Weekly Watching-16


This week I met lots of good people and they all were nice and caring. I complained meeting annoying people before but now I’m satisfied. Thank you~


My age is my enemy

My looks are my insecurities

My life is a set of set backs

Am I brave? Still, I’m alive

I’m me


Yuri on Ice: Episode: 7-8: Every time I decide on watching more than two episodes something comes up to mess my schedule.

Now I know why everyone was going crazy for episode 7. It’s a kiss which can be missed and because no one said anything about it afterwords. I didn’t see one, lips touching or anything. They hugged though.

Yuri was hella nervous before his performance and he just wanted some courage from Victor. My bromance! He comes 2nd not 1st. in china. He came 1st in one of the category. And I loved when he imitated Victor’s moves in Russia.

I do notice all the gestures Yuri does. Head butt with Victor in the last episode or touching his head or him licking his lips or flying a kiss well that’s needed as he’s dancing on eros.

Maci whatever name of the dog Victor has, its dying and Yuri asks him to go back and Victor asks his former coach, now Yurio’s coach to help Yuri with his performance.

We meet Yurio’s grandpa and he doesn’t come to see his grandson and this definitely upsets Yurio as he dances on agape.


Mars J-movie is out and subbed but I’m not in the mood to watch. I didn’t get the time to watch Voice either T_T I’ll watch next week as I would have space and time to adjust it in my schedule.

Hwarang: Episode 7-8: Sun woo wants to be a good brother to Ah ro and takes not so good tips from Soo ho. Then he makes a mistake because he didn’t know about his mother’s birthday or death anniversary and had no idea she’s a mute. Ah ro tries to cover his mistake herself. His real identity is exposed, first the tea guy has his suspicions on Sun woo because he told that the necklace belongs to his friend then his care taker, black smith? the master of all instruments comes back in the picture and Ah ro most probably learned the truth from him. She wants him to be and at the same time doesn’t want him to be her brother. She’s fallen for him but first he’s to face her anger for lying to her and tears for losing her real brother forever.

GD and Ah ro’s love story is doomed. Mak moon died because he saw the King’s face and Sun woo is going to take revenge on him but for now he wants him away from her.

The exam about King and Water is failed by all only Ban ryu and GD pass but everyone liked Sun woo’s answer secretly even the master and now he’s two chances left and after that he’ll be kicked out from Hwarang. The sword master noticed something in GD’s sword skills.

Their next assignment is to entertain the people and the queen at the festival by singing and dancing. Concert of Silla- tickets on sale NOW! And of course the ministers are against it. Master of all instruments, the guy who raised Mak moon and Moo myung is called to train Hwarang for the concert. Step father of Ban ryu tells Ban ryu to ruin the ceremony. Let him live, old man! And if one person from a group disobeys the whole group will suffer.

Okay so Ban ryu didn’t know about Soo ho’s sister then who was he smiling at and whose house was he standing outside where he just powerlessly saw his step father treating his biological father like a slave? Ban ryu and Soo ho’s sister meet accidentally. (All five of them sneaked out of the Hwarang house) She grabs his butt mistaking him for her brother and when she realizes what she’s done, she immediately accuses him for sexual harassment and slaps him because she doesn’t know how to handle the situation which has gotten worse because of her. Poor Ban ryu’s eyes are about to fall from his sockets and everyone believes the girl. Things get more out of hands when Soo ho arrives at the scene and before we could witness a bloodbath sister smacks a rod/stick whatever she finds on his head and he faints and we are relieved momentarily because Soo hoo forgets the particular memory and Ban ryu’s behavior towards him changes and he begins his romance with his sister. She promises to tell the truth to her brother.

Ban ryu’s step father meets daddy doc and wants to join hands with him because he thinks they have the same agenda, to kill the queen. Step father reveals that the queen mother is being poisoned slowly and daddy doc keeps his silence when he meets the queen. Step father doesn’t think Sun woo’s the king anymore but he’s suspicious of him.

Queen mother loved daddy doc but then something happened daddy doc married a mute maid and queen begged him to run with her or he’ll regret. She married a man lot older than her and he’s her uncle? So is this the reason she’s not letting go of the chair?

It now feels like that Sun woo or dog bird definitely comes from a high family. We still have time to get to his story.

Oh My Geum bi: Episode 16 END:Let me wipe my tears. I can’t stop crying!!!

Heo Jung eun is such a great actress. She’s so young and was able to portray such difficult character. Kudos to her.

Geum bi brings change in every person’s life and by the end they are there for her wishing her a happy 17th birthday. Not so bad guy marries teacher and has a kid. Hwi chul and Kang hee have a kid as well. I’m still single by the way. Joo young comes back with her boyfriend/husband. Geum bi loses her memories and body functions but still lives.

It’s a happy end right?

Goblin: Episode 13: because one and a half hour isn’t enough we are getting double dosage on Saturday. I just hope I find the time to watch and I believe it’s a happy end. MARK MY WORDS!! Don’t eat me if it’s not, please!

Save my bromance- was what I was thinking while I was watching and by the end my mantra changed to, I need more tissues!

Goblin too missed his interactions with the reaper. It’s a good sign right? and he then compares the king’s attitude with reaper’s. It’s not reaper’s fault now for what happened in the past but for goblin its like yesterday and he isn’t going to forgive that easily or ever but then there comes the danger of sleazy eunuch harming Sunny and he asks him to protect her this once as he never earlier in his life and he, himself will protect human girl as he realizes a way to kill sleazy eunuch. I was right the female reaper is the one who was poisoning on sleazy eunuchs orders.

Reaper’s given punishment for using his powers for personal use and his punishment is getting back his memories and being suspended from his work. He cries in the present and in the flashback we see that the king took his own life in the end. He knew he’s fed poison and asked for more. He’s a mess after his wife died (killed) he missed her greatly till the end and in his last moments drew her portrait. That’s the one goblin has with him. In present day reaper asks goblin to kill him. I was screaming- you’re a coward till the end! Shin wanted to say the king to kill sleazy and that the people around him love him. Woman in red got the ring from the king himself as he roamed around aimlessly he threw the ring at her and he ended up giving the same ring to the same woman (Sunny) even after the reincarnation.

Reaper thought he removed his memories from Sunny but his presence brought happiness to her and so her memories remained and they break up again.

Goblin says his farewell from far away to Duk hwa and Sunny, and spends a whole day with the human girl. By the end of the day he kisses her and asks her favor, to call him when sleazy eunuch appears. Human girl suddenly realized sleazy appeared after such a long time because he wants to posses her and was waiting for her mark to disappear but it’s too late. Goblin appears and sleazy takes control of the body and holds the sword. He’s about to pull the sword and reaper appears just in time. Goblin takes the chance since human girls hands are still on his sword and he pulls it out, slashes the sleazy and after informing reaper of his death like the king wanted him to and he tells human girl that he loves her and in the end turns to ashes. Human girl cries and reaper cries and I need to go to a group therapy.

Dukh Sukh: Episode 13 Anannas (Pineapple): The episode is set in a village life where people are living below poverty line.

Ashraf being an orphan himself knows the pain of loneliness and the rude way his own relatives treated him as he lived with them. He’s bounced from one family to other until he grew up and started working himself. Now, he’s a hawker who sells fruits on his bicycle. He’s a wife, Bushra, and a son, Bilo and a sister-in-law, Rani whose responsibility of marriage is also on him.

Buyers ask him to lower the price and he says people don’t bargain when buying from branded shops but would do when buying from a hawker.

Ashraf sells pineapples but nor he nor his family has tasted it because its expensive. He takes pineapples from the owner and sells them and gives the rest back at the end of the day.

One day his son Bilo asks to eat pineapple and the couple starts to collect money. Ashraf’s bicycle breaks and his wife tells him to use that money to repair the cycle instead of buying the fruit but the father can’t bear to break his son’s heart.

His son hears about the bicycle and steals one pineapple. Ashraf begs the owner to lend him one when the total amount of pineapples doesn’t telly and one thing leads to another and he steals a pineapple and runs. He gets hit by a car and dies and at the same moment his son takes the first bite of the expensive fruit, pineapple.

Bin Roye: Episode 16: Irtaza at least dragged Saba twice in the episode and held her wrist thrice and no there wasn’t any romance involved because Saba hates him and he’s trying to make things work between them. She still thinks she’s taking her sister’s place and doesn’t accept the relationship with Irtaza.

To please everyone in the house Irtaza comes up with a plan. She’ll stay in his room, he promises he wouldn’t to anything and they’ll pretend they are happy and in love and once they are alone Saba’s tongue spews poison. In the last episode I wanted to slap her and now I don’t feel like giving her any attention.

Finally, the scene we saw in the first episode happens. They both leave for America as Irtaza has to take care of the office there. Saba steps in the house decorated by her sister and her voice haunts her and she runs out of the room. Yup, the guilt is not letting her live.

The time jump in the episode confused me so did the transition from one scene to another, it’s so abrupt and you are left scratching your head and of course not to mention the absurd scenes. What’s with the grandma and Saba’s mother trying to lecture her how to be a good wife. And who the hell says “shall we?” on the table. Here I thought Muslims say Bismillah before eating the food. Why wasn’t Saba’s mother not present on the table? At least make an excuse and say she is getting the food or something. No one even mentions her. Who does that!! Dafuq is going on!!!

I’m happy about one thing. Only one more episode to go YAHOOO!


5 comments on “Weekly Watching-16

  1. Jo says:

    Love the poem: simple but deep. Need to watch Yuri! Tell me how Mars the movie goes. Guembi had a happy ending because she impacted other’s lives, HER MOM CAME BACK. Loved how the show brought light to a disease, spoke about forgiveness, and the father/daughter relationship. Goblin:SO INTENSE, SAVE THE BROMANCE PLEASE!!! Reaper and Shin need a happy ending DS: like this episode compared to last week , sad how it ended. BR: *reads review and begins to pray that the writer changes Saba* now I need Irtaza to run away 😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Khan says:

      Thank you ^___^
      I don’t think i’ll watch mars movie anytime soon. the memory of the drama is still fresh in my mind and its not a beautiful memory.
      true, LOVED all those things about Geum bi.
      for the bromance to have happy ending we need shin alive!!!
      i should realize it by now DS always has a sad end.
      only one episode left of BR lets see who runs away

      Liked by 1 person

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