Weekly Watching-18


Something close to my heart

The day is about to end
And I’m about to close my eyes
My whole life appears before me
The decisions I made
The choices I regretted
The people I found and lost
The happiness and sadness of my family and kids
The hard work and the surprises
The puzzles and the mysteries of life
The good and the bad
The ups and the downs
Does anything even matter now?
Everyone is the same when the day ends
Alone and lonely
Ask those who are left behind
The fear they feel
The loneliness they feel
The sadness they feel
The emptiness they feel
I know we can’t be together forever
But I can hope for time to extend
Let me do that and please make it come true
I really can’t live without you
Or so we thought
The void remains
And life goes on
Its hard
But its life
Lets meet again soon
Never to part again


Natsume Yuuchichou season 6 coming in April 2017. I’M SO EXCITED. I hope I’m done with the exams by then.

Yuri on Ice: Episode 11-12 END

Yuri didn’t want to kill Victor’s career and decides to retire after the finale no matter what the result is. Victor decides to make a comeback and Yuri says he wants to compete with him.

The pressure builds up for the finale. Yuri and Yurio copy Victor’s moves and break his previous records. JJ feels the pressure of the finale but he’s a very supportive fiance and fans.

Yurio barely beats Yuri and takes the gold medal JJ comes third.

Victor and Yuri perform together on the skating rink- this isn’t an imagination right? But do they get married? Victor said he will once Yuri wins the gold medal but Yuri got silver, so….

See you next level- is how the anime ends

It’s a really good anime but I still don’t understand its hype


Voice: Episode 3-4

Is it true!!! There will be no new episode this week!!! NOOOOOOOOOO

I have no words to describe how much I love this drama. Crime-thriller has always been my favorite genre and I would love if there’s no romance. There isn’t any for now but you never know…one thing that’s awesome is that the heroine is not a damsel in distress..ooppss okay she needs help now but you know what I mean, right?

The crazy woman was abused when she’s a child and her abuser’s always around her. He takes the little boy before Jin hyuk reaches with his team. Kwon joo again goes on what she heard. Jin hyuk ignores her but then finds the security guard -the abuser- on her clues and saves the boy.

Loved when Jin hyuk was faking breathlessness.

He’s finally starting to believe in Kwon joo’s ability. He asks her for the truth about her hearing ability. She tells him she got into an accident when she’s 12 and was almost blind for two years and developed the hearing ability which only her father knew. It’s a secret between them and Jin hyuk is the third person to know.

We get to know the complete story of the night Jin hyuk’s wife died. She’s not the only victim, Kwon joo’s father died on the same day by the same killer, he’s on a patrol and followed the killer, but everything was covered which means someone from the inside is helping the killer. Her father’s said to have died in a hit and run which of course isn’t true. She heard her father’s voice and the man’s voice so she knows the cracking sound which comes from his mouth.

Jin hyuk wants proof and a body is discovered of the supposed killer and its said that he jumped which is false because the real killer killed him.

Episode 3 didn’t have the title but episode 4 had and it’s the 3rd case – ringing from the darkness: the secret of chocolate box.

Because the higher-ups are covering the case and supposed killer’s death is ruled out as suicide. Jin hyuk and Kwon joo think they should investigate secretly.

Eun soo was asked to join the emergency call center but she declined. Her grandma runs a small shop and Jin hyuk often goes there and the grandma has another grand-daughter Eun byul. Eun byul gets kidnapped and Eun soo contacts the call center for help. Kwon joo uses her hearing ability to find the car but is mistaken and Jin hyuk is right this time but they couldn’t stop in the car in time and because they get in to an accident.

The first suspect is the clingy ex boyfriend but it turns out the real suspect is the new boyfriend a school teacher. Ex boyfriend is killed. Kwon joo gets abducted and Jin hyuk’s on his way to save her.

Teacher boyfriend takes something from his mouth and makes the same cracking sound the killer makes but it’s not him. The built and height is different and Kwon joo recognizes the voice its different from the real one. I was like: was I mistaken? Is this the real killer? But I believed in myself I’m glad I did. Where should I post this to get praise?

Hwarang: Episode 11-12

So, Sook myung and GD are siblings and mommy queen wants them to get married? What’s with ancient people and marrying siblings? I swear I’ll stop watching and won’t care how close its to end.

Sun woo loses the king’s bracelet and lackey boy picks it up and gives it to step father. Step father as we all know is a cunning man. He takes out a letter with royal seal on it and the symbol on the seal matches the bracelet.

Conveniently Sun woo loses consciousness for four days after kissing Ah ro, we still don’t know what’s wrong with him, and she takes care of him. And when he finally wakes up he’s sandwiched between Yeo wool and Soo ho. Sun woo then goes and ignores Ah ro which everyone notices. Reason? He wants to hug her and hold hands. This puts Ah ro in a great mood.

But because of her the queen mother is not in a great mood. She asks her daughter Sook myung to kill Ah ro. Such a loving mother protecting royal family and wondering why she’s hated. She wanted GD to beg, to save him. What’s wrong with you woman?

Sook myung is a lost case. She thinks of Hwarang as disposable tools. She takes them on hunting before sparring contest and there she shoots at Ah ro and misses in her first try. Some skills you have Princess. And Ah ro just freezes there. Run stupid or duck do something! Sun woo shields her taking the hit and he definitely saw her and GD scolds Sook myung with authority in his voice not to touch Ah ro again. Sun woo also tells the same thing to her.

Queen makes a plan. She calls Soo ho and as we know he’s a huge crush on her. He sees her walking on the thorns and carries her princess style…wait she’s already a queen. She most probably asked him to protect Sun woo. She wants a fake king to protect the real king and wants Sun woo to pretend as a fake but did he get the news about this, that I have no idea. She just plays the “I loved you” trick with daddy doc when she likes but this time daddy doc won’t sit still because she’s attacking his daughter. He wants to killer her and her son.

Princess wants the Hwarangs to fight among themselves till death. Who gave her this idea? Soo ho and Ban ryu are the first one to go. Ban ryu gets injured and Soo hoo feels bad and they both go defensive. Step father steps in and presents his bodyguard or whatever he’s to fight with Sun woo. Sun woo takes few hits and almost loses his life. Queen Mother yells at the last-minute to stop and then Sun woo turns the table and chops the other guys knot top and everyone cheers. It must be a pretty big deal and the guy isn’t dead. Why cheers? Step father doesn’t think Sun woo is the king and after the fight he’s figured out something.

My bromance is ending before it could even bloom. GD told Sun woo that he thinks of him as his first friend and that he likes him and he admits that he likes Ah ro more than her brother. He apologizes to Sun woo after he gets the arrow and doesn’t tell why because a banner suddenly appears announcing that the king is among Hwarangs and on the banner has the symbol of the bracelet. Sun woo immediately checks his wrist for some reason. Dude you lost the bracelet remember?

It just so happened every time GD and Sun woo were together everyone started scrambling because they think Sun woo is the king because they saw the same symbol on his wrist. Master is the first one to realize GD is the king because he’s that smart. To everyone GD is his nephew and so no one suspects him.

GD asks Sun woo what would he do if he finds the king. Sun woo wants to kill him. But didn’t GD saved Sun woo’s life. The bodyguard was about to kill him when he realized that Sun woo is alive and GD stopped him. Or am i remembering wrong? Sun woo thinks hard and notices who is worthy to be the king and the answer he gets is GD. He puts the sword to his neck and asks if he really is. My bromance T_T

Ban ryu knows it’s his step father who put the banner. Step daddy wants Ban ryu to be the king and poor boy gets the shock of his life and he ignores Soo yeon which makes her cry which makes Soo ho angry. Is Soo ho okay with Ban ryu being with his sister?

I finally got the name of the sixth boy, Han sung and he’s younger brother to Dan se. Han sung is lacking in every field and he’s a timid personality. Dan se asks him to man up. Han sung hopes his brother would have born in his place.

I’m one of those who are not interested in romance in any pair. I’m all in for bromance because I can’t feel any chemistry in the romance department.

Defendant: Episode 1-2


Park Jung woo (Ji Sung) a prosecutor happy with his job and life, has a family who he adores. His daughter just turned 6 and next thing he knows that he’s in prison in four months. His cellmates know that he gets fit where he forgets he killed his family.

Thing to keep in mind is that in the opening scene Jung woo ran breaking the prison he’s wearing blue clothes but when he’s inside its brown. Which means his case is still on trial and he isn’t a convict yet. The first trial has already ended with a death sentence and second is about to start. His public defender leaves his post because he got clocked in the face when he mentioned that Jung woo killed his family. Seo Eun hye (Kwon yuri) takes his case without knowing and later wonders if he’ll let her take the case. Her father’s in prison for some reason. I’ll go ahead and say I have not seen her act but when you put her with Ji sung she definitely lacks.

Great fantastic, fantabulous acting by Ji sung when he cries not remembering what happened to his daughter. Jung woo’s told he killed his family but he doesn’t remember. His wife’s body is found but her daughter’s is still missing.

The good thing is he’s friendly five inmates or they appear to be. There has to be someone working with Min ho, like the warden, in case Jung woo’s memories come back.

Meet the villain Cha Min ho (Uhm Ki joon) who kills his twin brother, Cha Sun ho, and takes his place just to avoid getting jail time for a murder he committed. Jung woo is on to him, he heard Sun ho’s dying words which was his brother’s name and he knows Min ho is scared of pointy and sharp objects, but Min ho won’t let anyone catch him. He kills the autopsy guy and is also behind Jung woo being in prison. He seriously and really is a scary guy. That’s some amazing acting and it sent chills to every pore of my body the way he cried and laughed at the same time. He uses everyone for his own benefit like his sister-in-law, who recognizes him in a second. He threats her to keep his secret and he’ll keep her about her son’s biological father.

Min ho’s daddy doesn’t recognize Min ho and is happy that the troublemaker died but when alone he says he doesn’t want to lose his another son now that one is gone which implies he knows that Sun woo is the one who died. His mom recognizes its Min ho but she’s ill. Alzheimer?

I thought the crash scene was not important where two people died, autopsy guy and head gangster, but its related to Jung woo and Min ho. The gangster guy who Jung woo put in jail gets transferred to his and he most likely will not sit still.

Maybe Jung woo has split personality disorder or would he smile after putting the suitcase in the car. The suitcase which is supposed to have his daughter’s body in it. He’s a twin, right? Min ho the hell did you do!!!

Missing Nine: Episode 3-4

I wasn’t in the mood to watch but I still did.
Am I watching comedy? I thought this was about surviving on a deserted island. I’m not saying not to put the light scenes but it felt awkward. Maybe I shouldn’t have watched the episode at that specific time.

We find all our 9 guys on the island. Soo hee wants to die but is the first one to run for her life but she soon comes back. She hates Joon oh and blames him for Jae hyun’s death, ex-member of Dreamers. Tae ho hates him for the same reason and Soo hee hates and is scared of Tae hoo as well because she saw him killing someone on the island. Who knows maybe he’s helping that person and she thought Tae ho’s killing him.

Tae ho isn’t a simple guy. He doesn’t care whether his girl friend, Ji ah, is alive or not. He doesn’t tend to her when she’s sick but takes all the credit in the end. He meets another survivor of the crash the tenth guy and he strikes a deal with Tae ho. He’s find a life boat for four ppl they need two more and then they will leave the island. Why can’t they just leave on their own? Why take more people?

Ji ah has some medical condition. She gets a huge cut on her leg and the bleeding doesn’t stop. It starts raining. Ki joon tends to her and Ji ah thinks it’s Tae ho. Ki joon is her silent lover like we see silent killers.

One thing after another kept happening.

Joon oh, Bong hee, Yeol went to find some herb to stop bleeding. Yeol fell in a hole. A tree falls down on Ki joon’s leg. Joon oh steps on the mine and laughter ensues. Joon oh was moving way too much on the mine if its real it had blown him into pieces. Secretary gets bitten by a snake and acts all dramatic. He lives.

They all get together and find a shelter. Someone must have lived there for some unknown reason because there are signs and corpse too not to mention. Not so useful Joon oh and useful Bong hee find some suit cases and everyone changes to not so matching clothes. I’m very much bothered by the matching clothes. Everyone was wearing brown/beige in the beginning. In Bong hee’s hypnosis everyone’s wearing white and in the flash back to Jae hyun’s death, that day, I think even then everyone was wearing similar clothes.

Prosecutor, brother to Soo hee meets Bong hee. He shows her the matching ring to the necklace. He wants to know who killed his sister. Bong hee reveals under hypnosis it’s her. Bong hee and Soo hee were on a cliff may be arguing and somehow Soo hee fell from the cliff. Prosecutor reaches the same doc to find answers about his sister because Bong hee after visiting the island and getting some memories refuses to attend his call.

Miss investigator takes no-nonsense from the reporter when he somehow finds the investigation place. She tells him that she’s not here to reveal the truth but to make people forget the incident as early as possible. With the new revelation she wonders what would benefit them making Bong hee into a survivor or murderer.

Dukh Sukh: Episode 15 Ajnabi (stranger)

Typical story nicely depicted of a lower class family.

Meet Nabeel and Bushra (btw they are a couple in real life as well) a couple with no kids. They are living hand to mouth and Nabeel arrives for work late almost every day and gets scolded by his female boss. This causes tension between the couple. Bushra leaves for her mother’s house who is barely managing her self and Nabeel seeks his rich brother.

Big rich bro can’t help and makes all sort of excuses but his wife really insults Nabeel. Turns out the house big bro is living in, his father-in-law is paying the rent so he can’t say much to his wife.

Nabeel leaves after his insulting session. On the other hand Bushra gets the news that the land lady died in Australia and a letter comes which tells that the lady gave the house to them. Bushra happily calls her husband and tells him the good news about the house when he comes.

Everything is happy, the couple does not fight anymore but light bickering continues and all of a sudden the dead land lady makes her appearance.

What in the what am I supposed to feel! Is this a horror, mystery going on that I need to solve?


6 comments on “Weekly Watching-18

  1. Karandi says:

    I’m also really excited for a season six of Natsume. Season 5 kind of caught me by surprise given there had been a bit of a break but a season 6 is great news.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jo says:

    Something close to my heart *cries* that was beautiful. I’m sad that we didn’t have a Voice episode but it’s because of the New Year (my dailies were canceled too* I’m waiting for more Defendant eps because it looks SOOO GOOD! I know myself, so I’m waiting for more eps haha. How many episodes does DS have? Idk why I thought it was 14 ep. I don’t like when families treat each other like that, come on! You’re blood, actually, you should treat all humans as your bro/sis, but it’s just sad when it’s your family who does that. Maybe the Landlady is a zombie?!! SO did they just end the episode like that???

    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Khan says:

      Thank you ^___^
      Voice is soo damn good but the wait was horribly long and i wanted to fast forward the 5th episode to see if Jin hyuks manages to save Kwon joo. ARGHHH
      defendant is really good. there are so many theories going on and i’m going crazy here.
      i have no idea about the total number of episodes in DS. i too thought ep 14 is the end because i was looking for the episode on the wrong day.
      yup the episode ended just like that, we were not shown the face of land lady just the characters said “landlady?”


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