Romantic Doctor Kim: Episode 13


The art of turmoil. There’s an undecorated Christmas tree with some stuff lying around, visibly a wine bottle some empty boxes and a spring toy.

Baby Cranky pants, here I was thinking to like you buy nope you proved you’re your father’s son. He wanted to be the part of chairman Shin’s surgery and fairy Kim chose Seo jung over him but this doesn’t mean he’s calm about it even though he stayed silent and when the opportunity arrived he grabbed the chance.

Poor Dong joo since the beginning of the episode looked like he’s about to faint due to over working but he held his fort and took care of the emergency ward.

Of course a crisis arrives a family is suspected to have MERS is immediately isolated and the emergency ward is sealed. Dong joo faints and baby cranky pants tells about him to Seo jung and as he predicted runs to him and baby cranky pants gets to be chairman Shin’s doctor. Fairy kim decides to go in himself but Seo jung says she’ll go.

Baby cranky pants should be thrown inside the emergency ward. Seo jung won chairman’s heart after enduring his comments on how he doesn’t want a female doctor and I’m sure the chairman will want her back. But first there’s an emergency upon emergency going on in the ward and is more important than baby cranky pants.


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