Weekly Watching-11


Its really cold and I’m freezing. Time to take out the heater. Here we don’t have built in heaters because we live in a desert. Its mostly hot and humid. Winter comes for few months and its unbearable if you are used to the sun.

One day when I noticed the evening, I had this thought…its evening in my life as well. I’m trying to be poetic and saying that I’m getting older. Something like that.

Second week and I haven’t watched a single episode of any anime. I hope I do remember all the anime because my manga list is now gone. I bookmarked gazillions of manga on the app that I used and something happened to that app and after being down its back again and all my bookmarks are gone. Thank you!

Anime news

My boiled egg is coming back with a season 2. No idea what I just said? Saitama is coming back? Still, no? One Punch Man is coming next year, 2017!!!

Attack on Titan finally and hopefully is coming back in 2017 as well and its also getting a stage play, hmmm not sure how it’ll be. I better pick the manga and somehow remember the chapter I was on. I do remember the story went south for me and Eren still hasn’t reached the basement. Maybe he’ll reach in the anime.

Gintama is getting a live action starring Oguri shun and I forgot rest of the cast. I swear I read everyone’s name. That’s why its better to copy the original content and I should stop trying to be smartypants. I think I have posted about the live action before.


Career: episode 9: Okay the man with the sweet tooth is the Director not superintendent. Damn ranks, always confuse me.

Things are about to solve and it should be because we are in the finale now. The killer of Kin’s father is the son, (son has a moon shaped scar on his neck,) of the sweet tooth guy and that’s the biggest shock. He seemed like he’s hiding something and moreover the killer shoots Minami. Don’t you die, man.

And of course we had a weekly case and this time there’s a stalker, ex boyfriend and the poor girl was terrified. No need to fear when we have Kin to solve the case.

Oh my Geum bi: Episode 7-8: Yoo joung, Geum bi’s mum, has a mark on her wrist, suicidal mark. She for some reasons pretends she hates her daughter and wants only her inheritance or is it the truth. She keeps seeing her dead mother. It’s her conscience telling her to be good to Geum bi.

Hwi chul only wants his daughter and doesn’t care about inheritance. He starts work so he can buy the medication. But things are not looking promising. Geum bi starts to forget small things. And this isn’t the only disheartening news. Yoo young proves Hwi chul’s not the father. Who is it then? The black hat bad guy? Hwi chul wasn’t that surprised. Did he read the first report before burning it? Bad guys will be bad guys. Why did you tell her? Bad guy tells Geum bi that she isn’t Hwi chul’s daughter.

Why does this bar guy, he met Joo young at a bar, likes her when she says, she isn’t interested in him?

I LOVE Geum bi and Hwi chul’s bicker and banter. Geum bi tries makeup with her mother. And you know little kids don’t look pretty with older women’s make up.

Kang hee tells she isn’t in love with her doctor boyfriend. She just has a debt to pay to him. She thinks she may not be able to take care of Geum bi. She might get fed up after Geum bi’s health deteriorates after all she’s not her daughter.

The conning duo gets in trouble for conning Kang hee’s brother and Hwi chul’s name is mentioned in it. He might go to jail.

When a Snail falls in Love: Episode 19-21 End: Po, you mean Pou? The cute little brown thingy. I used to play with but then I got bored or something happened and I deleted the game from my cellphone. No, that’s not the one.

Its Po not Tisa, the bad bad woman’s boyfriend. He’s also the military guy and speaks English so I’m not that wrong. I can easily forget episode 19 and 20 which I did I’m pretty sure. But I do remember how Ji bai found Xu xu at the casino and their train gets hijacked by Po.

And Ji bai had to throw Xu xu out the train window because she’s petite and can easily fit in the small window and can find help. Ji bai gets shot (T_T don’t die) by the bad bad woman and her foot gets caught in the bear trap while they are on a run. YAS.

Finally but his story’s the one I had no idea about. Anyways hippo’s dad’s alive and he helps Xu xu in finding Ji bai. Xu xu shoots bad bad woman when she’s about to kill Ji bai. HURRAH!

Ji bai before falling into the coma tells Xu xu she’s passed her test and can stay in the team. Sometime passes pig and hippo get married. Ji bai comes to the wedding. He’s up! Gives Xu xu a ring and kisses her which was really awkward. Something is wrong with Ji bai. He hasn’t fully recovered. Don’t you die! and Ye zixi’s cheater boyfriend died. Seriously I don’t know what went down.

Season 2? Well Ji bai got a call in the end and we saw a suspicious car with a suspicious package and the synopsis I read had an “angel’s killer” but he/she never appeared. Don’t tell me I missed it!?!

I definitely need to watch this drama again to completely understand what happened in the earlier episodes. I hope I get it the second time or as you know third time is the charm.

Goblin: Episode 3-4: Chemistry is over flowing. I can’t get enough of everyone. They shine when they are alone and when two or more characters get together the shine is blinding. I love the hilarious bantering and bickering.

Goblin knew the human girl’s in danger that’s why he appeared to help her but why did the reaper came? Just to look cool walking in the darkness? I admit the scene was squeal worthy.

I knew goblin’s in love with the human girl but he took some time but now has finally realized his feelings for her. Good news? Nope. She’s the bride and can see the sword, she just stayed quiet because she’s polite and scared or she thought he’s cosplaying. She doesn’t know what will happen if she pulls the sword and I don’t think he’s going to tell her anytime soon. Maybe the spirits will tell her. Like they have been helping her. Love you guys. Heartbreak is coming soon I guess.

Our second couple meets. What a combo. Sunny and gloomy. Opposite attracts. So the chicken girl meets the reaper and calls herself Sunny and reaper makes sure the name sounds Korean Sun Hee or something. She has fallen for him. Who wouldn’t? He finds her strange too. She gives him, her number and he acts like a country bumpkin and waits for her on the same bridge they met. He should have just asked Duk hwa to dial the number.

Things are getting a bit stranger. We are told one is made into a reaper when they have done something really bad and Duk hwa on his own assumes reaper must have killed someone and this makes reaper sad and he finally get to hear that he’s amnesic as well and he’s upset about that as well. He feels sad when goblin says he’s leaving. Why?

Few theories appear regarding reaper and reincarnation. Reaper’s the reincarnation of either the king or the queen. He cried not because he saw chicken girl but he saw the green ring. And he also said he might be a king in his past life but this statement contradicts with this other statement that one doesn’t reincarnate as the same gender. And then we have chicken girl saying, she wants a king to appear before her.

And who is this mysterious woman, always wearing red. Red is the color of fate. So who are you? She said reaper and the chicken girl would have to pay a heavy price for the ring. Why didn’t the reaper recognized her? They both saw each other ten years back so why not now? Yeah she changed her appearance but you are a reaper.

Totally and thoroughly enjoyed the punishment given to the hateful family of three and the annoying classmate and the teacher needs her punishment as well. Everyone who makes the human girl miserable needs to be taken care of.

I like how naturally everyone met the other. Only chicken girl and goblin need to meet and Duk hwa and chicken girl. Rest of the characters have interacted with each other.

Last but not the least I find the PPL annoying, especially Subway. And HURRAH! For decreasing the duration at least of the 4th episode.

Dukh Sukh: Episode 8 (To to): The couple here is the real life couple. Okay so we have a couple, can’t say they are happily married because wife, Tahira, always nags and thinks her husband, Ada Yazdani, is having an affair. He tells her multiple times that’s not the case but she isn’t the one to listen and her friend sees Ada with a girl in a restaurant and things worsens. I hated this lady friend. When you have friends like her, you don’t need enemies.

Anywho, the couple’s relationship worsens and they decide to have divorce but there’s one thing binding them. We haven’t seen but have heard about it and the couple calls it “To To”. It’s their unborn child and Tahira because of the stress miscarries. Ada’s friend wonders who will create harmony between the couple now. And we see Ada taking care of his wife and she blaming him for the child’s death.

I thought the drama would have a different subject because in the beginning Ada doesn’t remember attending his friend’s wedding, he doesn’t even remember his friend ever got married but then Ada says he’s lying, he remembers the wedding but I thought that’s a lie. And throughout the episode we heard about To to and I thought that’s some imaginary thing but drama told me I was wrong in all my guesses. I want to be wrong in thinking Sarwat’s (Tahira)acting was lacking. I know she can act. The hell happened here or this is how she’s supposed to portray. And I didn’t like her makeup either.

Bin Roye: Episode 11: Saba still lives in her guilty land and when grandma touches the topic of her and Irtaza’s marriage she loses her temper because she still thinks her sister died because of her and on the other hand Irtaza thinks that Saba doesn’t need a widower with a child and he knows he’ll never love her the kind she deserves.

Safeer comes back in the picture with his wife and child. He tells his mother of his marriage when she tells him that he’s engaged to Saba. Safeer mommy is one strange woman. She only cares about her happiness and not of Saba’s or her family’s. She doesn’t accept Safeer’s marriage and knows his wife will leave him sooner or later. Because Safeer is a coward who won’t open his mouth and this coward man becomes Saba’s husband. If she wanted to marry anyone then Amir was the best choice even though he’s annoying but he wasn’t married with a Hindu girl. Yes, Islam has given the choice to take four wives at a time but they all should be Muslim or ahle kitab.

Saba didn’t marry Irataza because she wanted Saman to know she isn’t jealous of her happiness and I think it’s a bit too late. Irtaza did think about the change in Saba but she just brushed it aside saying, she’s a grown up now.


5 comments on “Weekly Watching-11

  1. Jo says:

    Have you heard of that yuri on ice anime, i don’t watch anime but everyone on my timeline and forum are obsessed i feel left out but not enough to watch (at least not now) . im happy geumbi mom keeps seeing her mom, like she needs someone to tell her to change, also think she is lying about the DNA. Will start when a snail this week🎊🎊GOBLIN IS AMAZING! I love all the couples and the bromance 😂😂 i hope if she pulls the sword he’ll become mortal or at least NOT DIE second couple is intriguing and funny. My sis saw the subway and was like, is it normal for them to keep bringing up subway 😂😂DS qnd BR are getting out of hand, we need happier moments what’s going on😩😩 also, stay warm😁

    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Khan says:

      Thanks *sips on hot cocoa*

      Yes, i have heard Yuri on ice. i hear it every week because of my cousin. she goes on and on how good it is. and I’m planning on watching it soon. i’m just waiting it to complete its run.

      i think Geum bi is not Hwi chul’s daughter but the bad guys and that’s how he will change and become a good guy.

      do watch snail and do tell me what happens after the first three episodes because i was confused.

      goblin is indeed amazing. i just love everyone and hopefully the goblin will not die, not now, we have many episodes left. the second couple is sweet.
      there’s also the water PPl or whatever sunny was drinking but it didn’t look bad and another PPL of the company where the grandpa works was fine as well or i just hate subway. subwa’y’s ppl always ruins the mood. i still hate the subway scene in the drama Signal and K2 and many others i have forgotten,

      DS has a different story every week, of course with different actors, and its always bittersweet, nah its mostly bitter. i wonder why i tune in week after week.

      BR is such a let down. wonder what more saba has to go through and i wonder how many episodes are left.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jo says:

        Im really hoping the bad guy isnt her dad, spoiler i saw the raw and it looks like she said she’ll live with her mom but I have to watch the subs to see. Ill snail and Ill let you know. SIGNAL AND K2 SUBWAY especially SIGNAL 😩😩 it was excessive. And I think the writer wants Saba to suffer just because 😒😔😳

        Liked by 1 person

        • Miss Khan says:

          whoever the dad maybe. its who cares for you and wants you to be happy deserves to be call a parent.
          SUBWAY’s PPL always ruins the flow GGRRRRRR
          Saba wants to suffer herself because of the guilt


          • Jo says:

            I agree, a parent doesn’t have to be biologically connected. Im staying away from Subway😂😂😂😂. That true, but I need her to stop this is not healthy or good for anyone—RUN AWAY SABA!!

            Liked by 1 person

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