Natsume Yuujinchou Go: OVA


This is not the seventh episode.This is actually an ova but the anime people decided to put it in the anime for some reason. Height of laziness.
One winter day Natsume takes Nyanko on a walk. They both poke fun at each other. Natsume calls Nyanko fat and Nyanko calls him thin as a pencil.
Nyanko runs after a dragonfly leaving Natsume alone to worry about him. Then Nyanko meets two kids who are apparently lost. Nyanko thinks of ditching them but he ends up helping them or they will be eaten or harassed by yokais not to mention the kids easily cry. He takes care of them throughout the journey and asks for help from familiar yokais but all in vain.

Natsume on the other hand in search of Nyanko meets his friends one after the another and all of them have a different name for Nyanko and they all agree he’ll come back for food. The day bids farewell and the twilight appears to show its magic Nyanko and the kids finally reach their destination.
The kids’ mother meets them and I wonder why didn’t she followed them in the first place. I know you wanted the kids to have some confidence what if they got kidnapped or something happened to them?
Nyanko meets Natsume’s adoptive mother, Touko, and comes home with her where Natsume’s waiting.

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