Weekly Watching-20


do I need to change?

I’m an average looking person

with an average working brain

which refuses to work from time to time

especially when it comes to mathematics and change

I hate it

I’m a bit pessimist

who still tries to enjoy life

I’m stressed and in distress

but I keep all to myself

I’m not a person who likes to talk much

but I believe myself to be a great listener

and now coming to the main point why I started to write

that’s how I got my friends

and once they emptied their hearts and stomach

and swore me to secrecy for some reason

when they can’t even keep a secret to themselves

they move on from me

what am I to do to get a true friend?


I’m not watching any anime T_T



Hwarang: Episode 15-16

Poor poor GD. That poor guy needs some serious comfort and when he turns to Ah ro, after he sees her and Sun woo, the so-called siblings, kissing, she tells him to man up and take the throne and not to be a loser. He doesn’t have the throne or the girl or any courage to come out but wait he did. GD takes a bold step after his fierce argument with Sun woo about how the king should be and master’s comforting and not so comforting words. He takes his bracelet from step daddy and reveals himself as the hidden king. Step daddy wearing the bracelet reminds me of little bitchy brats who take others things and pretend it originally belonged to them.

So what happens next after Sun woo’s declaration of being the king is that he plays mind games with the crown prince of Baekje. A man who has lived in a battlefield and a peasant Sun woo have a sword duel. Crown prince promises to let them go if he loses which he does but Sun woo isn’t unharmed either. Crown prince knew if he kept the peasants and Ah ro, Sun woo will try to get them out which he does. Everyone and everything is so predictable.

Crown prince has a hobby to hunt and I was just waiting for someone to appear for help because they all were near Silla’s border. Lo and behold master arrives with the rest of the hwarangs and their servants. He took this step because the limping prince said that master’s the solution to the problem.

Why didn’t Soo ho die when he got shot saving Sun woo? The rest of the peasants died when they got shot…Why didn’t Sun woo tried to dodge the arrow? We saw the same thing happening with Ah ro. Why stand there like an idiot! Soo ho gets his heartbroken when queen mother doesn’t even care about his presence. She did notice his injured arm but she also accidentally gave him a scar on his face and on his heart.

Sook myung recognizes GD as her brother. Don’t get married you two. I don’t think they will. She likes Sun woo and GD likes Ah ro. And I would like some bromance, please!

Sun woo’s not so hidden romance continues with Ah ro, because everyone thinks he’s the king then automatically he doesn’t have any relation to Ah ro, and that girl is his weakness which the queen uses. Sun woo is to pretend to be the king. Well, that’s what he’s been doing all along. Were you sleeping perhaps? Limping prince suggests Sun woo to be the real king because he’s what it takes to be one: leadership.

A plague is spread outside the capital and there’s no medication because step dad has hoarded all in the storehouse and will offer some when the plague spreads some more so he can sell the medicine on a higher price and he’s not happy that everyone came back alive from Baekje. Step dad who has one leg in coffin states that he himself will become the king instead of Ban ryu.

And Ban ryu goes to the dark side because he wants to be acknowledged by step daddy. Ban ryu don’t you dare go to the dark side. Someone, stop him!!! The cookies over there don’t even taste good. Comeback! Don’t break Soo yeon’s heart and your bromace with Soo ho!!

SssHhhh! There’s some secret to Sun woo. And the more I hear about his hidden identity and illness the more angry I get for some reason. It’s about time we know what’s wrong with Sun woo. Dammit!!!

Him fainting doesn’t make me curious but angry. Han sung is still a weakling and I don’t know what purpose Yeo wool has anymore, he barely appears.


Rebel: Thief who stole the people Episode 3-4

These episodes taught us not to mess with Ahmoge. He may be a servant but his brain works like a genius. He’s a beast with brains.

The situation of today isn’t any different from that time. The rich and powerful want to remain that way and they would do anything for that.

Servants were not allowed to think and speak. They were there only to be trampled upon by the masters. Ahmoge suffered all this but he used his brain. He’s so clever, so cunning and he made me shiver from excitement. He lives against all odds, kills his master and his mistress tries to have an upper hand but he uses his trump card and so she becomes unable to touch him. He buys his and his children’s freedom and turns to a harsh and cold man.

He’d big dreams for his sons. Gil hyeon to be a govt official and Gil dong to be a general. But Hyeon decided to follow in his father’s foot steps and Gil dong thought it’d be better if he stayed away from his father, because he thinks it’s his fault his father changed and worries his father will die because if him, a mighty child who is destined to kill his loved ones, and became a peddler, and so 12 years pass.

If I didn’t know, this story was Gil dong’s I would have thought this was Ahmogae’s success story. Did he keep the same hair style for 12 years?

One of the many things that got me: when Gil dong saw his father killing his master and when he, himself killed the tiger he thought of himself as a murderer like his father.

Kiddy actors are so cute even the few month old babies


Defendant: Episode 5-6

Jun hyuk framed Jung woo to save himself!!!! Jun hyuk may not be the killer or who knows what else he’s hiding, but he’s in the house at the estimated time of the murder. Damn you Jun hyuk!!!

Gangster asks for cigarettes and he’ll give the other clue. Jung woo takes a beating and get them and the clue is 16k which is Ha yeon’s weight. It’s clever of Jung woo to give the empty packet of cigarettes or he and gangster would have been caught. Gangster is planning on breaking the prison. Jung woo gets the final clue from the gangster without lifting a finger, Nemo.

Nemo has two meanings for the viewers. One is the plushie Jun hyuk brought for Ha yeon for her birthday and recorded the message including the time which is why he got rid of it and second is the fish tank which Jung woo remembered where he hid the memory card of the video camera. Which is presented at his second trial which shows, a man walking past Ji soo in her final moments but Jun hyuk turns the table by presenting a video in which Jung woo confessed he killed his child and wife. Jung woo losses the trial! Which was expected since he wears blue clothes in the opening scene of Episode 1.

Confirmed daddy knows its Min ho and Seon ho is dead. I knew it and it only means what I said previously that Min ho is fooling himself thinking into that he’s fooling others.

Min ho kills the detective who figured out the truth. He’s in coma.

Tae soo finds the suitcase and i was sure Ha yeon’s body willnot be in it. why? Because she’s alive, is what I think.

ohmygod not you puppy.

The puppy who shares the cell with Jung woo and cares a lot about him is the murderer of Ji soo!!! He confesses himself to Jung woo when Jung woo wanted to kill himself in guilt. Jung woo taught him how to defend himself in his trail. What in the world just happened??

Deputy prosecutor and the warden and head of security and God knows how many people work for Min ho. Can I believe in chief prosecutor? Jun hyuk will most definitely join the dark side since he’s already corrupted.


Missing Nine: Episode 7-8

Its been few months for the team since they crashed on the island and they find another survivor a reporter, who says he’s with them on the plane. (isn’t he burner from 38 Task force?)

Tae ho’s identity as the killer of Soo hee is revealed on the island when he tries to kill the reporter because he knew the truth about the other unofficial member of Dreamers. Tae ho accidentally killed his band mate and made it look like a suicide. Tae ho and is accidents! Too convenient.

Tae ho comes back to Korea as the new survivor and he turns the table and tells the story which says Joon oh is the killer. He tried to kill everyone on a rescue ship.

Tae ho’s shadely involved with second in command as he told him no one should be alive from the island and even Miss investigator is not trying to learn the real truth and believes in Tae ho even though she knows he’s not telling the truth.

Secretary is another person who comes back alive and is threatened by Tae ho and points Joon oh as the killer and Bong hee his partner in crime. I hate how everything is going as Tae ho wants.

Back at the island Joon oh and Tae ho fight and latter wanted to kill former but its Tae ho who ends up falling from the cliff and survives but no one knows that yet and Joon oh feels guilty.

A ship is seen coming their way. Everyone is coming back alive, where’s fun in that. Poor So hee is the only one officially dead.


Tomorrow with you: Episode 3-4

Something is missing for me here.

So, So joon wanted to be friends with and marry Ma rin because he wanted to live longer or did I just miss something? That’s what the 2nd traveler said. Have kids and your future will change and So joon is doing that. They get married after few days of dating. 2nd traveler is definitely hiding something

Ma rin finally recognized So joon as the subway guy who survived with her.

Does the rich friend have any purpose? Except for being a biatch who humiliates her friend to satisfy herself. She’s jealous of Ma rin because she is marrying a richer guy.

Future So joon says he can’t change anything about him and Ma rin dying on March 2019 at 9:15. Maybe there’s a limit to how much he can save the other person. He saved her once from being forever bounded to the wheelchair. She saved him accidentally on subway.

So joon’s female friend doesn’t know about his traveling? But why did I get the impression she did? She had a crush on So joon?

It’s sweet how So joon lied that he’s heir to a wealthy family and his mother is like the crazy mothers we see in dramas. He then tells the truth to Ma rin and surprisingly she doesn’t get angry. Her mother had no idea what CEO means and thought he’s some low-level guy but when she knew the truth she approved of their relationship. Materialistic? Nope. Wants what’s better for her daughter.

So joon disappeared once because he didn’t make it in time back to present time, would that cause any problems in the future?


Voice: Episode 6-7

The siblings’ story is so sad. They were threatened by the bad guys to take the fall, for killing the old lady, and more over the old woman was forced to change her face and live with another identity if she’s to save her brother.

DP construction and good friends are the same company? Limping guy plots to take care of Jin hyuk and confesses to him that he’s THE KILLER. But he’s not, I know. I think. I believe. Jin hyuk shows some amazing fighting skills and comes out alive and I still don’t know why Kwon joo listened for like an hour when Jin hyuk was assaulted. She should have dispatched the patrol cars in the neighborhood areas.

Was chief Jang really worried about Jin hyuk? Jin hyuk did hint that he knows chief Jang’s other intentions.

Yay! we finally get to see Kim Jae wook but not as a killer. We have to wait for that. He’s a part of DP construction/good friends, real estate business, and has control over the limping guy and many other minions. I don’t know his character’s name! imma call him: killer

Killer kills the old woman who wanted to live a better life and puts the blame on the limping guy. What will happen to her mentally challenged brother? Jin hyuk and Kwon joo are his next targets.

This time Jin hyuk is sure limping guy’s not the killer and Kwon joo says the killer had a young voice.

What was killer doing with his eyes? Was he planning on sewing the lips of the cop who crossed his path. Supernatural element!


Dukh Sukh: Episode 17 -Chirya (bird/sparrow)

A poor man first captures sparrows and then sells them to earn his living. His daughter, Chirya (nickname), is not fond of her father’s job and wants him to earn his living some other way. But her parents can’t do much about that.

Chirya has her dreams. She wants to fly sky-high but she’s chained by the society and her family. She starts to like a stranger and is disheartened as she knows her patents will find her a match and won’t ask her.

One day she takes a bold step and leaves with the stranger but she soon realizes the man is not a nice guy. He’ll capture her and her father’s the one who is trying to gain her freedom.


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