Romantic Doctor Kim: Episode 3


I really like how the story is progressing. Its simple and easy to follow and yes, please exclude all the medical treatment because I don’t know anything about that.

The third episode, or chapter as the drama likes to call it, is titled, Friday of 13 people but the calendar showed its 13 of November and the day is of course Friday. You mean Friday the 13th or there were 13 patients but I saw a lot of them not 13 and I don’t believe in the unlucky day or whatever its called or the black cat or any other absurd superstitions.

Fairy Kim is a no-nonsense kind of person but I like his cheekiness, that’s the right term right? His personality is different and he’s not someone you can read and that’s why Dong joo is irritated. He feels incompetent in the presence of fairy Kim. He wants to know who he’s and I love when he called himself “Teacher Kim” and left Dong joo in confusion.

Because of Seo jung’s wrist cutting ceremony fairy Kim disqualifies her as a doctor. He can’t have a mental patient who is also a doctor attending other patients. Everyone in the hospital asks fairy Kim if he really fired her and she too thinks he just said on a whim and if she begged he would take her in but fairy Kim tells that he made the final decision.

Dong joo wants to know more about fairy Kim and Seo jung asks him not to look into his personal life and Dong joo thinks she’s acting in his favor because she’s feelings for him and as he says this he immediately regrets. He still has feelings for Seo joon but for her Dong joo coming back in her life’s puzzles her.

Dong joo wants to leave the Doldam hospital ASAP and is even given an opportunity when his superior from the BIG hospital tells him to meet the president on the given time and just his luck fairy Kim gives him the on call duty, for the emergency ward and its Friday as well so there will be more patients, and leaves.

Dong joo keeps an eye on the time and the patient keeps increasing. He finds a chance to leave but an emergency patient arrives. He contemplates for few moments and then turns to help the patient but the patient dies and he finds hard to announce it to the parents who only wish for his son to live. Dong joo’s hesitation’s because his father’s in the same situation and even though Doldam hospital isn’t equipped with modern facilities, the staff is doing there best to save lives so what reason does he have to leave a patient.

The Friday night seems to be long as few burn patients arrive, one with a third degree burn and Dong joo has never attended such patients. Seo jung guides him through the process and fairy Kim appears black and blue to help the rest of the patients. Seo jung freezes in her place because she isn’t supposed to be there. She’s fired, remember? But the hell happened to fairy Kim?


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