Romantic Doctor Kim: Episode 7


Episode 7-Unstable factor. Many people standing in white suit and a man midst them is facing the opposite side wearing black clothes.

I knew it, the staff from the BIG hospital don’t have nice intentions. I hate the BIG hospital’s nurse. She keeps tab on everyone. Biatch is spying. Doldam hospital has already many problems. Sheesh. With the new staff comes the new medical equipment. Cranky pants wants to stop the surgery of chairman Shin and he’ll do whatever it takes to stop.

Baby cranky pants is there because daddy cranky pants wants him to prove that he’s better than Dong joo. Seriously cranky pants, you’re ruining your child with this kind of competition. Baby cranky pants behaves rudely to Seo jung because he thinks she’s the illegitimate daughter of his father. Seo jung’s bewildered at this nonsense. Okay they are not siblings. Got it.

Dong joo wants romance in his life and I wonder if doctors do that in real life as well not only docs but others. Is romance that necessary? Anyway, he says he’ll keep asking and gets annoyed when she calls him a child.

He’s not the only child, baby cranky pants is the same. They fight whenever they are together and when fairy Kim gives the main surgeon position to baby cranky pants and Dong joo is to assist him. Dong joo gets upset. He’s forgetting its fairy Kim in front of him. When Dong joo comes back, to the operation room on Seo jung’s advice fairy Kim doesn’t welcome him.

Talking about greetings…there comes a patient with stab wounds and it immediately becomes a police case. A suspicious man in black clothes roams in the hospital and Dong joo notifies of such person and the black clothed guy takes Seo jung has a hostage and enters the operation theater and yells to stop the surgery.

Dong joo getting upset about assisting baby cranky pants was a do I put it..a major let down. Did he forget fairy Kim assisted him in a surgery when he had a panic attack. And he’s believing the BIG hospital’s head surgeon on all the bad things he said about fairy Kim. Dammit!


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