Romantic Doctor Kim: Special


What a wonderful and satisfying end. I feel so happy and light and totally forgot how my internet wasn’t working and I almost broke the router.

Appendix, The Beginning Of Everything. Spilled coffee beans, a pen and a paper, a snow globe with a couple sitting inside on a bench, a coffee cup and a clock.

Meet first love of fairy Kim’s. Imma call her that. Once upon a time they were both best of the best and fought every time they had a chance and tables were flipped as the history tells but they suddenly fell in love.

And they broke up when each decided to pursue their career. She went to be with the doctors without borders and he joined some other hospital in States. Now, she’s back with a female patient and wants fairy Kim to treat her as no one else wants to do. Reason? She’s HIV positive.

The whole hospital goes up in roar they don’t want to have such a patient or treat her or the reputation of the hospital will drop. First love steps up herself and tells about basic ethics. Fairy Kim as planned takes the patient and Dong joo becomes his assistant willingly.

Dong joo has to pull out to attend a gun shot patient and baby cranky pants and Dr. malnutrition replace him. Because fairy Kim can’t use his wrist baby cranky pants takes his place. Cookies for baby cranky pants. First love assists Dong joo and sometimes takes the lead and he reminds her she’s there to assist. Both the surgeries end successfully.

First love believes she’s lost, after seeing and living the hard and unpredictable life, but fairy Kim doesn’t think so and he offers her his shoulder, she puts his head on it and we can clearly see the regret both feel for not being in each others lives.

2 letters arrive at Doldam. One for Dr. Nam regarding his lawsuit which is dismissed. HURRAH! The other is for Dong joo. His expression changes when he reads the letter and hides from others. Seo jung reads it too and her behavior also changes. She takes lots of pictures with him and the staff. She tells Dong joo she only read the cover and thought he’s leaving to get that job. She’s ready to send him away and says she’s not affected by it. 

Dong joo shows her the letter. The letter apologies for not hiring him and he hid it because he’s embarrassed and Seo jung’s happy to hear the sad news and tells him that she loves him.

As to how everyone came to work in Doldam Nurse Oh tells the story. Dr Nam after the lawsuit left BIG hospital and joined Doldam as chairman Yeo asked him to. He then called fairy Kim and fairy Kim called nurse Oh and manager Jung followed her. Nurse Oh and fairy Kim met at the police station, for the first time, and saved a patient.

Doldam will remain where it’s and will help in any way it can.

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