Romantic Doctor Kim: Episode 19


Did the drama get the one episode extension or not?

Doctors and Righteous people. Two doctors completing each other.

Chairman Shin looks how hard-working the staff is and everything that goes inside the hospital and they still help others.

The woman chairman Yeo met in the noodle shop is the nurse, she worked at the BIG hospital. Journalist gathers all the vital information from her why fairy Kim had to leave.

Fairy Kim had to take responsibility because he didn’t know how to counter attack and covered for the staff because daddy cranky pants used their career to threaten him and now the journalist gives him the names of the patients who were operated using his name and the money that’s given to them to shush them by daddy cranky pants.

As a doctor Dong joo understands why Fairy Kim made the decision and operated on the other man and not on his father but not as a son. Because the drama likes to compare and puts you in other people’s shoes. Dong joo too has to prioritize one patient over the other and the guardian thinks the surgery wasn’t performed well because it took less time and then the patient dies and he’s to hear the blame once again.

Another guardian of a patient creates a ruckus and Dong joo gets angry at both and later apologies when fairy Kim asks him to. He teaches him that even though a doctor saves lives he’s blamed as well when it’s not his fault.

Dr Nam tells Dong joo that fairy Kim covered for him when he destroyed the hospital property and almost had criminal charges stamped on his life. Dong joo and fairy Kim reconcile.

Daddy cranky pants throws a party for successfully changing an artificial heart but there’s no mention of fairy Kim or Doldam. Fairy Kim takes his team to join the celebration with weapon  (the list of the patients) in his hand. Their entry was totally KYA! worthy.


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