Jannat kay Pattay


Jannat kay pattey is a beautiful novel written by Nimra Ahmed. It’s a fictional story and is covered in two books. I for one wasn’t impressed with the first book. Yes there were some exciting moments but second book was much more powerful. The suspense, the mystery, the puzzles, the riddles, the truth, the lies, the characters and the story were very satisfying. While reading the story I didn’t think anyone would have guessed who was hiding what and what was their real identity.

Four personalities and a girl who knows them all in one way or another; couldn’t join the dots unless she’s led to it. The story is of a young girl Haya Suleman. She is a student of BA.LLB and gets a scholarship from a University in Turkey. Her “husband” lives there(Turkey). A husband she has never seen. But before she could see him the Pandora box opens and the difficulties spill in front of her and she has to take care of them before things get out of hand. But who will help her? Can she trust anyone? Cihan (Jihan) Sikander a normal hard-working guy who has too many secrets to hide and he can’t even share them. Can he trust someone close to his heart?

Major Ahmed a man with a calm voice but hasn’t shown his face. What is he hiding? What are his secrets?

Abdul Rehman Pasha a man of mafia. Everyone is scared of him except his family of three, not blood related though. They can’t believe him to be the bad guy. What is his real identity?

Dolly a khwaja sira (third gender) who helps Haya and wants her not to leave in search for her husband but why?

I really liked how Haya is not a damsel in distress. She knows how to fight for herself and I also loved how there was someone to help her be it Jihan or Maj. Ahmad or Dolly or Pasha or Ayeshey and Bharey. She was not alone but the pain she endured was hers only.

Will Haya be able to cope with the difficulties in front of her? Will she be able to find her husband? Will she be able to fight for herself? Will she get the answers she is searching for?

To find more about her, go read the book.



5 comments on “Jannat kay Pattay

  1. Jo says:

    It sounds like a book and drama(if they make into one) that I’d read especially after you put “husband” and Haya sounds like my kind of female lead. Ill add this to my list

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    • Miss Khan says:

      this’ such a popular novel and people were demanding it to be made into the drama but the writer, Nimra said, she’s a novelist not a dramatist. so there goes our hope of having a drama but i think its a good thing because a huge war would have started on who to cast.

      i don’t know if the novel is translated into English. can you read Urdu? or do you need me to spoil everything for you? i read this novel couple of years back and went totally crazy about it. i wonder why i never wrote about it then…better late than never.

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      • Jo says:

        Awwh that would have been nice, but I respect her for saying “this is who I am”. I can’t read Urdu😳😢😳 maybe I’ll learn next year and then read it OR YOU COULD JUST SPOIL ME😂😂😂😜. Looking forward to your review🔥🔥🔥

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