Romantic Doctor Kim: Episode 4


A doctor is someone who saves lives unconditionally. Dong joo’s started to learn this and his mentor is of course “teacher Kim” fairy Kim, I like my name better. We just have to see if Dong joo’s behavior changes because of the said person or if he’ll go back in search for other hospitals to be a great doctor.

I like this thing about the drama that it doesn’t waste time in recaps, it just starts.

Episode/Chapter 4 – necessary and sufficient condition.

Fairy Kim doesn’t talk or reprimand Dong joo or Seo Jung because he’s patients to see and we get a flashback why fairy Kim’s black and beaten up. It seems like fairy Kim’s a habit looking for patients in the casino. The same place he met Dong joo. Some hot-shot, chairman Shin or whatever his name’s beats fairy Kim and then asks fairy Kim to treat him. That’s one way of asking. Fairy Kim isn’t someone who would succumb under pressure and he asks for the chairman’s whole fortune as his payment. The consultation isn’t going anywhere and before fairy Kim could leave an explosion occurs in the kitchen and that’s how the hospital got the burn patients.

After everything is under control Dong joo again tries to talk to fairy Kim and fairy Kim isn’t in the mood to give compliments and doesn’t care when Seo jung goes on her knees to beg him. And again Dong joo gets to hear that he’s a coward and other insults and this of course angers him and he throws punches at fairy Kim but none of them connects. How can fairy Kim say whatever he wants, just because he’s older, when he doesn’t know anything about Dong joo. Before there’s any blood on the floor nurse Oh intervenes. She gets angry at fairy Kim for disappearing and for not praising Dong joo, when he did everything he could to help the patients with minimal equipment, and she wants him to forgive Seo jung.

Dong joo the ever hot-headed guy again resigns and says really harsh things to the committee, sitting for Seo jung’s case, and fairy Kim thinks they shouldn’t stop him when he wants to leave. The administrative guy tries to stop him and even Seo jung doesn’t want him there when he only thinks about himself. The -I’m leaving don’t stop me- comes to a halt when chairman Shin appears to meet fairy Kim.

Chairman Shin’s living with an artificial heart and he thinks something’s wrong with it and wants fairy Kim to operate on him because he doesn’t trust anyone and he’s the eye to see who is sincere. Fairy Kim asks him to donate some of his money for a change and he might get a heart donor.

Dong joo before leaving tells Seo jung he missed her and she after beating around the bush tells him the same. Nurse Oh asks Dong joo to help a patient before leaving. It’s her tactic of stopping him from leaving and soon Dong joo is busy with several patients. Fairy Kim checks on Seo jung’s wrist and asks her to give him reasons she wants to stay here and she says she wants to learn from him and on the other hand Dong joo thinks there’s no future in this hospital for him. Seo jung’s been given the chance to stay at the hospital but as an orderly, because fairy Kim still can’t have her see the patients, or she can take her leave. She accepts her position with a heavy heart.

Fairy Kim asks chairman Shin to equip the hospital with modern technologies and equipment and he’ll do the operation and this is of course not the fee it’s for beating him. Chairman Shin’s with the BIG hospital’s president and tells him, he got himself a doctor and shows the president the footage of the fire incident. President recognizes fairy Kim and Dong joo has recognized him as well. He’s the one who told him to change himself first to change the world and it’s because of him Dong joo became a doctor. Dong joo asks him if he’s Boo Young joo and he says, he’s “teacher Kim”.

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