Romantic Doctor Kim: Episode 18


Whether you want it or not. Claw machine holding a human figure.

Chairman Shin remains in comatose state and Doldam is about to be closed and the whole hospital’s distracted because of it but fairy Kim’s sure he wont let that happen. Chairman Shin wakes up just in time. Loved fairy Kim sticking his tongue out to daddy cranky pants.

Doldam will still close, the members of the board are only waiting for chairman Shin to get better, because it’s not making any profit.

We get why fairy Kim is called master Kim. It’s the name given by his student, the girl who died and she’s the one who gave him the tape which he usually listens to.

Baby cranky pants feels down because of what his father is doing and Dong joo tries to cheer him up.

Daddy cranky pants attacks Dong joo, when his plans fails thanks to chairman Shin waking up, by planting a seed of doubt in him. He sends a document which states that fairy Kim pushed back his father’s surgery, and because of this he died, to operate on a VIP.

Doldam gets three emergency patients and fairy Kim prioritizes one over the other and this doesn’t sit well with Dong joo and he confronts him asking why didn’t he operate on his father first. Does Dong joo not know about the rumors that fairy Kim’s name was used but he never operated on the patients?

The journalist visits Dong joo’s mother, when he doesn’t get the truth from fairy Kim, and asks her who paid the hospital fee when her husband died.

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