Natsume Yuujinchou Go: Episode 8


Its time for Natori and Matoba’s story, when they were young.
As we know Natori were once exorcists and suddenly they stopped being one because no one in the family could see yokais for some reason. And then Shuichi was born and he’s blamed for everything that happened in the family. His father was not fond of him. And there came a wall between him and his family.

One day he went to an exorcists’ meeting and met Matoba Seiji. Everyone knows how strong the Matoba clan is. Matoba gets on Natori’s nerves and Natori decides never to join him. Natori is not liked much in the exorcists’ organization but we know how that turned out. An exorcist, Natori felt closeness to after talking, gets attacked by a three-horned yokai. Natori thinks to take him down and Matoba has the same plan and in the end its Matoba who kills the yokai. Natori’s power falls short. Everyone praises the Matoba clan for having a great leader but they also know the fate of his left eye but Natori isn’t interested in him or the story of his clan.

Natori learns on his own and makes a name for himself in the exorcist world when Matoba tells him to change his line of work if he can’t become stronger. Natori stays firm till the end on his decision of not working with Matoba.

I wonder what color would Natsume see of the kimono? Matoba is the strongest so he saw the patterns and Natori saw a dark red color. Well that’s when he wasn’t stronger he must have gotten stronger after learning how to control paper shiki and of course Matoba got even more stronger. Can anyone confirm if the kimono is still there I want to send Natsume. Go friendly yokais go.


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