Weekly Watching-19


My incapabilities

I know I’m not a great person

and doesn’t have enough vocabulary

to express myself

that’s my excuse to run away from troubles

but I’m not a crowd

I take on problems head-on and try to solve them

but somethings are just not in your hands

can’t you help me? give me a chance!

I need it to prove to you

I’m capable


I’m watching way too many

Hwarang: Episode 13-14

Why does Sun woo’s hairstyle or wig keeps changing? Why doesn’t he wear the headband with his red clothes when everyone else does? It’s not the first time, he’s done it before. Here I thought the drama has 16 episodes but it’s 20. WHAT! No one told me!

My Bromance is still in danger. Sun woos demands to know if GD is the king and Ah ro jumps in quickly and swears right and left that he’s not. Sun woo accidentally injures her on the arm and feels bad and angry at himself so much that he refuses to even see her or talk to her. She, on the other hand, thinks he’s angry because she defended GD. These two need to talk more.

Everyone still thinks Sun woo is the king and he doesn’t even bother to correct them. GD gets the same thing from his mommy, “don’t say a word”. Poor guy is under pressure. GD wants to be friends with Sun woos but Sun woo will kill him once he’s revealed to be the king but I don’t think so. Sun woo has realised GD is the king and is protecting him for some reason or why would he announce himself as a king to the crown prince of Baekje. He should have waited because GD was going to come forward or GD should have said sooner.

Sook myung is one selfish woman totally like her mother. She doesn’t apologise for shooting the arrow at Sun woo instead she tells him that she’ll teach him sword fighting and I loved when he said she doesn’t even know who he’ll kill after learning. She definitely has feelings for Sun woo and when the political problem arises with the Baekje and she’s chosen to mend things between the two nations she orders Ah ro to come with her because she knew Sun woo will come after her and he does and so does GD and Soo hoo on queen’s orders and Ban ryu because his stepfather gave him a letter to give it to the crown prince. Sun woos catches a bug and Sook myung gets some sort of panic attack and Ah ro finds them in a position she doesn’t like.

Ban ryu and Soo Yeon say their goodbyes in tears and kisses and Ban ryu keeps smiling like a puppy. Soo ho asks him not to accept Soo Yeon because he doesn’t want things to be awkward now that they are friends.

Our squad loses the goodies to the peasant cum robbers which were for the King and crown prince. GD stops them from fighting the peasants and gets a punch to the face by Soo ho. They are forced to stay under the sky and the boys bond gets stronger.

They are humiliated by the crown prince and Ah ro gets arrested accidentally and the hwarang trying to save her get locked up as well. Sook Myung throws a tantrum. Lady, you knew if you had Ah ro Sun woo will come so why do you think he’ll sit around when she gets captured?

Sun woo tells Sook myung to fight if she feels the treatment she’s been given is unfair and for the first time, I liked her when she spoke boldly to the crown prince and rejected his marriage proposal.

Stepfather sends his minions with stuff that would please the crown prince and Ban ryu gives the letter which states, there’s a king hidden among the hwarang and he can do whatever he wants. Crown prince wonders if that means to kill the king.

He takes out the prisoners including Ah ro and places them in front of hwarang. He asks the king to come forward or he’ll kill them. Few people get killed and GD is about to open his mouth put Sun woo comes forward saying he’s the king.

Daddy doc plans to kill the queen mother because she has sent Ah ro in danger. Limping prince said to queen mother that she framed and killed her only friend. Sun woo’s mother? He then tells master if they should place someone else, a prince, instead of the king. Sun woo?

Queen mother’s tears does not affect daddy doc anymore. I seriously and really don’t and can’t understand this woman. She has been cruel to daddy doc all her life and still wants him to stay by her side and be loyal?

GD’s bodyguard gets the news the squad will be killed.

Han sung and Dan sae have a really cruel grandpa. Maybe if Han sung accepts his position as the heir and gains power then he can abolish the nonsense of treating the illegitimate so cruelly. Why is he so attached with Sun woo? And why is he always around Ah ro?

Defendant: Episode 3-4

There’s so much we don’t know and it’s making me crazy. At least we should know what happened, but we are like Jung woo, completely in the dark. His memories are coming back and he has remembered something important, but he needs to learn that he shouldn’t just disclose it to anyone, even if he’s your friend.

He said some difficult and harsh words to Eun hye back in his glory days: Not to trust your client and you lose because you take such cases and he also slapped her once and because of that she knows he’s left-handed. Even after going through so much, she still decides to help him because she heard his silent request for help and he takes her offer.

Was Jung woo’s wife really having an affair or it’s all fabricated? Jun hyuk’s started to look more and more suspicious now that we know he visited Jung woo’s house in the middle of the night. He liked Ji soo, but Jung woo married her and maybe this didn’t set well with him or why would he make the trial still go on and give the death penalty to Jung woo when he doesn’t even remember anything. He’s suspicious of Jung woo that maybe he never lost his memories.

This much is sure that Min ho’s a big hand in ruining Jung woo’s life because the latter was getting closer and closer to the truth. Min ho thinks he’s fooled everyone but he’s only fooling himself thinking that. I’m pretty sure dad knows its Min ho that’s why he told him to go for a fencing duel. Mommy is just playing along, she knows the truth as well. Wifey dated Min ho and married Sun woo. What? Then the child is Min ho’s? Min ho has a secret room where he memorizes the names and important stuff. His life’s pitiful. His brother accidentally injures him and because of that he’s a phobia, but his father never loved him for some reason.

Gangster and Jung woo are in the same situation: Being framed for something they never did. Gangster’s got Jung woo’s weakness. Jung woo carved some words, mother, Park Bong goo, in the isolation cell because he’s forgetting again and his notes were taken from him thanks to Min ho. Gangster still gives a clue, the sound of the bell, and will tell more after Jung woo completes his wishes, which he’ll tell later.

I have a feeling it’s not the detective friend of Jung woo who is scaring Min ho. I first thought it’s Tae soo or Jun hyuk now that Jun hyuk’s suspicious Tae soo is my only guess.

Why isn’t Jung woo being trusted!

Rebel: Thief who stole the people Episode 1-2

Give me tissues!
So I can clean my sword after killing that filthy monsters. Maybe I should go for towels, hmm. They are not humans because humans have empathy and sympathy, only evil minions have black hearts.

Ahmogae (anyone or no one) seriously, that’s the best name that biatch could come up with for a man whose father and earlier generations have been working for his.

No doubt and no words how brilliantly Kim Sang joong portrayed his character. A man who would do anything to save his family.

Little Gil dong is sooooo cute. He’s tiny but has a strength of a giant. Well, the older version (Yoon Gyun sang) does look like a giant puppy.

Did we see the heroine die in the opening moments? *starts sharpening the blades*

Missing Nine: Episode 5-6

I like when the drama goes dark and mysterious for me humour doesn’t work here.

Tae ho manages to lure chairman and Soo hee hears everything and wants to come as well. She’s a pretty good weapon against Tae ho: She saw what he did. Chairman at the last-minute backs out. He feels guilty leaving alone and tells others about the escape plan of Tae ho.

Their first reaction is not that Tae ho and Soo hee are betrayers but that it’s dangerous to go out in the sea because the tides are high and they try to warn them. Tae ho is blind to everything. He just thinks of his own safety. But nature has another plan for them. The boat gets flipped and everything starts going crazy.

By the time things settle down. Soo hee and Bong hee are stranded on a different island or was it the same island. Joon oh’s drowned and Tae ho manages to keep the boat safe but he won’t lend because their life (read: his life)comes first. Ji ah breaks up with him and plays with poor Ki joon’s feelings. She’s blind to his feelings.

Soo hee’s pessimism comes back. Biatch. She’s just like Tae ho, selfish to the core. She thinks they won’t be rescued and decides to end her life. Good riddance. She always talked about dying and when she almost fell from the cliff from which she’s planning on jumping she held on to the rock. She gave her necklace to Bong hee who found it. It’s her brother’s gift to her why did she gave it away? I get it she’s thankful to Bong hee and all but in my eyes this is wrong.

Tae ho indeed killed an injured pilot when he saw that he had some survival goodies in his suitcase. And he kills Yeol as well and leaves his body in the sea. He’s a murderer! Tae ho has become a killing machine. He kills without batting an eyelash. Did he really check if Yeol was dead? Injury on the forehead usually means amnesia in drama land. He strangled Soo hee and made it look like a suicide. Only president’s secretary knows the truth but is silent because Tae ho threatened him.

Prosecutor gets the recording where Bong hee confessed she killed Soo hee. He vows he’ll put her in prison and threatens miss investigator to reveal the truth to the public, which she almost does but another survivor’s news comes to her and its not good news.

President is the second survivor and I was happy that we would now see the story with a different point of view but his second in command killed him, he tried but the chairman is barely holding onto his life. Why would the second in command kill president?

In all of this miraculously Bong hee’s memories return.

Joon oh isn’t the bad person, who only thinks about himself, Tae ho and Soo hee make him. He cares and worries for everyone. So why did the made that assumption or is this not Joon oh’s real personality? His romance has started to grow with Bong hee but with a murderer on the loose can they all escape his clutches?

Lo and behold another survivor turns up and its none other than Tae ho. If he knows Bong hee is alive, he might pin all the blame on him just like she’s doing to him. We don’t know if Bong hee is telling the truth or not or if Tae ho is really a bad person.

Tomorrow with you: Episode 1-2

Well it’s not like he met her when she’s young and he’s an adult and her father shot him *sobs* I don’t know if I remember it right or not. Time traveler’s wife.

I swear don’t you dare end on a sad note, Drama

Shin Min ah plays Bap soon I mean Song Ma rin. She used to be a child actress but things changed and now she’s a photographer. She’s a heavy drinker and has lots of self-pity, looks depressed but still is lovely and cute and don’t forget Dimples!

Lee Je hoon is Yoo Soo joon and why can he time travel only on a subway? Why did he share his secret with two of his friends? Wasn’t keeping it a secret much better? Why show this early there’s someone else like him, a time traveler? Why doesn’t anyone notice someone disappearing and appearing out of nowhere on the train?

He can travel only through the subway for some reason where his parents died. He miraculously stayed alive. He’s on the same train and left moments before it exploded. He started time traveling on the 49th day of his parent’s death. He stayed alive because of Ma rin and I thought he saved her because he knew she saved him and not because they’ll die together.

2nd traveler is suspicious. He taught Soo joon everything about time traveling (if he’s to meet his self in the future he’s to run from there or he’ll disappear and how to travel to the future.) and notes when he visits him. Why?

Are we to prepare ourselves now that we know they both will die together? Why did he save Ma rin’s life? Why is she key to his life? Wait, I have heard this line before, of course in W and we know how it ended.

She thought of him as an unemployed and didn’t believe when he said he’s a real estate owner. He’s the owner of the company called My Rich. Don’t ask me what kind of name this is. She thought he liked her but he cleared the misunderstanding rather harshly. He knew he marries her in the future and wondered why. He could have said it nicely.

Can he change the future now that he knows he’ll die with her in three years in 2019? It’s 2016 in the present timeline.

I need to pay more attention to the timeline or I’ll confuse myself

Voice: Episode 5-6

Jin hyuk reaches in time to save Kwon joo. My heart was just pounding like crazy. Psycho teacher boyfriend with his partner runs away and later kills him. We get to hear the twisted story of fate intertwining. Psycho’s mother had an affair with Eun byul and Eun soo’s father. Both families had to pay the consequences but its only psycho who went full evil and killed his own mother and never stopped his evilness.

Psycho was there on the night of THE murder and saw the killer, killing Kwon joo’s father. He’s a freaking witness! Psycho gets killed by another cracking guy but he makes it like psycho burned himself to death. There are way too many guys who can make the cracking sound. I’ll probably dislocate my jaw which definitely means I tried to make that sound. This new cracking guy, the guy who limps while walking, GP company? Owner? is definitely not the killer. He’s wrinkles on his face. The glimpse of the man we saw was young. Or we don’t know. Asians look really young then their age. I must be a different kind of Asian then.

Kwon joo manages to find Eun byul with her hearing ability and I think her secret is out. Eun soo and the other guy heard them talking about “listening” to the “voice”. Eun soo joins the golden time team and she’s multilingual which means we might get a case where she’ll shine.

Crime squad is totally useless and golden time team is doing all the work. All the code red cases are solved till now within the golden time. Chief Jung wants Jin hyuk to come back but Jin hyuk has other plans.

Jin hyuk suspects Chief Jung to be an accomplice to the killer and he and we didn’t know Kwon joo already was sure it’s him. Chief Jung seems to be threatened by some video so that’s why he’s working with him And commissioner has some role in it too which Kwon joo doesn’t know yet but is sure there’s something.

Case 4- The secret of the trash house: Eyes inside the walls.

A guy threatens an old woman with a knife. He’d his reasons but thanks to him and the woman who called to report to golden time team, a body is found in the house wrapped up in plastic. That’s why the old woman gathered trash and garbage in her house to hide the smell of the body. But who is the dead woman? Who killed her and why?

Where is Jin hyuk’s son? We haven’t seen him in a long time.

Dukh Sukh: Episode 16 (Task)

2 couples. One is happily married and has a kid and the other with an unhappy marriage and no kid and they want divorce.

The wife of the unhappy couple said I want divorce not talaq.

Me: face palm. Saying the word in a different language doesn’t change anything

The happy couple dies leaving behind the baby and that’s the missing piece which makes the unhappy couple into a happy one.

Here I thought the happy couple’s child will die and they will go for divorce and the unhappy couple will try to mend things between them. I thought that because the baby was lying down in the back seat of the car without any seat belts or car seat.

Nazr-e-bad (evil eye): Episode 1-2

Yes, this drama is dark and twisted, totally my cup of tea. It’s about black magic and jealousy and how it ruins lives. The story is of a joint family where two brothers life in a house. Older brother taking the above portion and the younger the ground portion.

The younger brother, Shafiq, is more successful in his life. He’s married to Nusrat and has 3 children. Two boys and a girl, Maham. Older brother, Attique, is poor and his wife, Almas, always sighs that she never got her wishes fulfilled. She always nags her husband. She’s two daughters and one son, Pervaiz. She likes to compare everything between the two families and then rolls in self-pity. She’s jealous of what Aftab’s family has. Nusrat time and again tells her family that Almas’ intentions are not good and blames her for anything that goes wrong in the house because she believes Almas does black magic.

Pervaiz likes Maham but she isn’t interested in him. Their engagement was set by their late grandmother. Maham likes her other cousin, Aftab, from her mother’s side. Aftab’s mother pretends she’s okay but she doesn’t like her son’s choice but his father is happy.

One thing I didn’t like was how literally closed Maham and Aftab were shown. Maybe this is my conservative mind speaking.

Sakina Samo as Almas stole the show. Even though she’s playing a negative character but I wait for her scenes. Four episodes are out and the drama airs twice a week. I’m behind.


6 comments on “Weekly Watching-19

  1. Jo says:

    My incapabilities is relatable, I feel your pain I was thinking the same thing, I hope they don’t end Tomorrow with you on a sad not, those too have already been through enough and it’s just the second episode. I like the flow of the show so far, can’t wait for them to get married and I like how she’s so into him but not and he is just denying his feelings, I think she also has nightmares but they haven’t shown it yet. Agree that Mister guy is creepy, what was on his wall? Both of them look depressed and are very cynical because they can travel back and forth but the Mister looks dangerous. VOICE! OMG CAN SHE BE THE LEADER OF THE POLICE FORCE?!! THE POLICE ARE NO HELP. DS: OMG, I was so happy when I saw talaq I was so happy because I know what it means *happy dance* the wife is weird actually the whole thing is weird. I understand that sometimes horrible things have to happen before your blessings come BUT this doesn’t make sense, and a child can’t fix everything.
    Nazr-e-bad : Sounds like one of my Korean Dailies *excited*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jo says:

      sad *note* *two*


    • Miss Khan says:

      i’m not enjoying tomorrow with you for some reason. i like the actors and everything is great but still…that mister is definitely suspicious.
      i’m really really really REALYY!! X10000 times enjoying VOICE.
      stories in DS most of the times are weird. i want the series to end. even though it airs once a week but still.
      which drama would that be *ready with a pencil and note pad*


      • Jo says:

        Tomorrow with you is not as exciting as Goblin but I like it because its “comfortable” I also think he’s her father. *pulls out list” Glass Mask, Women’s Secret, Two Mothers and more but their like 100+eps. Ill lookk for the recaps/reviews of the dramas and send them to you so you can decide. Im watching one called a Person Who Gives happiness and its SOOO GOOD but we haven’t gotten to the meaty stuff yet😩 hope you have a FANTASTIC WEEK and good luck with school and the admins😝

        Liked by 1 person

        • Miss Khan says:

          tomorrow is more like annoying for me and not comfortable. i feel irritated when i watch it. is this a sign to stop watching the drama? maybe i should. i’m watching a lot of dramas and this is affecting my uni studies.

          how can you watch dramas with 100+ episodes? i start to get bored half way through a 16 episode drama.

          thank you ^___^
          i hope dear admin find me a paper i asked him to. its mine to begin with and if he misplaced it somewhere…..he better get it for me from his own pocket.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Jo says:

            Haha, Ill watch it for you and keep you posted and let you know if something amazing happens😁 cut down on the dramas and study or watch them during the weekend- studies come first. I used to watch them more in uni, they helped me concentrate and stay awake when I had test and hw or needed to grade papers so now Im used to them😂😂 also, I don’t like when they lose things and then make it seem like you’re at fault😒😩 IM SENDING GOOD VIBES AND I HOPE HE FINDS IT. Good luck on your studies this week😎👊


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