Romantic Doctor Kim: Episode 16


Burden of risk. A mouse balancing itself on a circus cycle trying to protect himself from the traps.

Chairman Shin wants to go ahead with the surgery and fairy Kim asks him to consider again. The surgery is difficult because chairman Shin is old. Fairy Kim then reduces the time as much as he can in which the surgery is to be done. Daddy cranky pants wants fairy Kim to lose that means he wants chairman Shin to die. He proposes a deal to fairy Kim either change his team or do live surgery. He deliberately brings up the lawsuit of Dr Nam which we don’t know of clearly but there’s a hint in the previous episodes when he saw a little girl and had this sad expression and Kim noticed him. Kim of course takes the live surgery option and builds the confidence of his team. Daddy cranky pants invites a journalist as well to Doldam hospital.

Dong joo notices baby cranky pants and fairy Kim are not talking and baby cranky pants just brushes it off. Dong joo asks him to join the surgery and gets fairy Kim’s approval.
Baby cranky pants is happy and tells fairy Kim he isn’t doing this on his father’s order and fairy Kim tells him to do his part well or he’ll lose his hand.

It’s the day of surgery and fairy Kim wants to end the surgery in 6 hours and of course mistakes happen and an emergency arises in the emergency room Dong joo and baby cranky pants think if they can juggle the time.

Dong joo and Seo jung try to keep their relationship shush for some reason but more and more people are finding about it.


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