Romantic Doctor Kim: Episode 17


The moment of truth. A high ladder, a person climbing it towards a lock/key hole.

Baby cranky pants and Dong joo take the emergency patient and operate on him without telling fairy Kim and make it in time to do their part in the chairman Shin’s surgery. Fairy Kim praises Dong joo later when he finds out.

The doc daddy cranky pants called are amazed and shocked as the surgery progresses and they can’t find a fault in it except that the time that’s taken was less. Journalist himself takes a tour to fairy Kim’s room and takes pictures. You’re not here for sightseeing, mister! He takes his findings to daddy cranky pants and he takes it to fairy Kim when chairman Shin doesn’t wake up after the designated time but fairy Kim isn’t worried. Daddy cranky pants gets furious when he learns that fairy Kim is planning to make a trauma center in Doldam. He won’t let it happen and wants to remove fairy Kim from his position for putting chairman Shin in a comatose state. Chairman Shin knew something like this would happen and so he gave full legal authority to fairy Kim and so daddy cranky pants can’t do anything. Fairy Kim was shaking in anger when daddy cranky pants brought up trauma center or did I just imagine this.

Miss Shin throws a tantrum when her father doesn’t wake up. Lady, you were drinking when your father was going through a difficult surgery and now you are acting you care for him!

Journalist asks for the truth from fairy Kim and he replies its hard to handle. Journalist first thinks to defame fairy Kim’s reputation because he knows his (rumored)past but then hears nurse Oh and Dr Nam talking about the unfairness that happened to fairy Kim and this changes journalists mind and he wants to know the truth because he can handle it.

Dr malnutrition makes few mistakes and baby cranky pants is mean to her. Male nurse asks him not to belittle her and baby cranky pants crosses the line by saying “I’m the Dr and you are a nurse” which doesn’t sit well with the nurses but nurse Oh is calm like a pro. Dr malnutrition thanks male nurse for taking her side and he says he would have done for anyone and baby cranky pants has no right to treat her like this. That’s what’s taught in Doldam to respect and get respected.

Daddy cranky pants acts as a matchmaker for Seo jung and some random doc from BIG hospital and Dong joo gets jealous and takes her from there, after making an excuse. He wants to tell the world he’s her boyfriend. Why are they even hiding their relationship?


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