Weekly Watching-14


What’s with the rude people in this world? I’m talking with respect and politeness and I want the same response but why the heck is the other person rude!!!

I admit there are nice and great people too and they give immense respect while talking. Salute to you guys and the other kind of people need to learn some basic manners.


Yuri: Episode 3-4: Its nothing great but I love the opening more than the ending aannnddd after listening to the both songs gazillion times I like them both equally.

Yuri wins the competition from Yurio and wins Victor as well. What competition, you ask. Well Yurio wanted Victor to go back with him and so a competition was announced and that’s the one Yuri won.

Yurio goes back to Russia and has a ballerina coach while Yuri trains hard with victor. What’s with Victor and his random naked scenes? Why did Yuri touched Victor’s hair? Is he getting bald but I didn’t notice.

Victor is making sure Yuri have confidence in himself. He’s not alone and tone down those “closeness” scenes because there’s no hint if Victor or Yuri are straight or not. They can be friends why add more? Still the anime is damn popular. Seriously I have no idea why. Is it because the choreography steps are real (are they) and you can do it in real life and not like prince of tennis shots.

Is there a difference between ice skating and figure skating?


Hwarang: Episode 3-4:

Maek Jong loses his bracelet in the fight with Mak moon and he takes it and wears it. The bracelet means you’re the king. Oh! Well, but how many people know what the bracelet means? Safe.

Doc daddy tells Moo myung to live as his son Sun woo, Mak moon’s original name, and be Ah ro’s brother. What a great way to start romance! Great, she will think of him her brother even though she’s suspicious and he will fall for her and then we have Maek jong and his lonely heart but he’s a sweet bodyguard.

Ah ro doesn’t believe Moo myung’s her brother but he knows everything from their childhood thanks to Mak moon who always talked about his sister. Moo myung misses his friend and imagines him in the room. Give him love and bromance.

All the candidates of Hwarang are minister’s sons. Some ministers are on the queen’s side and some on the opposite I haven’t memorized yet who belongs where. Should I panic? Queen wants the ministers sons so she can have the ultimate power and master provides such opportunity. He tricks the young ones and they sign up for Hwarang.

Ban ryu with two fathers has a harsh life. He joins because his adoptive father asks him to. You control or be controlled is his adoptive father’s motto. Why does he have two fathers? Yup, I missed something.

It’s the day of King’s birthday parade but the palanquin is empty and on the other is the queen mother. Moo myung sees the guard and remembers he’s the one who killed his friend and jumps in front of the parade with his sword. He’s about to lose his life and dad doc steps in and he and queen has some history and they both are taken to the palace but are released and Moo myung is to become a Hwarang on the queen’s order. He will do anything to protect Ah ro and her father and joins Hwarang even though doc father didn’t want him to. Ah ro teaches him to read and write and horse riding but he’s the one who saves her when she falls from the horse. He develops some feelings for her.

Maek jong too feels something about Ah ro. He’s not happy to see Sun woo with her and above all he sees his bracelet on his hand.

Maek jong hears people saying that the king is impotent and crazy. Ah ro thinks the king is young and weak and can understand him for hiding. Maek Jong wants to join Hwarang but master first rejects him but the queen mother asks him to let Sun woo join without any questions asked and she’ll do the same for one of his candidates. Maek jong joins Hawarang because the master had no choice, tea man was lacking in every way. That was a hilarious scene by the way. Master has a plan he wants to change the ways the country is run and Maek jong has similar views to him.

Ban ryu and Soo ho play beautiful football/soccer and its played by beautiful men and its no rules. Soo ho takes Sun woo and Maek jong because he didn’t have many boys in his team. First they were playing football/soccer then rugby then volleyball then something else and finally they started WWE. But its funny how Sun woo didn’t know what to do and ended up with an own goal and was happy. In the end Soo ho’s team won.

There’s a Scar guy who has some beef with Sun woo. He appears to take care of him and kidnaps Ah ro and luckily Sun woo sees them and follows and Maek jong sees him and follows because he wants the bracelet. Great, who is going to save all three of them?

From now on Moo myung’s name will be Sun woo. I don’t want to confuse myself anymore or maybe I should just stick with Moo myung.

Oh My Geum Bi: Episode 13: Only on episode this week T_T

A weird doc comes into the picture. He’s doing experiments on the mice and might have the cure for Geum bi’s illness in few years.

Geum bi’s clock is ticking and was that the grim reaper she saw in her dream. The black thing with a watch around his neck? How did the new girl know what the dream was about?

Joo young gives Geum bi back to Hwi chul. Her boyfriend asks her to leave with him to Spain. Maybe she’s going to make more money. Geum bi finally called Joo young “mother”.

The bad guy who is actually a good guy didn’t wear his black cap and wasn’t wearing all black clothes either.

Hwi chul and Kang hee are planning to get married so they can adopt Geum bi. Hwi chul’s plans to propose Kang hee but his plan fails and he loses the ring. I hope he didn’t.

Goblin: Episode 9-10: Human girl leaves the house when she finds out the truth about goblin’s sword from the reaper. She finds it unbearable to “kill” the one she loves and she’s being used is the other thing that goes on her mind but she finds herself more in love with goblin and goes back to his side.

Goblin finds her. He doesn’t say in simpler words that he loves her but he makes sure that’s what me meant by saying, she relies on him was a reason for him to go on living. He responses to her “I love you”, which she said when she’s about to die, is “me too” but doesn’t make it clear why he said that. Human girl says she knows. Bluffing?

Reaper doesn’t want goblin to die and that’s why he told her the truth about the sword. He and goblin make sure human girl is fine because she will keep having near death experiences until goblin turns to nothing.

Goblin tells his story to reaper and human girl listens quietly without them knowing. He tells him how the sleazy minister killed the royal family and made the young prince into a puppet. King, brother to the prince, asked Shin to marry his sister to the prince and help and protect him. Sleazy minister made sure he poisoned the young king against everyone so the king only trusts him. He can’t be the king but he can rule on the king.

Sunny and goblin meet but he doesn’t know she’s his sister because the reincarnated one doesn’t have memories of their past lives. Reaper accidentally calls her by her real name, Kim Sun, and she and goblin are taken aback. She accidentally touches reaper’s hand and we have the flashback of the queen. There’s a scene in the flashback where the queen’s jewelry box is emptied and the king is angry at her because of the ring?

Reaper tells goblin that Sunny is his sister’s reincarnation and we see reaper in King’s garb. Eep! So the reincarnated one doesn’t get a new face?

There’s definitely more to Duk hwa. He definitely knows some deities including the lady in red because he’s the butterfly (God). Is it true? Really? Then what about his grandpa? Grandpa is dying, goblin saw his future and this made him sad.

Sunny opens a new chicken shop (what happened to the old one?) and again hires human girl when she comes back. Fortune teller again tells Sunny to stay away from the man wearing all black he’s a grim reaper and throw away the ring who knows what its master and it has been through and when Sunny describes the goblin the fortune-teller goes, “Gong yoo?” AHAHHA

A man enters reaper’s tea shop. Desperation makes you open doors. Goblin is desperate and wants to change God’s mind to let human girl live.

Human girl finds her mother’s bank book through the help of her mother’s dead friend. She’s the one who took them from the aunt. She goes to her chosen college and goblin pays her tuition fee. They kiss on new year and the peck’s super cute. She wears red lipstick and drinks alcohol because she’s a grown up now. The next day they are adorable. Bad and sad day for the other couple, reaper and sunny break up he takes the ring back. The “coincidence” meeting between all four of them was hilarious but it didn’t solve the second couple’s problem.

Goblin meets secretary and asks him to solve the insurance matter of human girl. Don’t turn dark Mr. secretary. Goblin gave secretary everything. His job and college.

The most random scene and the best scene was the grocery scene and reaper and goblin walking like models and then wishing new year.

What will be goblin’s reaction after learning who reaper really is?

How will goblin treat Sunny now that he knows she’s his sister? She doesn’t have any memories because she’s reincarnated. Should she feel anything? Well she calls him orabeoni and gives him respect.

What will reaper do once he realizes what he’s done in his past life? Will he apologies to goblin and sunny? Will it matter? Will it change goblin’s destiny?

Dukh Sukh: Episode 11 Masterni (Ma’am): The story is of a girl, Samina, who went to the city for higher studies and is now back with bachelors degree. Everyone is the village respects her because she’s the most educated person and now is a newly appointed teacher. Seems like a good start. Spoke too soon, she’s way too many obligations and objections. She’s not to dress in bright clothes and should always tie her hair and wear headscarf and she can’t laugh too much openly, shouldn’t wear makeup and should keep her check and balance because she’s a masterni ji, a person everyone respects. She’s the one who will teach the younger generation, what will they learn if the teacher acts like this.

Samina literally rolls her eyes at this stupidity and hates the word “masterni ji” because everyone calls her that. She wants to enjoy life. She knows she’s not young anymore and knows no one will marry her because everyone gives her the utmost respect. They think of her as some high and mighty being and soon she’s selected to be the head of panchayat. She hates her new life and the responsibilities that have come with it.

She still has hope because of her childhood friend, Manzoor. They both love each other but he’s illiterate and one day he hears her yelling at the students for not doing their homework. She’s angry at the village people for being uneducated and he assumes she doesn’t love him because of his illiteracy but that’s not true.

Manzoor in the end asks his mother to take Samina with her to ask for a different girls hand in marriage and this completely breaks her.

Why the hell didn’t she run away from the village?

Bin Roye: Episode 14: Finally, the cat is out of the bag about Safeer’s 2 marriages, thanks to Irtaza. His tone was sarcastic and words hurtful but I enjoyed the dialogues.

Saba’s house of lies falls. She claimed Safeer loves and cares for her but the truth was ugly and hideous. She’s trying to deceive herself so she doesn’t feel guilty about her sister’s death.

Irtaza went to America to give Safeer a surprise visit after his senses were tingling and he met Safeer’s wife and kid.

Soniya leaves Safeer with her kids. Yes, now he should now what it means to be lonely. Safeer asks Irtaza why did he come, he’s not Saba’s father or brother but just a cousin. He’s a point but Irtaza cared and pampered Saba since she’s a baby. So Irtaza do have a right to check on his younger sister.

When Irtaza accused of deceiving them Safeer defended himself by telling him that Saba knew about the marriage since day one and he forgot to mention that he’s a biggest coward of the world.

Irtaza drags Saba to her parents house and tells the truth to them. She just squirms in her seat and says that she hid everything because she didn’t want her family to worry about her. Irtaza doesn’t find this excuse acceptable

Safeer’s mommy should get a mental check up. She didn’t like when Irtaza asked about Saba’s visa or about her not staying with her husband. What’s wrong with you woman! You sacrificed your life after your husband died for your son. Why should Saba sacrifice her life for a person who will never be there for her. Mommy should have immediately made those divorce papers for Saba.

5 comments on “Weekly Watching-14

  1. Jo says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! MAY YOU STAY AND BE BLESSED. *some people are odd and have no manners tsk, tsk, tsk, hopefully you meet more kind and positive people in 2017* I wanted more Guem bi and HC moments, but the mom leaving was great and it WASN’T for Guem bi’s sake even if she says it was (or maybe I’m being to hard on her) The ice cream proposal was cute and HILARIOUS. SO MUCH HAPPENED IN GOBLIN AND IDK WHAT TO DO?!! But I can’t wait for next week and I NEED all questions answered like the secretary too!

    Started reading DS and I was like “Please,let this be a happy one” and I feel like they need a robot and not a human, all those rules uggh I would have run away(I never run away from my responsibilities, but that is too much)

    BR: SABA!! DON’T DO THI, YOU DESERVE BETTER! At least Irtaza is there because everyone else is MIA. Safeer’s mommy is the reason Safeer’s the way he is. At least things are moving along

    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Khan says:

      Thank you ^___^
      Happy New Year!! may you be blessed with health, wealth and happiness.

      why would Geum bi’s mother leave her at such a crucial stage. it doesn’t matter if its to make money or to get mature. woman! your daughter is dying!!

      goblin sure gives too much information and then i don’t know how to handle it. i just want a satisfying end.

      in DS the girl could have said that i don’t need these rules and responsibilities. i wanted her to take a stand for herself. me too i don’t run away from my responsibilities *looks at the notes*

      Saba’s parents are useless specially her mother. i wonder why did the writer made her character like that and the actors dialogue delivery is so bad i want to cry, maybe that’s why she doesn’t get many scenes.
      i do seriously wonder how did Safeer’s mommy raised him. he doesn’t listen to his mother and marries a girl he impregnated and is a biggest coward and likes to blame everyone.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jo says:

        THANK YOU🎉🎉🎉🎉 and yes, we would you leave? Guem Bi may not remember your face the next time you see her??
        I feel bad for Saba sometimes but then I think, she can get herself out of this predicament but she’s choosing not too(she keeps using her sis as an excuse😳) do you think its the editing that’s why the dialogue seems choppy? Safeer is just the worst and idk how the writer will redeem him at the end of the series

        Liked by 1 person

        • Miss Khan says:

          You’re welcome ^__^

          lets see what does the drama has in store for us regarding geum bi’s mother or this was to happen so Hwi chul and Kang hee can adopt her without any worries of course after getting married.
          the editing was really really bad in the earlier episodes of BR and the choppiness of the dialogue is the actor’s fault and the writer’s. the expression is going one place the dialogue another the scene looks just MEH in the end. i don’t want to see more of Safeer so i wish the divorce is finalized behind the camera.

          Liked by 1 person

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