Weekly Watching-12


It’s still cold and I wanna go in the hibernating mode. I made a dessert or a sweet dish it turned out not so okay because I didn’t add the proper amount of oil and the dessert is usually crumbly but because of my mistake it never got its shape BUT its damn good.

Live action

Bleach is getting a live action. Yeah that’s the only thing I know. I stopped watching the anime like 6 or so years back so I don’t even remember which episode I was on.

Gintama live action trailer. Judge for yourself



Career: Episode 10 END: I couldn’t find the last episode anywhere and then I decided that I should watch the raw version. After all I have taken Japanese language classes and that was eons ago and I left in the middle because it’s getting really difficult but still I cleared 4 levels. But then I thought I mix up when watching with subs who knows what story I’ll cook in the end. And sure enough I did mix up last time but this time I got the story straight. I hope.

The moon shaped scar guy (that’s one long name I have given to this man)is the son of former deputy (the one at Kin’s dad’s time) and not of the sweet tooth guy. Sweet tooth guy covered the shooting incident or the police force would have a bad reputation and he wasn’t the only one involved.

And now Kin is trying to uncover the truth and is suspended from the higher-ups who want to keep their jobs and want to hide their black deeds.

Like all cases this case solves as well the scar guy tells Kin that he did all the killing because his father always said the police is on the side of justice. He’s pressurized by his father in becoming a successful elite like him and when he did the killing the whole incident was covered in the name of justice. Kin handcuffs him and asks him to repent for his sins. Its nice to see all the precinct working together for Kin and Min got better and told Kin his father’s last words about not hating and having pride as a police officer or something like that.

Sweet tooth guy reveals the truth to the media and the higher-ups have no choice but to resign. Kin comes back to the precinct as the Chief.

Oh my Geum bi: Episode 9-10: Is the black cap bad man a bad guy or not? He’s shocked to learn about Geum bi’s illness and saves her and her mother from the fire. He follows her for her safety and tells Hwi chul about her. And then we have him manipulating the con guy and Joo young because he wants to make Hwi chul’s life miserable. And he might be the dad or why was his hand shown. I didn’t see but was his hand shaking. Geum bi’s illness is genetic and Joo young has the hand shaking going on as well.

Hwi chul and Kang hee think of a plan of keeping Geum bi with them and then Geum bi goes and tells the judge she wants to live with her mother. I thought she’s doing that because her mother won’t be able to take care of her and will lose the parental rights or maybe she doesn’t want to burden Hwi chul because she isn’t his daughter but Geum bi wants to live with her mother to change her reckless life style.

That needs to wait because Joo young’s colleague of drug trafficking days has gotten the news of the inheritance and wants something from it or she’ll tell the cops about her glorious days. Joo young goes missing after that and Hwi chul finds her in a church.

Its sweet, Hwi chul and Geum bi got the other shoes. Their connection stays stronger and tighter and when Geum bi leaves with a promise to come back, he draws her portraits and she visits the tent they once lived in. Geum bi means silk crescent moon. Her mom gave her the name and cries because Geum bi won’t be able to live much longer or smoother life.

Geum bi takes things into her own hands like a grown up. She talks to the adult on her own like the doctor or the prosecutor guy the jealous girl’s father. And her secret is out to her teacher as well because of jealous girl stealing her medicine. Lover boy needs to comfort her.

Goblin: Episode 5-6: Goblin and reaper have many things in common. Yet they are different. The cellphone scenes were hilarious. I loved the going to the “app store” and how reaper needs more time to learn about the gadget and goblin has gotten used to it.

Sunny and reaper couple is cute. Reaper doesn’t have a name and so asks the human girl and then he decides on Kim Woo bin. He could have said Lee Dong wook. And gives the ring back to her.

I didn’t understand Goblin deliberately hurting human girl, he’s rude to her time to time and he then himself feels sad about what he said because it starts raining and then he thinks it’s okay to be nice and then brings her to his house ( goblin and reaper both didn’t know the password of the lock to enter the house because they never needed to open the door. ahahahaha) because she’s his bride and he wants her to remove the sword to become pretty. That’s what he tells her but he wants to die. He’s lived long enough. He wants to end his life least he gets more attached to it because of her, which he’s.

Worry not because even though goblin wanted to live because of his new-found happiness he decides its time to die. And human girl can’t pull the sword and she kisses him. Is this how the curse will break?

I need more bickering and bantering between goblin and human girl. He called himself her boyfriend and she then ignored him. And between reaper and goblin (my bromance. One has the power of fire the other ice). It hurt really bad when goblin said that God gives you pain according to your tolerance and HE must have thought highly of him. Its similar what goblin and human girl said, they both want to meet the higher deity for what HE’s done to goblin.

Goblin suddenly sees into the future, human girl is 29 and he’s not a part of her and this makes him cry and then he gets jealous but I think the man human girl’s waiting for is him.

I love how the serious tone suddenly gets lighter, like when goblin cries and tells his story to human girl and she starts crying as well but then says she won’t pull the sword but wait in this scene why does goblin sees reaper and Suuny when he talks about himself being a traitor and thinks about the king and the queen?

and the other hilarious moment is the cell phone scene between reaper and goblin, reaper couldn’t hear and ruined the serious tone but one thing is for sure he’s sad goblin will die.

Another hilarious moment I loved and dyed laughing when goblin said to reaper that he said those famous words of Hamlet (to be or not to be) to Shakespeare and he ended up making a masterpiece. The way he talked about Shakespeare like he’s his friend ahahahah.

Reaper says to human girl that she will die at the age of 29 or was it meeting a reaper at that age, same difference. Meeting reaper means you’ll die, no? Reaper said he can know about a person’s past life by touching that person, isn’t this handy. Why is he scared of this power?

There were customers in Suuny’s shop and she didn’t notice!!! well she was hella scared by reaper because he’s wearing his hat and was invisible but still saved her from falling.

Is goblin a God a deity in the myths? Isn’t he a monstrous creature? Why did the higher deity or God gave our goblin the powers?

It did seem like Lee dong wook laughed really in the scene of goblin’s age. There’s commissioner Ahn from 38 squad here working as a spy on Duk hwa I like him here.

Dukh Sukh: Episode 9 Bhag bhaari (fortunate): The episode truly depicted the rural life. The story centers around a family of 3. One ma (bhaga) and her 2 sons.

The elder Asghar is a good boy. He takes care of her mother and is the bread earner. The youngest Ashraf is a gambler and wastes his life and time in fighting and gambling.

Ma and older brother ask Ashraf to stop his bad deeds. He’s once stolen from the house and rest of time his mother covered up for him. Asghar cares for his brother and makes him swear on his head that he’ll walk on the right path.

When you think everything is going well, life throws a curve ball. Ashraf in trying to protect himself kills the attacker. Asghar comes too late and he takes out the knife from the attacker’s body and so both of the brothers are arrested.

Police is not allowed in the village and is sent after bribing. Villages have rules if there’s a huge case the panchayat sits and gives the decision. Panchayat is a group of elderly and wealthy people of the village who are in charge to give the verdicts. The elder Chaudhry can’t come to a decision. He’s two mother’s in front on him. One demanding justice for her son and the other asking for pardon for her sons.

Chaudhry gives the decision to the boys mother to save one of her sons. First the boys fight and ask their ma to save him but later they ask to save the other. No ma in this world can make this decision and if the rule of the village is tooth for tooth then she sacrifices herself for her sons lives.

One thing is fairly common be it the urban or rural sides that instead of asking from Allah people go to shrines and ask the dead person to help them. I’m here like: he can’t even help himself come back to life how will he help others? Well no one is wiling to understand this simple logic

Bin Roye: Episode 12: Safeer is the biggest coward. Biatch on the first night of his marriage talks to his first wife, Soniya, and kid in front of her dolled up second wife, Saba. He then tells Saba he’s married and has a kid and wants her to tell the truth to her parents and he’ll then divorce her because he loves Soniya and his kid. He’s ready to get the backlash from her parents and his mom.

Dude you couldn’t say this before the marriage!!! And why the hell should Saba reveal this secret. It’s Safeer’s job to handle things properly!!! And becuase we know Saba feels guilty for her sister’s death so she resigns to her fate and decides to continue the marriage which is full of lies. She doesn’t get jealous when Safeer brings up his wife and kid. Safeer does notice that Saba is trying to live in pain and suffering deliberately and as usual she changes the subject.

After spending two months Safeer goes back to US and he’s a coward over there as well. He hides about Saba from Soniya. And Soniya is again expecting. Safeer wishes for a girl. And because he’s a nice son and husband, he tells this news to his mother and other wife Saba.

Soniya doesn’t like Safeer’s mother’s hold on him. She thinks just because she brought up her son as a single mother doesn’t give her right over her son anymore.

Saba’s family, okay only Irtaza asks about her moving to States to her husband and she lies, saying it’ll happen soon. Where are her parents? This more proves she isn’t loved by her parents. We have never seen them worrying about Saba.

Safeer’s mom talks to her son and he flatly refuses. He will not bring Saba there in US (wait! Can you keep two wives in US?) and Saba gets scolded when she calls Safeer. He tells her he’ll call her on his own accord. The only sign of affection was Safeer tucking a strand of her hair and some smiles here and there.

Safeer’s ma asks Saba if she has any complains and I was like yeah for starters you failed to tell this huge secret about your son that he’s a wife and a kid but Saba’s like, no, I’m very happy. Happy my foot. She’s clearly suffering

I’m all in for more than one marriage IF the guy has what it takes to keep two or more if not then one is more than enough.


8 comments on “Weekly Watching-12

  1. Jo says:

    Gintama Trailer: 5/10 because of the actors but the trailer was shot weird and I didn’t feel that WOW vibe.

    Geumbi- Black cap guy-is a good guy who wants to be bad because he was hurt in the past, and I feel like he has to keep reminding himself that he is bad. I realized that Geum bi is more of an adult than the adults in this show, I feel like she’s the one taking care of them haha but the part where she was in the tent with Hwi Cheol’s drawings was heartbreaking. The jealous girl and her parents are just disgusting, like are you even HUMAN??? Anyways, my favorite otp is Geum bi and the love of her life 🙂 they are so cute!!

    Goblin: No words, the bromance is hilarious omg both phone scenes hahaha. Our otps are cute, Reaper getting jealous of Deok Hwa and Sunny, and the Goblin getting jealous and screaming I’M YOUR BOYFRIEND. Both couples are cute. I wonder what will happen when she is finally able to pull out the sword, maybe it has something to do with making peace with his past and the Grim Reaper. I think both men are scared of their Powers they are both afraid of what those powers may do to those around them (does that make sense).

    DS: This episode sounds better than the others-what do you do when life throws you an unexpected curveball. That is a good lesson for this week.

    BR:WHAT WAS THE POINT OF GETTING MARRIED IN THE FIRST PLACE?!! So done, can Saba just have some happiness??? Her family is horrible, her husband is not even hers, and he is committing bigamy if he takes her because it’s illegal. I need Saba to run away, change her name, and never return

    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Khan says:

      I didn’t feel anything either after watching the trailer.

      just because you were hurt in the past doesn’t permit you to be a bad guy. geum bi needs to teach these adults how to live. she needs to quickly grow up healthy because i want her to be happy with her little boyfriend. jealous girl needs to stop her weird behavior it’ll harm her in the long run.

      goblin needs to remain on the lighter side, add more hilarious scenes of phone and reaper and lots and lots of bantering.
      yes, it feels like they both are scared of their powers, that’s why reaper won’t touch anyone and goblin is tired of his long life in which he’s helped many.

      in DS the mother had to sacrifice her life for her both sons.

      Saba had more than one chance to run away but she chose to stay. she thinks she deserves this as a punishment for wishing her sister’s death.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jo says:

        I AGREE, the little needs to change her attitude because its not good. Saba needs to stop punishing herself, FORGIVE YOURSELF and I don’t think her sister would her to be miserable also i need her parents to start acting like parents. Saba needs them now more than ever

        Liked by 1 person

        • Miss Khan says:

          the thing to note is the little girl’s acting is also good. i want to smack her when she appears on my screen.
          no one knows about Safeer’s first marriage even Saba learnt about it on the wedding night. lets see how long can she hide this secret. i wonder why saba’s mother acts strange when her name gets mentioned?
          safeer’s mother is also a problem. she should have told saba’s parents about her son but she hid it for her own selfish reasons.
          before dying saba’s sister hinted that she knew about her feelings for Irtaza and this adds more guilt in saba’s plate. this is one depressing drama


  2. kwenzqoatl says:

    Looks like you keep up with multiple shows. 0_0


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