Weekly Watching-17


So I called my uni to get info about the exams and the guy there told me, “we don’t know, may be exams will happen in February or March. You can check the website.” I friggin checked the website that’s why I called!!!

Damn nice administration!

Yuri on Ice: Episode 9-10

I never felt any romance between Yuri and Victor but dammit these episodes made me go kkkyyyaaaa!!! I’m finally feeling “something” between them!

Yuri and victor got engaged!!! Pitchit was cute, shouting “my friend got married!!!”

I actually liked all the dance sequences in episode 9 especially Yurio’s. His costume and hair were LOVE. Yurio made his hair to look like Victor’s when he’s young but I liked his braid.

JJ’s super annoying because he took Yurio’s place grrr but I liked JJ’s dance when he touched his hand to the floor but Yurios was much better!! Siblings Sala and Mickey are cute and annoying. Chris has pretty eyes.

Doggy of Victor’s is doing fine and Yuri wants Victor to be his coach till he retires. To Victor this sounds like a marriage proposal and he wishes Yuri never retires. Yuri makes it to the final, hurrah! Barely…

Yurio’s making friends. He made a friend the boy from Kazakhstan. They were together in a group once and had his cute moments with Yuri. And Yuri went hugging everyone because Victor’s not there was hilarious.

And we got the reason why Victor decided to become Yuri’s coach. Yuri after losing the grand prix finale of last year got drunk and started a dance battle which was totally humiliating by the way but I still enjoyed. Yuri asked Victor to be his coach if he wins the dance battle. So, that means he won the battle?

The final is going to happen in Barcelona, Spain.


Its raining dramas and it will continue till some weeks.

Hwarang: Episode 9-10

Ah ro confronts Sun woo and he tells her the truth about not being her brother but he’ll not stop being her brother because that’s what Mak moon wanted. Nope, dear, he wanted you to marry his sister.

Ah ro cries and cries and cries part of the reason is the lie Sun woo told and half the reason is her real brother is dead and the rest of the reason is that Sun woo keeps saying he’ll be her brother. Dude, get the clue. She doesn’t want you to be her brother. She pretends she doesn’t care about him but secretly she does.

Ah ro goes harsh and says why did he survive and why not her brother. He apologies for living and surviving instead of her brother. My heart!!! He takes her to her brother’s grave.

GD sees Ah ro crying and tries to cheer her up by giving her money which she loves. He asks if he should hug her or kill the person who made her cry. So romantic!

Ban ryu’s stuck with the dilemma if he should ruin the performance or not and Soo yeon, Soo ho’s sister, is waiting for his performance makes it more hard for him.

A princess Seok myung comes into the capital after recuperating from some illness. How is she related to the queen mother? Don’t tell me she’s sister to GD!! Queen mother wants GD to marry princess but he wants to choose his own bride but mommy says that’s not happening.

Seok myung finds her way into the Hwarang house with the help of queen mother as queen mother threatens master that she’ll torture GD until he tells his real identity. Master protects him by agreeing to queen mother’s demand. Is Sook myung’s voice dubbed or am I hearing wrong? Sometimes it feels dubbed.

Sun woo saves Seok myung from a poisonous snake and doesn’t kill it because it’s not its fault for being born with poison. I hope he remembers his words when he confronts GD as king and killer to Mak moon or being related to queen mother. Is Seok myung interested in Sun woo?

Ah ro accidentally hears queen mother and GD talking and is beyond shocked to learn he’s the king. The queen’s bodyguard strikes again and takes her to the queen mother. Ah ro almost loses her life. What fate, the guy who killed her brother is going to kill her. GD takes the risk of exposing himself and saves her because he’s the king and she’s his subject. Queen mother is speechless but she plans on getting rid of Ah ro.

Ah ro obviously changes her tone and behavior in front of GD and hates herself for every bad thing she said or did to him. She tries to protect her identity and he’s happy she’s the first one to know about him and he kinda feels bad because she keeps talking politely to him. He’s never witnessed this before.

Someone destroys the instruments for the performance and I hoped it’s not Ban ryu and I was right its Ban ryu’s lackey boy. The one who wasn’t accepted as a Hwarang. Lackey boy is working on step father’s orders. With the instruments all broken, master of instruments make some with basins and stuff and Hwarang gets to perform without a hitch.

Daddy doc asks Sun woo to be real brother to Ah ro as he thinks of him as his real son. To me daddy doc is implying, not to fall in love with her. Too bad, that’s already happened and the feelings are mutual. Sun woo kisses Ah ro when she tells him she’s happy to know he wasn’t her brother.

The Hwarang pass their second assignment and are given another one. They each get a disciple and they are to be one with each other and compete with other Hwarangs. GD‘s bodyguard joins as well and says he’s 22 years old, AHAHHAAHA. I still didn’t get the 6th boys name and his half-brother, Dan se, is partnered with Sun woo and Ban ryu gets his lackey boy sent by step father.

Soo yoon tells the truth to Soo ho regarding the incident with Ban ryu. She slams a bottle of wine on her brother’s head to protect Ban ryu. She cares for Ban ryu more than her brother and isn’t afraid to protect her man.

A new guy appears. He belonged to the royal family but was removed because of the defect in his leg. He seems to know Sun woo as well.

Who exactly is Sun woo and why does he keep fanning? And again Park Hyung shik was looking different in some scenes. In some scenes I can’t even recognize him. Why?

Voice: Episode 1-2

The new crime thriller drama which is not good for my health because the way it ends on cliffhangers. Don’t forget to breathe while watching!

Before we begin. OH MY GOD!!! JANG HYUK ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Episode 1 is titled: Voice in the dark

Moo Jin hyuk (Jang Hyuk ♥) a cop has his wive killed (on his birthday) when he’s out on an investigation. The wife before being killed called the emergency help line 112 but they weren’t able to help. The killer carries round iron ball weight with handle or kettle bell and smashes peoples heads. He needs to find another hobby and change this one.

The killer is Kim Jae wook. I can recognize him. That’s his chin/jaw.

At the help center we meet Kang Kwon joo (Lee Ha na). The lady who wasn’t able to help the wife. A suspect is arrested but Kwon joo argues he’s not the one. The real killer also murdered her father. She can recognize the voice. Kwon joo has a story to her. She developed an ability to see through her ears after an incident with her eyes.

Three years pass Jin hyuk is now demoted to a patrol officer and Kwon joo is back from the US after solving a big case. She’s the head of the call center department. She proposes to the higher-ups to make a Golden Time Team to help, those who call in the emergency center within ten minutes, but her idea is rejected.

It so happens Jin hyuk is there to settle the score with her when a call comes in. A girl is abducted and asks for help. Its code zero which mean the case is important. Jin hyuk leaves immediately because of the girls begging voice to save her and Kwon joo stays in contact with the girl and him. Will he be able to reach the girl?

Damn you first episode cliffhanger

Why didn’t they located the wife’s location like the abducted girl’s?

Episode 2 is titled: Two faced healer

Jin hyuk reaches in time to save the girl.

Golden Time Team is made on a trial period of 6 months. Jin hyuk is not happy to be a part of team neither is Dae shik his partner.

Jin hyuk ponders how Kwon joo knew about the killer’s hiding place and thinks its nonsense when she says she heard it. He’s a little boy in the hospital.

A 7-year-old boy calls the emergency help center and reports that his mother stabbed him and he’s hiding in the washing machine. He tells that he heard there were many kids before him living in the house. Our team hasn’t reached the boy yet and the mother finds him first
Damn you cliffhanger!!!

The show is too good and I’m in love with it.

Missing Nine: Episode 1-2

As we all know everyone dies and only one lives so lets just enjoy the show or there’s no way a drama would reveal its end so early. There are some secrets ready to be unraveled.

First thing first I haven’t seen LOST so I don’t know how much similar Nine is to it. Do I care? Nope. Good then. I have another issue, you may or may not know I can’t for the love of God remember the names and I think I’m in trouble now.

Really like the tension the drama is keeping from the start with the unexpected light moments. It’s yet to be revealed why everyone is wearing same, beige, colored clothes and why are there clothes still in one piece and the survivors as well.

The drama wastes no time and introduces us to our sole survivor Ra Bong hee (Baek Jin hee) who is found after four months after the plane crash and she’s no memories of those months and have no idea if any member of the plane is alive or not but she’s willing to remember any way she can if the special team promises to search for the missing people. She’s wearing a necklace/pendant and we see that this doesn’t belong to her. A prosecutor is the first one to notice it because it belongs to his sister, one of the passengers of the plane.

We go to the past to see how she ended up the way she did. Bong hee a chirpy kind of girl finds her first job, after quitting being a diver in her town. She’s a stylist to Seo Joon oh (Jung Kyung ho). A singer who once shined and was a leader of the band Dreamers, from the company Legend Entertainment, but his arrogant personality ruined his career and now he isn’t given any respect or attention. He’s picky and pricky as ever but Bong hee bears with him and she’s excited to go on her first trip. She almost gets fired on her first day of job.

Joon oh has a manger Jung Ki joon (Oh Jung se) who cares for him a lot. Dreamers is having a comeback and they are going abroad for a concert. Every one boards the train and dreamers members especially Tae ho (Choi Tae joon) hates Joon oh. He blames him for his friend/band mates death. Youngest, Lee Yeol (Chan yeol) stops the fight.

Tae ho has a girlfriend Ji Ah (Lee Sun bin) she’s Gold from 38 task force. The president of the Legend Entertainment is there as well with his secretary and there are more than 9 people on the plane.

The plane they are traveling suddenly has a fire in its engine and goes down.

Joon oh and Bong hee are the first survivors. She saves him and does all the work and he acts all high and mighty and eats all the food. He doesn’t analyze the situation they are in. I so want to hit him. He threatens her he’ll fire her and she snaps because there’s no way out. They are doomed. She spells out for him that they are on a deserted island. His behavior changes when he saves injured Yeol and then he saves Bong hee from sinking into a bog.

They find Ji ah and the necklace girl, Soo hee. She on the plane told Bong hee that Joon oh is a dangerous guy. Soo hee, tells Ji ah, is suicidal and in the present time line we see that she’s dead and her brother, the prosecutor, is informed that she was murdered. The plot thickens.

The investigator lady (wallet from 38 task force) thinks Bong hee is way too calm and doc says she remembers everything which means she’s deliberately not telling anything.

Mystic Nine: Episode 30 + end

I have been planning on writing about this but I keep forgetting and because of that I forgot most of the story. Oh well, it’s not like it had one to begin with.

Where did I leave? Whatever, the baddies minions and Chen pi enter the tomb with our three good guys and their team and they land in a fake world with the help/magic of a meteorite.

Noodle girl comes back to life and Er ye is not willing to believe she’s not real. This couple seriously makes me sleepy. She disappears or leaves, something does happen to her and I don’t remember what.

Fo ye and Xin yue get married in the fake world and then in the real world. Chen pi finds his own Ya tou and loses his memories. Annoying foreigner takes a trip to the caves as well and comes out as a crazy man but he gets better and treats Chen pi’s illness as well.

Zhang family secretly and quietly takes the meteorite from the annoying military guy and kills him. Female gate totally forgot her name, steps down from her position because she sided with the bad guys.

Some kind of illness is spread and that part was so random. The drama ends with Fo ye getting back to his military position and fighting against the Japanese with the rest of the gates.

Did I miss something?

Goblin: Episode 14-16 END

First of all I didn’t like the end!

Going back to episode 14, goblin refuses to leave for the after life and lives in between life and after life for 9 years. His memories have been erased from the humans who have met him. Human girl achieves her dream of becoming a radio PD. She lives a pretty sad life because she doesn’t remember main events of her life.

On her 29th birthday she blows a candle and goblin finally is released from the snowy-deserty place. But she doesn’t remember him and he appears before her time and again to shake her feelings. She takes a trip to Canada to find some answers and realizes she can see ghosts and remembers the past somehow and they become lovey-dovey and kiss kiss kiss and get married. You might think everything looks good so I don’t need to worry. WRONG. She sacrifices her life to save school kids. In short she dies and promises to come back to goblin since this was her first life and every human has four chances.

So what happens when she uses all her four chances? Keep in mind goblin can’t die. Why? His sword was removed and he turned to ashes but was stubborn I get it but why can’t he die. He lives alone for years and years and years and human girl gets reincarnated and meets him. But so what! She’ll die again and he’ll be ALONE. WHAT KIND OF END IS THIS!!

Reaper asks for forgiveness and goblin forgives him.

Coming to our second couple of reaper and Sunny. Reaper and Sunny never forgot their memories. Sunny left him as a punishment and then died 30 years later and its reaper who got the name card and its also his last job. His punishment also ended. They both leave to the after life together and get reincarnated as an actress and detective and fall in love again.

What happened to Duk hwa? Where is his grandson? Who’s serving the goblin now? And oh yeah annoying aunt of human girl dies too. But I CAN’T BELIEVE GOBLIN WILL LIVE ALONE!!

Dukh Sukh: Episode 14 Mein Hari (I lose)

Another episode where a maid dreams big.

There’s a couple. The woman is paralyzed. Her maid/caretaker says the woman once was very arrogant and rude and thinks this is her punishment. The couple lives with their grown up son, Ashr, a university student.

The care taker’s niece, Nazo comes to city to find her fiance. She starts working in the couple’s house as well but the woman always moans when she sees her.

Nazo starts to dream big. She loses her heart to Ashr and it feels like he too has feelings for her. The woman passes away and so a year goes by.

Nazo is pretty sure she’ll get married to Ashr and at this rate I was pretty sure where the story was going. Her aunt is excited as well. And then Ashr drops the bomb. He asks Nazo to marry his father and before she could reject her aunt accepts the proposal.

That’s the reason the woman was moaning. She wanted Nazo to leave the house or she’ll be sacrificed.

Bin Roye: Episode 17 END

Why was Dubai shown when Irtaza and Saba are supposed to be in USA? Or maybe its USA and I don’t know because I haven’t seen it. I haven’t seen Dubai either but I live in its neighboring country.

Saba starts to behave like a bipolar person. She’s happy one moment in Irataza’s company and the next moment she’s shouting at him because of her own guilt. He’s enough of her and tells her that in few days there will be nothing between them. This hurts Saba and she changes for the better but this time Irtaza ignores her.

Be careful what you wish for! Irtaza gets into an accident and Saba goes crazy but worry not Irtaza didn’t die but it’s too much of a shock for Saba. She tells him the truth about how she loved him and then her sister happened and how she wished for her death and her wish was granted. Irtaza asks her to stop blaming herself.

He confesses he always loved her. We know Irtaza, you always loved her like a sister but oh well, all is well when the drama ends or not.


5 comments on “Weekly Watching-17

  1. Jo says:

    Uggh I used to have problems with the financial aid and other depts. admins, they never answered my questions! Yuri and Victor got married?!!!! I really need to start watching but there are so many dramas *not complaining but I don’t have time for all.* OMG VOICE! I’m officially addicted and I hate their cliffhangers, watched ep 3 and 4 yesterday and WOW!! Idk why but I’m not interested in the Missing Nine, I did watch the first episode of LOST and the last episode (both by accident) but the show just doesn’t do it for. Goblin: I’m in the minority of liking the ending, I think when she’s lived out her 4 lives they’ll just go together because it looks like he made a deal with GOD idk how to explain it, also I was thinking the same thing, where is Duk Hwa??? We saw everyone BUT him but I think because he doesn’t have the sword anymore, there was no point technically for him to be guard BUT STILL!!! I loved the Reaper and Sunny couple and I hope they can act in another show together, I wanted more of them. GGlad the aunt went with the other ghost, she was getting on my nerves.

    DS: random but I’ve always liked the name Ashr, OMG I did not see that coming, why must she be sacrificed?? Did they explain that? I’m against this marriage NAZO RUN

    BR: IT’S FINALLY OVER!! It’s probably Dubai because our landscapes are different (I want to visit Dubai! My auntie travels there all the time) I’m glad she finally spoke up about her guilt (would have been nice if the grandma also said something in the beginning). SO no one ran away?? What happened to her parents??

    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Khan says:

      here admins are busy doing nothing. every time you ask a question, they are like: we’re busy and you can see they are doing nothing, at least pretend dammit!

      not yet, Yuri needs to win the gold medal, that’s Victor’s condition.
      count me in as well I’m also addicted to VOICE and the CLIFFHANGERS are definitely not good for my heart.

      I might drop 9. I’m not sure about that show yet

      goblin is still goblin even after his sword is removed. he’s still immortal and has super powers so what the heck changed, he’s alone in the beginning and will be in the end. there was nothing to indicate that God will let him die after the girl ends her 4 lives. but Duk hwa and his ancestors were not serving the sword but Goblin. at least reaper and sunny got the happy end. even as a ghost the aunt was annoying, no wonder her children left her.

      Ashr- the name of the hero of HUMSAFAR. i called it a sacrifice because of the aunt. she wanted to live an easy life that’s why she made the decision on Nazo’s behalf. Nazo can’t run. she’s poor, there’s no one behind her to help and she’s forced to marry a man old enough to be her father. she’s going to be a step-mom of a man she loved.

      the last episode of BR revolved around Saba and Irtaza and they got their happy end. granny had just one scene where she’s talking to Saba and that’s it no one else from her family made an entry. they all ran away from this mess.
      i can’t believe same cast as the movie was used to film the drama and because makers had the material already they just copy pasted some scenes.

      next time tag along your aunt and come meet me in Qatar ^___^


      • Jo says:

        Victor seems romantic but reminds me of Naoki, but with more emotions. I think Goblin made a deal with God *hopefully* I hope LDW and In na can star in a drama together because I really liked them and I want more haha. Ohhh might rewatch Humsafar but really like that name 🙂 I DON’T UNDERSTAND SABA’S FAMILY, DO THEY HATE HER?? Well, at least they got their happy ending *I guess.* Yes, I’ll ask her when the next time she’s going!!!! *doing a happy dance* Also good luck with the admins 🙂 *sending positive vibes*

        Liked by 1 person

        • Miss Khan says:

          Naoki? which character is this.
          may your prayers be heard.
          you’re still crazy about Humsafar, who wasn’t. i marathoned the novel when the drama was airing.
          its not saba’s family who hate her. its the writer and the actors who decide to do such a drama without giving any input.
          aww yay thank you ^___^

          Liked by 1 person

          • Jo says:

            From it started with a kiss☺, they added Humsafar to Netflix, Im going to make some time to watch it because IT’S SO GOOD😍😍, I think you’re right about the writer, maybe they really hated Saba. At least the drama’s over😂😂


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