Romantic Doctor Kim: Episode 10


Crush, A planet hits the earth. The earth is actually a world desk globe

The multi car collisions patients are sent to hospital but the investigator after getting the punch still stops fairy Kim. I was wondering what his reaction would be if it’s his family, and his child is the first one to arrive, she’s in the same car collisions, and needs surgery. Investigator daddy has tears in his eyes and in a weak voice tells: rules are rules. Fairy Kim tells him to do his job and he’ll do his. Investigator daddy doesn’t oppose this time.

Baby cranky pants helps Dong joo and Seo jung at the accident scene. He’s there because he’s on the way to the hospital. Cranky baby pants gets the position of main surgeon and Dong joo is to assist him in one surgery. Dong joo doesn’t let his pride gets in his way and fairy Kim’s happy to see that. Its obvious baby cranky pants is operating for the first time on such patient but he does well. Dong joo had no complaints.

A happily married couple for 54 years’ also in the car collision. The wife’s death affects Seo jung and fairy Kim takes her to see the other patient’s life she saved. He tells her that she isn’t orderly anymore.

Two men in the accident lose their legs and Doldam doesn’t have an orthopedic? and no hospital is taking them so the investigator calls one through his sources. Nothing is going according to Daddy cranky pants plans and BIG’s surgeon is out there drinking oblivious to what’s happening in the hospital.

Chairman Shin’s secretary drops by and fairy Kim hints on the staff (that would be all of the main characters) he intends on using in the surgery but he’ll watch them closely to see if they are fit to be in his team.

So who caused the first accident? Is it the drunk guys? Call the cops ASAP and throw these non human things in to jail.

Why was doctor Nam, the guy who has a small restaurant, looking at the investigator’s daughter with sadness? Nurse Oh and fairy Kim noticed this as well.

And crisis time. The administrative guy is sure acting strange. What’s he looking for in fairy Kim’s trash bin?

Seo jung finds a student ID and I think that’s the girl who died and her death was blamed on fairy Kim. Fairy Kim gets angry at her and yells at her to leave.

Daddy cranky pants makes it obvious and open to Dong joo that he wants him back and asks his opinion about fairy Kim.

Malnutrition girl who has a crush on Dong joo leaves the hospital without telling anyone. Girl, leave after telling your real identity.


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