Romantic Doctor Kim: Episode 11


Psychological Entropy, Wine spills from the broken glass.

Cranky pants wants Dong joo and gives him an offer no one is able to reject. Dong joo asks for some time. This becomes the talk of the town and everyone wants to know what will be his decision but there is one person, fairy Kim, he tells him it’s up to him if he wants to stay or not.

Drunk driver is shameless and so is his mother. They are the family of some high and mighty politician. Seo jung and fairy Kim take them head on and are the winners. Drunk driver finally feels guilty to what he’s done and apologies to the families of the victims. His mommy needs to get down from her high horse as well.

A boy runs from the military, a run away soldier, and he’s bruises on his stomach. He’s probably beaten up and the military is trying to keep it hush-hush and cranky pants is also playing a major part in it and he wants Dong joo to sign the papers he’s already prepared and it’s the military boy’s death certificate even though he’s still alive (barely alive) and the cause is written as some disease. What daddy cranky pants doesn’t know is that baby cranky pants assisted on the military guy’s surgery with Dong joo and the whole surgery was recorded on fairy Kim’s order.

Fairy Kim sees cranky pants and Dong joo together and remembers what chairman Shin said about cranky pants taking his people. What plan does fairy Kim has to stop his people from swaying? Are you going to sway Dong joo?

Seo jung finds out fairy Kim killed a patient, his student, and of course it’s not true but no one knows that except Nurse Oh but she pretends she doesn’t when she’s asked.

Where’s the malnutrition girl? Don’t just disappear like that.
BIG’s surgeon is supposed to be cranky pants eyes and ears in the Doldam but he himself has no idea what’s going on but still cranky pants does even though he is not present. Irony.


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