Romantic Doctor Kim: Episode 6


Episode 5: Motivation and the picture was of a caged bird looking at the painting of the sky or was it a window…
So it becomes clear Seo jung knew cranky pants since she’s young. Her mother committed suicide and told her to go to him if anything happens. So the question is if cranky pants is the father if yes, then there can’t be a love triangle with baby cranky pants, Seo jung and Dong joo if they are not siblings then who is cranky pants to her and believe it or not he seemed to be a good guy in the past.
Seo jung recognizes baby cranky pants but he pretends he didn’t. They met as kids and cranky pants told him to call her noona.

Dong joo gets brainwashed by the BIG hospital guy the chief of surgeon or whatever his rank is against fairy Kim. He puts all sort of blames on him, defame him in every way possible and tells that he killed his own student.

Fairy Kim has other problems to solve. Cranky pants wont let the surgery happen and he has decided to make a sanatorium where Doldam hospital is. Fairy Kim can’t have this. He cares about the people and asks for more medical equipment from chairman Shin
With fairy Kim and Dong joo out of the hospital an emergency arises. Baby cranky pants takes charge. Dong joo gets his emergency patient on the way.

Fairy Kim gets angry because baby cranky pants an outsider operated without consent. Seo jung takes the blame. She stands up to fairy Kim and tells him she’s a doctor. This definitely moves him. He never cared about the rules, only about saving a patient’s life and she did the same.

Baby cranky pants gets a slap from daddy cranky pants. I never understood drama and the slapping. Do parents really hit their children on the face? Baby is a grown up now, never mind my nickname.

A patients guardian arrives yelling and nurse Oh handles him magnificently. Love her when she gets angry. Dong joo’s and Seo jung’s romance has stepped aside and a malnourished girl have a crush on him and the male nurse has crush on her.

Things are about to change the BIG hospital has sent staff to Doldam hospital and it includes baby cranky pants. Fairy Kim asked for him from his father.
Oh noes the new people will be arrogant because they worked in the BIG and famous hospital with modern equipment. I’m so ready for the fight. Popcorn anyone?



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