Romantic Doctor Kim: Episode 20 END?


There was no extension, right? So are we getting a special episode of fairy Kim’s love life! YES, PLEASE!!

Before I get too excited and carried away lets start where we left last week. The dashing entry of our team to the BIG hospital.

The Law of Conservation of Romance. Balloons holding up an upside down fish in the sky among the clouds.

Fairy Kim’s looking so good. I was totally sghsiejdbdbqqeu yes, my feels don’t know how to describe itself. Ahem. Fairy Kim reveals his trump card, the names of the patients, and daddy cranky pants tries to get out of it by agreeing with the plan of trauma center.

If news about the illegal work comes out then daddy cranky pants won’t be able to secure his position or any high position. That’s his problem not fairy Kim’s. He has ignored and neglected all the wrong doings but not anymore.

Daddy cranky pants hits fairy Kim and they end up fighting and because it’s the last episode we need some tension. An ice sculpture falls on them and fairy Kim’s wrist is injured. Daddy cranky pants seems okay though.

Fairy Kim gets treated at the BIG hospital and everyone recognizes Seo jung there. The nurse there was having an affair with Seo jung’s dead boyfriend, right? I don’t recall much and the drama didn’t help with a flashback. How am I supposed to remember something that happened 3 months back?

Fairy Kim’s team thinks there’s something wrong with his wrist and he’s hiding it but fairy Kim says he’s fine and there’s nothing to worry about. Now, the thing is the viewers don’t know either how he’s doing. We are all in the dark.

Baby cranky pants finally have a conversation with his father. Daddy cranky pants wants him to come back to BIG hospital and for the first time baby cranky pants goes against his father’s orders. He wants to stay at Doldam because he’s recognized by his name there and not by his father’s. I’m so proud of baby cranky pants.

Baby cranky pants tells Dong joo he likes Seo jung and Dr. Malnutrition says she likes Dong joo but no worries Seo jung and Dong joo have eyes only for each other. I would have liked if the male nurse or baby cranky pants were to be paired with Dr. malnutrition

Chairman Shin is now a changed man. He feels other people’s pain and sorrow and gives them happiness and he may approve the trauma center that fairy Kim wanted. Daddy cranky pants digs his own grave and tells the whole story, himself about the illegal actions that happened at BIG hospital, to chairman Shin.

The staff at Doldam is always ready to help others. They all care about saving lives first than money.

And in the end a lady enters Doldam and fairy Kim stops in his tracks as he looks at her and she greets him. She’s his first love, that’s what the heading said in the end

I wanted daddy cranky pants to get some injury and with fairy Kim out with his injury the BIG hospital staff scared of the result also back off and Doldam doctors stepping in to help him. That’s what fairy Kim has taught them.


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