Weekly Watching-9


If anyone’s wondering let me tell you I’m busy with my studies and that’s why I have stopped writing daily recaps/reviews and the other reason’s I’m not much interested in the new batch of dramas and the one’s I’m watching are getting covered in WW. Oh and its cold and its raining and my foot is getting better and I think I should go to my GP instead of emergency but the hospital in which the GP is very far.


Days: Episode 1-2: Yay football, my first love. I used to watch a cartoon about football (captain Majid) dubbed in Arabic and after many years later I got to know that it’s a Japanese anime. So I can say I watched anime since I was a kid and Conan and Majid were my introduction to anime.

I randomly started watching Days and it’s still airing, shucks, and I didn’t even remember a single character’s name. The main guy is small, as in height, he’s petite, with rosy cheeks. He joins the football club in his new school and because he lacks stamina everyone makes one of him. He knows his weakness and trains real hard because he loves football and his teammate come to love him and I love this blond-haired dude who just so casually runs with his hands in the pockets.

The captain of the team sees the potential in rosy boy and predicts he’ll be the captain in two years. Take that haters.


Career: Episode 7: I’ll never ever get tired of Kin flashing is badge and the bad guys going down is shock. Someone needs to compile this ASAP.

This week was about bullying and the bullies laugh like an evil character from old anime. There were three biatches or four don’t remember don’t care and they bully a woman who is lower to them in status because her husband is a subordinate to those biatches’ husband. Min knows that bullied woman. She once was a brave and strong woman and she takes that stance back and tells the bullies she won’t be intimidated anymore. Go woman go. Two people(superintendent and bullied woman) tell Min that Kin looks like him when he’s younger, someone who will help people without caring about the rules. Min will you now become friends with Kin?

When a Snail falls in Love: Episode 13-15: I’m an idiot, I read the spoilers and ruined the suspense for myself. The woman’s the ringleader of the human trafficking organization and that cunning biatch with her acting was able to get away but not before gravely injuring the hippo and pig both mentally and physically. Xu xu looked even smaller when she cried and because of that women the flame of vengeance has been lit in her heart and she’s going with Ji bai to catch her, to Myanmar. Who is that woman’s boyfriend? Someone important that’s why his face wasn’t shown.

Oh My Geum Bi: Episode 3-4: I’m not crying, someone’s cutting onions somewhere in the world. This little girl has definitely won my heart with her acting. Her expressions are spot on.

I’m wondering why doesn’t Hwi chul just get a DNA test done to see if Geum bi is his daughter or not. He knows she’s his daughter, he just doesn’t want to acknowledge it then he would have to take responsibility. I hate him when he thinks about abandoning her. What did Geum bi do to deserve such parents. Her father is a con man and her mother is alive and is as irresponsible. Who do Geum bi resemble, she acts like a mature person. She acts wise for her age. She knows about her illness, Niemann Pick disease, and hides it from everyone. She so calmly tells the doctor about it and knows she won’t be able to live till twenty.

I love her friendship with the little boy from school. They both like each other and she kissed him on the cheek HURRAH! And the jealous girl saw her. I loved when Geum bi asked the fortune-teller about next day’s exam because they know what’s to come in the future.

Hwi chul is a con man but he isn’t the bad guy. He doesn’t want to con Kang hee because he likes her and doesn’t want any harm come in her or Geum bi’s way. That’s why he becomes the bad guy in the eyes of his con partners, actually he’s saving them from getting caught in the plan he’s making for the bad guy and in the end he himself got caught. Kang hee who knew the truth about him but was silent and bailed him out when he told her he wanted to live a different life. She’s angry at him and wants him to change his life.

The bad guy and Hwi chul were once friends in school days and because of Hwi chul the bad guy lost his chance to be a pro baseball player. This story reminds me of School 2013s story. I didn’t watch the series but something like this happened between the friends and instead of baseball its football the guy played.

The Affair drama: Episode 9-10: I thought this drama is of 16 episodes but nope it’s 12 episodes. So the next week is the last week. I enjoyed this week’s roller coaster ride. Hyun woo gets the chance to take care of the boy alone and realizes how hard its. Like I have said before, this couple’s main problem’s lack of conversation. A situation comes and they, Hyun woo and Soo yeon, both meet and so casually start talking while making the doll for their son’s project and he drops her to her house. Here I was expecting him to take her to their place. She’s regretful for what she did and he’s willing to forgive her but forgetting is another matter. Things were looking good for them and then a random guy comes out of nowhere and threatens to reveal Soo yeon’s identity to the world. Hyun woo and Soo yeon’s world collapses and I loved how Hyun woo did everything he could to stop that random guy and even the commenters helped Hyun woo. Love the hacking couple and they have reconciled, HURRAH! Talk to your son now. The old woman living with another woman was such a shock because the other women’s the mistress to the older woman’s dead husband.

Coming back to Hyun woo’s random attacker and its none other than his superior, I had a feeling it’s him. He’s keenly looking at the first script of the cheating show the team was creating. He told his own sad story of his wife leaving him but that doesn’t mean he can do whatever he wants with someone elses life. 

Hyun woo is ready to accept Soo yeon but as he embraces her, he can’t help but think of the other man in her life and he unintentionally takes a step back. He can’t forget her affair.

Finally, the lawyer’s wife has taken a stand. I was waiting for her to crush her husband. She goes to her husband’s mistresses to teach them a lesson. The flower woman’s a strange woman. How can she accuse wife for ruining her career when she ruined the wife’s happiness. I get it, it’s the lawyer’s fault for having a flirtatious nature but she accepted the advances, all the women did, they could have stopped him but NO they wanted thrill and excitement in their life. Wife wants divorce from her husband and she’s planning something else as well. I was shocked at lwayer when he said “sorry” to his wife for breaking her trust. sorry? really? she gave you many chances to stop but you thought you were smart enough to deceive her HMPH go to hell now!!!

Ahn and the writer make such a cute couple even Hyun woo’s boy thinks the same. Their banter and arguing and worrying about friends make them closer and Ahn ends things with his wife and tells everyone proudly, he’s single and the writer is pregnant, most definitely Ahn’s kid. They got drunk and rolled around.

Dukh Sukh: Episode 6 Kashmakash(dilemma): Finally, a story I like. A widow has two daughters, Beenish a nurse and Kiran a school girl. Beenish has the responsibility to support the house. Marriage is the last thing on her mind. She can’t think of leaving her mother and sister for her own sake. Enter, Imran a guy she met on her way from hospital. He waits for her in the alley to talk to her and it doesn’t seem like it’s the first time. She casually talks to him. They both like each other. She gets worried when he isn’t at his usual place waiting for her. Imran wants to marry her and she’s the same answer ready, she can’t leave her family. He felt like a loafer to me.

It seems like Beenish’s mother doesn’t want her to marry either. Her reasons are not much different from her daughter’s. Mother is a bit of selfish woman. After her husband’s death she’s all alone and doesn’t want to go through that again and wishes her daughter to spend her life with her.

Imran is not the only pursuer, a doctor also likes Beenish but she isn’t interested in him. Who puts lots of sofas in a docs room? Its looking like a lounge. Imran is persistent in wooing her and even agrees to help her support her family, she’s of course thankful but she doesn’t know everything about Imran. He knocks at her door in the middle of the night, one day, he’s injured. She quickly hides him from the police and asks her mother not to say a word because she’s confused herself. Imran is a thief, he chose this line of work after his grandma’s death. He’s hungry and met few kids like him and things just happened. He assures her everything will be fine, once he gets around 3 lacks he’ll leave for Dubai and will come back to her. The problem is money and just like that a pregnant woman in the hospital asks for a favor from Beenish. The woman is having a third daughter but she’s lied to her husband about the gender of the baby or he would have taken a second wife, so Beenish is to help her and switch the baby with someone elses. Beenish is shocked at first but the woman offers her money, the exact amount Imran needs. Her resolve sways.

Imran’s waiting for her to get the money somehow and there’s a knock on the door. He opens the door and his expression changes…

an open end. So who is at the door, police? Beenish? Someone else?

I for one never trusted Imran when he said he needed money to run away from the country. What if he never came back? What if he never loved her and deceived her just to get the money and once he had it he left the city and her forever. Stupid love.

Bin Roye: Episode 9: I’m wishing for the drama to end on the 16th episode. Please let this happen Drama Gods.

Saba’s gone bipolar. One moment she loves Saman and the next she hates her to death. Yes, she’s still in States weeping and mourning over her lost love. Baby time, Saman and Irtaza become parents of a boy, Moiz or was it Maaz? Dammit! Safeer and Soniya have a baby boy, Ramiz, as well. Why were they shown, I have no idea. We are playing random random here because all of a sudden after Saman’s baby she starts wearing dark make up when she shouldn’t have the time to comb her hair. Who was taking care of the baby? Irtaza and Saba, DUH!

Amir pops in again and again to annoy me and Saba. She clearly doesn’t like him but his tape is not stopping on how much he’s fallen in love with her. What about her feelings? Who cares because Irtaza thinks Amir is a good catch and they should hurry with this marriage. Saman thinks maybe there is someone Saba likes and Irtaza the Sherlock says with confidence that, there isn’t anyone is Saba’s life. Boooo. He claims to be Saba’s best friend but fails to notice her feelings and to think they grew up together, he would have sensed something’s different but NOPE Irtaza Sherlock has locked his brain somewhere.

Two years pass and we get to see Safeer and Soniya for some reason, just a glimpse though and Saba’s marriage with Amir is the talk of the town…but…but…I thought that was two years ago. Oh well, Saba isn’t interested in him and threatens her grandma that she’ll kill herself.

Go ahead dear, the drama showed a marriage that’s not accepted why not show suicide, which by the way is forbidden as well. And who does the aqeeqah after a month after the child is born? It’s done on the seventh day. Tsk..tsk..tsk..


4 comments on “Weekly Watching-9

  1. Jo says:

    Yaya! Happy your foot’s getting better 😝😝. I always skip your When a snail piece because I want to watch it when its complete but… I read your recap 😳😳. OMG GUEMBI MADE ME CRY, when he ran after her and she thought he died and then the ending of ep 4 omg😭😭😭😭 she’s so young and omg her mom????? What the heck?? HC has to do better after seeing the mom at the club😳😳HIGHLIGHT: the cute kiss omg that was adorable, Im glad that little girl saw it😂😂. I understand the bad guy to a certain extent, but he can’t blame ONLY HC for his situation, he put himself there too. DS: the mom shouldn’t be like that, you need to let your children live and find their own happiness but I could tell he was lying(he needs money and he is a thief) im with you on the stupid love part😬😂😂. Omg I laughed all through you BR recap😂😂 the drama has taken a STRANGE TURN we have something like an aqeeqah don’t remember if we do it when the baby is born on when you become a “man” or “woman” adult.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Khan says:

      thank you ^____^
      i did the same like you. i accidentally read about snail and then i was like “get out from my mind” but…but…T_T still no worries, you’ll enjoy.
      its a must to keep a tissue paper box with you when watching Geum bi. i don’t want her to hide her pain and illness from her father and kang hee. the surprising scene was the bad guy with geum bi, the ice cream scene. maybe she’ll change him like she changed hwi chul. the kiss was the sweetest scene but its sad at the same time. she knows she’ll not be able to experience this again.
      seriously, every time a character falls in love i’m like -____- yeah whatever. what if the thief was a nice guy?
      BR is getting stranger don’t worry. i like to keep things simple when nothing makes sense in the drama.
      we do aqeeqah on the seventh day after the baby’s born and 2 sheeps are sacrificed if its a boy and 1 sheep is sacrificed if its a girl and the baby’s hair is removed from the head.


  2. aigoo says:

    WASFIL is getting better. I was shocked too when the frail lady turned out to be the leader, then again, clues were hinting at her, cuz she was doing too much as too being a victim. I want to throw hunches at who her bf is, but since you’ve up to ep 15, I won’t go further. Eek…can’t spoil.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Khan says:

      its getting better and its ending and thank you for not spoiling ^___^
      because i already read its a woman i had my eyes peeled open but my brain was trying to pretend it doesn’t remember anything. i still enjoyed the episodes.

      Liked by 1 person

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