Romantic Doctor Kim: Episode 5


I don’t remember the title but the picture was a man standing in front of the mirror wearing a doc’s gown but his reflection’s wearing a suit
This episode was about fairy Kim’s past. His name’s Boo Yung joo and he’s a great and a famous surgeon loved by many and then he suddenly disappeared. What happened was the current director, I’m naming him ‘cranky pants’ from now on, of the hospital blamed him for a patient’s death even though fairy Kim was not the surgeon.
Okay call me stupid but you have a star doctor and because of that doc the hospital has a name so why would you kick him out?
Boo Yong joo changes his name and hides in Doldam hospital under that name of teacher Kim and the staff there knows his identity. Dong joo changes his mind of leaving once he realizes who teacher Kim’s. He wants to learn from him.
The BIG hospital is having cramps after learning fairy Kim is in the country side hospital and will operate on chairman Shin. They can’t have that, one, because chairman Shin’s the founder investor of the hospital or something and, second, if fairy Kim operates on him then he will be given the president seat or some high position to him and cranky pants will be empty-handed.
This week’s case brings a truck driver who slept on the wheel and ran over a group of cyclists. Some patients are saved and some lose their lives. Dong joo gets to operate on one of the patient and fairy Kim takes the other. Dong joo loses confidence when he realizes this patient has the same disease, liver cancer, as the patient in the BIG hospital on which he operated and that man died. Fairy Kim talks him into continuing the surgery and the medical staff present wanted him to go forward as well because the patient isn’t losing hope so why should the doc.
Dong joo gains back his stance and fairy Kim helps him with the operation but after that he points out Dong joo’s mistakes and Seo jung envies him. He got to work with fairy Kim and she’s demoted to an orderly.
Son of the president of the big hospital aka baby cranky pants visits Doldam with his colleagues. Is he going to cause the Love triangle?
Seo jung still hears voices of her dead boyfriend ringing in her head.
Dong joo is thankful to the BIG hospital for giving him the chance to work with fairy Kim. BIG hospital thought they would bribe Dong joo because they don’t want the operation to happen but Dong joo turns the table.


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