Romantic Doctor Kim: Episode 8


Episode 8- The Manifestation of Humanism. A human hand and a skeleton hand touching, just think of Nokia- connecting people.

So the black clothed man with a sickle in his hand is not a bad guy. He wants the surgery to be stopped on the stabbed man and he’s pretty good reasons. Except for fairy Kim everyone’s hesitating but he is calm or he appears to be calm.

The not so bad guy tells his story, and why he wants to kill the man, the stabbed man is a rapist and what he did to his pregnant wife and 11-year-old kid.

Fairy Kim still proceeds with the surgery and an emergency call has been placed to the cops and the squad of SWAT comes to the rescue with sickle man’s daughter and wife. Fairy Kim completes the surgery and then asks the sickle man to do what he wants but he should know the consequences will fall on his family as well.

Sickle man doesn’t commit a murder and it looks like fairy Kim has taken revenge for him. Nurse Oh and baby cranky pants think back to the surgery when fairy Kim hesitated and didn’t perform a procedure. We see that fairy Kim visits the rapist and says, it’s fair.

BIG hospital just needed something to go wrong and their comes the investigators to ask about the surgery and the BIG hospital’s spy nurse also tells about Seo jung’s PTSD.
Fairy Kim stays silent and is suspended till he opens his mouth again and Seo jung’s telling the truth on her side because she’s a doctor.

She admires cranky pants and he makes sure she’s broken. She’s thankful to him when he supported her and her mother. She needs to see his dark side soon. Dark side reminds me of baby cranky pants who thinks Seo jung’s his sister even though she tells him that’s not the case and she agrees to take the DNA test.

Everyone’s patience is tested and fairy Kim almost punched the BIG’s head surgeon but Dong joo brought chairman Shin on fairy Kim’s orders. Wink wink wink. It’s all Dong joo’s doing. He’s helping his people. Hurrah!


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