Romantic Doctor Kim: Episode 14


Paragonimiasis effect. There’s a machine which looked like an ultra sound machine with a heart on it. The fake shape of heart not the real one.

It wasn’t MERS but something from eating raw sea food, called paragonimiasis. That means Seo jung can join chairman Shin’s surgery. Bye-bye baby cranky pants.

Baby cranky pants was trying to act smart in front of fairy Kim. He told him he’s done this, this and this or so and so surgeries so he can be a part of chairman Shin’s surgery but he forgot that people call Kim master and I call him fairy and he catches his lies.

Dong joo gets better and he asks Seo jung again to be her woman and gives her a pendant. She refuses first because she still thinks about the car accident but then accepts the gift and the kiss. The administration/manger guy gets rejected by nurse Oh.

A mysterious woman appears. She’s connected to chairman Shin and daddy cranky pants has called her to stop the surgery from happening in Doldam hospital.

Fairy Kim tells chairman Shin, his artificial heart needs to be replaced but chairman Shin isn’t scared and there’s a secret he’s hiding from fairy Kim. Fairy Kim decides his team which consists of the main cast and even baby cranky pants is a part of it. He also finds something not so good in chairman Shin’s scans and gets worried.

Malnutrition call comes back. She’s a resident from the BIG hospital? and ran away and now is back to be a doctor in Doldam and wants to start as an intern.

Baby cranky pants keeps updating his father about chairman Shin’s situation. I hope his conscience wakes up soon because his father’s is long dead.


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