of Han sung’s grandpa Han sung dies by his brother, Dan sae’s, hand. Pa wanted Sun woo’s head or step dad won’t help him. He wanted the rank and recognition. Damn you old man! You must be happy now! Han sung’s not the only one dead Ah ro takes an arrow meant for Sun woo. Sun woo survived the arrow, who knows she can too.

Any news about Yeo wool’s non-existent father? I completely forgot about his story, thank you for mentioning it yourself.


Defendant: Episode 7-8

First of all Ji sung’s acting makes me speechless. His expressions, emotions, dialogue delivery and everything else is on point.

So much was revealed I feel like I’m drowning.

Jung woo put the gangster in prison so he could have the access to the case as he knew the main target was the autopsy guy. He remembered he admitted killing his family because he’d to save Ha yeon. A voice told him to admit after he talked to his daughter and that voice was puppy. Puppy leaves the prison leaving Jung woo in agony. Eun hae and Min ho’s lackey try to find puppy and he comes back to meet Jung woo from which the latter realizes puppy has Ha yeon. He makes a plan he won’t appeal for the third and last time because he plans on breaking the prison on his transfer. Jung woo now wears blue clothes with the red tag. He’s going to serve in prison for life.

Puppy indeed had a sister who he wanted to save but he didn’t have money. Enter Min ho and his evil plans. He put puppy in the next flat from Jung woo. Puppy was to put Ha yeon in the suitcase but he ended up saving her on the cost of his sister’s life and now he’s in dilemma and is having pangs of guilt for what he did to Jung woo. Thank God he’s not the killer, Min ho is.

Min ho killed Jung woo’s wife and what great timing, Jung woo remembers this as Min ho enters his prison as a new member. There’s a separate story to why he came. Sun woo’s mistress, friend to Yeon hee, appears and Min ho fails to recognize her. She realizes something is wrong and is killed by of course Min ho but Yeon hee hears him killing her friend. She gets drunk and starts driving and kills someone and Min ho takes the fall for her. He gets suspicious of Jung woo because he won’t appeal and decides to stay in the same prison as Jung woo. Warden has started to hide things from Min ho regarding Jung woo because he doesn’t like how he’s treated.

I wonder why dad always corners Min ho when he isn’t even willing to bring the truth to light. Mommy heard Min ho confessing he killed Sun ho. Can I believe the psychiatrist? Will she really help Jung woo?

Jun hyuk needs to hang himself. He’s not a friend. Friends don’t leave you and save themselves. Was he so blind of higher position that he decided to sell his own friend??? It’s so funny when he got slapped by the deputy prosecutor and Jun hyuk had to clarify it’s what Min ho wanted and deputy went like oh ho, hmmm, really?


Rebel: Thief who stole people Episode 5-6

Ahmoge is a different person. He’s cold and calculated. He’s a stature of a mafia. What kind of business he runs? Smuggling? He’s a black smith and sells clothes and many other things which he started with a band of thieves cum merchants. He’s widely respected in Ikhwari, a place where run away slaves used to hide but now is a proper town. He declines request which has anything to do with slaves, like capturing them or selling them.

Gil dong (Yoon Gyun sang) feels his father doesn’t love him and we see the cold treatment he gets. He says his father’s greed killed his mother. He knows what his father is doing is not safe. He fears for his father’s life and asks him to leave with him and become a farmer, which he agrees to and that means his father does care about him. He tells his father he never saw the tiger and he has lost all of his strength which I think is because he never wanted to use it because every time he used something bad happened and moreover there wasn’t any reason to use his Hercules like strength until he saw his sister in danger. That’s someone exaggeration in his power scenes but I’ll let it go.

Gil dong has made his name as a peddler who sells female merchandise and is very popular among women because he tells them ways to seduce men and some other ladies stuff like how getting pregnant, eg. He meets a gisaeng (Lee Ha nui/Honey Lee) and doesn’t find her beautiful. He’s buttons for his eyes! But he wants her for himself because she’s ambitious, she wants the king as her man and because of this he gets slapped by Ga ryung (Chae Soo bin). He has lost his heart to one of the two.

The Jo mistress strikes back with the help of a prince who is disliked by the king but has a kind of backing of the crown prince (Kim Ji suk) of the dethroned queen. Ahmogae once again finds himself in the same misery he’s 12 years back. He’s once again blamed of killing his master, which he did but no one will see the reason because Ahmogae’s a slave, and all the higher-ups refuse to help him even the magistrate who got his position because of him.

Please tell me Ahmogae lives! Please tell me Ohri ni, sister to Gil dong, is safe and not in the hands of some evil guy like the prince who wanted her for himself. Please tell me Gil hyeon has made it in one piece! Please tell me the whole gang survived! Please save the puppy, Gil dong, from drowning.


Missing nine: Episode 9-10

Tae ho for some reason wanted to end Joon oh’s career that’s why he blamed him for drunk driving when he didn’t and Soo hee knew but was wavering because of 2nd in command. Well that’s what the reporter said. Tae ho just keep killing. He survives a cliff fall and has eaten up his conscience and guilt. What made him like this?

Tae ho kills the reporter and gets on the rescue ship with the others though they didn’t know until he revealed himself. Because of the storm the ships sinks but before that Tae ho stabs Joon oh and that’s why I guess Bong hee lost her memories.

Ji ah and Ki joon are the new survivors in these episodes.

Second in command threats Ki joon with Ji ah’s life and she’s no idea and they all give the statement that Joon oh is the killer because he’s dead so it’s wise to put the blame on him. And so the investigation comes to an end. By the way the hospital scene totally felt useless.

Joon oh is alive and Bong hee meets him. She should have immediately told him that he’s labeled as a murderer and would be put in jail once he lands in Korea.

I wanted some twist. Bong hee believing in Joon oh and Ji ah and Ki joon telling her that Tae ho stabbed Joon oh because he’s trying to kill everyone and Joon oh’s the bad guy and then It’ll be revealed why Bong hee believes in Joon oh. She’s suffering from Stockholm syndrome or because when you like someone you ignore their negative traits even its murder.


Tomorrow with you: Episode 5-6

It’s Myreits not Myriches or whatever, it got cleared in episode 3 or 4 but I forgot to mention it.

I’m not sure if So joon likes Ma rin or not. He’s hiding that he can time travel and doesn’t share anything with her. She gets to know his parents died on the train from someone else. Why is he so fixated about the future? Why is he scared of dying or death? Death is inevitable. Today or tomorrow or somewhere in future all of us will die. Why is he trying to figure out how to evade death? What was the reason he started to time travel? There has to be an explanation and please it should be easy to understand.

Yes, he gets worried about Ma rin like when she almost got burned but still, something is lacking. He’s worried about her because his life is somehow connected to hers.

Ma rin told her story she doesn’t have a father. He left her when she’s young and we here are speculating if it’s the other time traveler. Maybe we are forced to believe this and truth is something else?

So joon dies in 2019 but when he visited 2018 he’s disappeared so which timeline is going on in present? His friend said he went abroad after breaking up with Ma rin and since they never registered their marriage so I guess there’s no divorce? I don’t know how this works because on my side its done totally different. So, maybe So joon left to save them both from dying?

So joon’s running Happiness for Humanity or something a charity which was his parent’s dream and Ma rin is asked to be the photographer and So joon’s female friend doesn’t like the idea but So joon pretends its nothing which irks Ma rin.

Can the rich wife, Gun sook, and her husband, Yong jin find some other hobby instead of looking in So joon’s life. 2nd time traveler is acting even shadier why is he meeting Yong jin?

I don’t think Ma rin heard anything So joon said to 2nd traveler unless she has super hearing skills like Kwon joo from Voice.

I’ll be very frank if it’s my dad, bro, in short my family and the food that came on the table was tasteless they wouldn’t be eating forcefully with a smile but scolding the other person. So I don’t know how So joon ate the tasteless food cooked by Ma rin.


Voice: Episode 9-10

We got another title which mean new case: “Devil’s whisper” and there were some quotes about death like there were before of chocolates.

Limping guy wants to kill Jin hyuk and to reach him he uses the help of his son but what the what why did the killer decide to pay a visit to the little boy, when he knew limping guy would do the same or maybe he didn’t? and then comes the limping guys minion. The good thing or the coincidence was the boy’s talking to his father, Jin hyuk.

Oh Hyun oh is a police officer works in the call center but he comes from a rich family and to release stress from his job he DJs at a bar. A stalker likes him and will do anything for that even if that means to tarnish Oh’s name. I knew it’s a guy dressed as female and Jin hyuk and Kwon joo should have gone with their instincts and gut feelings to catch him before he went around the police station likes it’s his dining room. How the hell did he manage to enter the archives room? Girly boy almost ruined Eun soo’s face but got his own face burned. Good thing nothing happened to Eun soo, me likes that girl.

Who is this white-haired guy? He’s a hold on the commissioner and the latter is nervous and wants to shut down the golden time team and then we have Chief Jang who has been threatened by a video taken in a bar called Fantasia? And a girl’s seen flirting with him.

Fantasia’s madam tells Kwon joo about limping guy’s presence in the bar and she gets killed by the killer. He plucks her eyes out and writes a clue on the wall. He stays there until Kwon joo arrives and deliberately reveals he’s there by his footsteps and muffled laugh. Do they get him? Nope, he gets away with the VIP staff, the white-haired guy and a minister trying to swallow the land and pretending they are helping the people.

Jin hyuk’s busy fighting with the minion and I’m positive Dae sik will help Jin hyuk or Jin hyuk may have his throat slit but then he’ll die BUT he’s the hero of the story.

*Twist* Dae sik was working for the killer. The killer will change his face to Jin hyuk and no one else will realize except Kwon joo because of his voice. I need to stop making my own version of Voice


Nazr-e-bad: Episode 3-4

Bring out those voodoo dolls plus needles and light up the candles and start reading the black mantras and chants and of course don’t forget to visit the grave yard, because that’s exactly what Almas is doing to ruin the happiness of Nusrat and her family because she’s freakin jealous. Pervaiz knows what his mother is doing but he’s not interested in black magic, yet, but he doesn’t stop his mother either. He’ll fall in necromancy soon.

Almas successfully hides a talisman/amulet/charm or as we like to call it taweez under Maham’s bed and she starts to act strangely. She suddenly doesn’t want to marry Aftab and feels something is wrong with her body. Nusrat’s first thought goes to Almas and her wicked black magic. Did Nusrat saw Almas doing these terrible things if not then who does she assume its Almas’ doing?

There’s a reason Maham was acting rude to Pervaiz and it’s because Pervaiz once held her hand and confessed his love to her and after that, she stopped talking to him.

Choti. Shaista, makes her appearance. Choti means youngest and that’s what her brothers and bhabis call her. Shaista only favors Almas and not her other bhabi (sis-in-law) Nusrat. She also wants Maham and Pervaiz to get married. Does Humera want her brother, Pervaiz, to be happy or not? and the way she talks is annoying but interesting.

On the other hand, the cunning mother of Aftab pretends it’s his father who is not happy with the marriage and she gets in contact with Almas and gets to know that Maham’s already engaged. Here comes the confusion and misunderstanding deliberately created by Almas.


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