Weekly Watching-7


This week was pretty hectic and busy. I made lunch late twice. Got up late in the morning once. I wake up at 4:30am every day except Fridays. Burnt myself twice. Stood for two hours just to get my mum’s medication. And being busy means no drama watching or less drama watching. When I have loads of house chores plus my daily dose to watch then I can’t manage the time. I mostly blow a gasket. I’m a very punctual person and when I lose time, I lose mind. That can be a motto.

I almost skipped this weeks WW but then I realized that I would have to watch double the amount next week and so I marathoned my shows.


Bungou Stray Dogs: Episode 9-10: Dazai is not someone who would let himself get caught, he must have a reason but Akutagawa is busy with his petty jealousy. I can’t believe he’s jealous of Atsushi because Dazai favors him more. This port mafia is seriously letting the name of bad guys down. First they were after the money next jealousy and I don’t know what will sprout next. We also meet Dazai’s ex-partner Chuya and they have some comical moments. He knows Dazai is after something and Dazai tells that he wants to know who put the bounty of Atsushi/tiger and is shocked to see the name.

Atsushi has the assassin girl with him. He’s told to hand her over to the police but he can’t bring himself to do it. They go on a date and Atsushi ends up spending all his money. Assassin girl gives herself to the police and Akutagawa interferes and takes the tiger. Yes, because of the jealousy, he wants to kill him and assassin girl saves him. Atsushi can’t abandon her and takes her with him.

bungou stray dogs.jpg

Handa kun: Episode 9-10: Only the short brown haired guy is the most sensible guy in the series. Sorry, I don’t know your name but thank you for speaking rationally.

handa kun.jpg


Career: Episode 5: We all have met someone who is two faced. In front of people he’s the sweetest guy and behind he despises those people. Kin’s station gets an actor who acts as a chief for a day and I wanted to punch him the moment he appeared. He gets what he deserved. Coming to the main point. Minami learns about Kin’s father and he gets angry at Kin for being the same elite who killed his father. Kin’s father was labeled as a traitor and was killed. Finally, the story will be revealed.


Shopping King Louie: Episode 7-10: Louie has this power that makes the other person work for him. He falls in love with Bok sil and gets jealous when he sees Joong won because he’s clearly has some feelings for her. Joong won comes clean, after looking how the young ones are in love, he isn’t in love with Bok sil.

Ma ri the very weird girl who has no respect for herself. She loved Louie for his money and is same with Joong won but he tells her to be sincere in love. In Sung falls in love with her the moment he sees her and then tragedy happens and he’s humiliated.

The villain, uncle, in this drama is pretty stupid and funny and his wife ruins his plan and finds Louie. Grandma comes back to life seeing Louie and she wants Bok sil out of Louie’s life. Bok sil hurts Louie’s feelings. Her brother died instead of Louie and the first thing Louie remembers after getting his memories back is that.

The imagination in this drama is too much. The head maid thinking of evil Bok sil and butler thinking the maid having an affair with the uncle.

shopping king.jpg

My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week: Episode 5-6: keeping aside the serious tone of this drama its really funny. Hyun woo going to punch the other guy ends up celebrating his birthday and meeting that cheater women for his program.

His secret is coming out slowly, the writer is the third one to know about his wife’s affair. Hyun woo musters up the courage and beats the other guy and even tells his wife about the affair. And I still think there’s more to the story between the two, Soo yeon and the other guy. I was sure the wallet was his gift not the other guy’s.

Why is the other guy’s (cheater) wife so calm? There’s a storm in Hyun woo’s life and she’s willing to forgive her husband and pretend nothing ever happened. Why isn’t Hyun woo and Soo yeon talking about why it happened? Why she cheated on him? Hyun woo finally wants to talk to her and she’s divorcing him.

I knew it there’s a secret to Ahn and his wife left him after three days of their honeymoon. Poor, poor him. He looks such a cheerful person. Why would his wife do that? Hyun woo is the only one who knows this secret when he goes to his house. It’s funny how scared Hyun woo’s thinking Ahn killed his wife or something and stored her body away. Oh, wait I remember Ahn played a killer in the drama Signal. And the drama was hinting at that, no?

I like how people comment on Hyun woo’s problems. There is one who needs to meet Dazai as soon as possible but I don’t think Dazai wants a man but a woman to commit double suicide. This tuna woman is the only sensible woman who leaves comments and I think either its Seo yeon or the lawyer’s wife. The lawyer is getting on my nerves. What does the women even see in him? His wife needs to catch him and hang him. She knows he’s cheating but she’s giving him a chance and he’s not coming back to his senses.

Louie’s grandma is here as well but I don’t know what’s she doing other than surprising others with her computer skills.

I know I’m late but I still don’t know about Hyun woo’s child’s gender.


When a Snail Falls in love: Episode 7-9: I don’t know what’s happening. I swear after first 3 episodes I have no idea what’s going on. So the cousin girl,Ye zixi, dies and the one they have arrested is not the killer? yeah something like that.

snail love.jpg

Dukh Sukh: Episode 4 Musafir (Traveler): What a waste of time. Give me back my forty minutes! Naveen is back with a different character this time, Maya, who likes to write poems but wait didn’t the second episode had the same setting except in this one Maya is depressed for some reason and tries to commit suicide. We are never told what’s wrong with her so it’s irritating seeing her moping around because I couldn’t connect with the character. And I’m not a fan of Naveen because of what she did so I force myself to watch her.

Maya lives with her uncle, aunt and their two annoying children. What’s wrong with the supporting actors of this series. I can’t bear it! Moving on, our hero is called Sikander and he just lets himself in her house and starts reading poems. Weirdo. And the most weird thing is the household is happy to have a person like him. No one lets strangers in their home! What kind of setting is this? He’s kind of a stalker because he knows a lot about Maya. Maya doesn’t like him but he intrigues her. And the torture continues to the next episode.

Only the first episode in the series left a mark on me, the rest of the stories were lacking and the supporting actors made it more worse. I wonder how long the series will go on.


Bin Roye: Episode 7: Either the timeline is lost or I’m lost or the drama has stopped making sense all together. This is the drama I wanted to enjoy but I feel clueless while I’m watching. What’s with my luck with Pakistani dramas!
Okay Irtaza and Saman come back from their honeymoon and decide to shift to America. Saba doesn’t like their presence anymore and wants them gone. Her prayers answered. Saba goes on a memory lane because Irtaza is still in her heart.
Irtaza feels the change in Saba and knows she’s angry or upset and here I wonder where was his deduction skills when she was wearing her heart on her sleeves. How can anyone didn’t notice her behavior, her eyes that screamed she loves Irtaza…
And the time line starts to make no sense at all
Safeer leaves for states again but didn’t he complete his studies and came back for good? Anyways he promises his mother he would not contact the Hindu girl Sonia. Sonia visits him with a shocking news. She’s pregnant and he shocks her saying to abort the baby. She doesn’t want to. She leaves her parents house, because they also want her to get rid of the baby, and lives alone. Safeer finds her again and tells her he wants to marry her. He wants to give his name to the baby. Dafuq? What the heck drama! What the heck is the channel showing? This is absolutely not allowed in Islam. And how dare Safeer committed a sin before marriage.
I’m trying my best to keep the timeline sane. And the dubbing’s hideous by the way of Irtaza and Saman.
So we are told its been long since Saman has shifted to America and suddenly Saba is chummy to her sister. Saman gets pregnant and tells her hubby and family and everyone’s happy. Sonia was pregnant and there’s no sign of the baby and God knows how much after Saman gets pregnant and still there’s no sign of anything with Sonia. Timeline, stupid dumb thing start making sense!

bin roye.png

4 comments on “Weekly Watching-7

  1. Jo says:

    Sis, you need a vacation 😳 remember to take some time ane breathe 😌😝 oh, I heard ppl loved the ending of King Louie, still need to watch Career . ok, so Ill skip ep 4 of DS and ep 8 on BR, now that BR has 8 eps Im going to start watching it(I need to make space in between life and my other dramas)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Khan says:

      if i take a vacation who will cover for me? being the eldest daughter means you have to take responsibilities if you want or not. i did try leaving all the house chores but somehow i found myself doing them few hours later. i’m used to it now.
      i read how Louie ended.i read the spoilers deliberately and i’m still watching the show because its light and Seo In guk looks like a puppy there.
      if you can find the movie version of BR watch that because the drama’s ruining itself for some reason.
      I need to do that as well. i need to find some hobbies.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jo says:

        True, true *sending a virtual hug and positive energy* 🎉🎉🎉 I agree, Seo In Guk looks like a puppy😂😂 i love his hair. Ok, ill check out the movie instead, hate when dramas start off nice but take a wrong turn 😳😳 ohhh, you can write or paint, or take kickboxing?!! My friends doing that, she said it relieves her stress

        Liked by 1 person

        • Miss Khan says:

          thank you so much ^___^
          shopping drama is easy to follow, i don’t have to worry about anything and i get to see puppy boy. him randomly shopping after he lost his memories were the best part of the drama.
          i wonder why the team decided to make a drama with the same cast as the movie or why make a drama when you have a movie already??
          i do write….DUN DUN DUN!!!….i write about dramas ahahahha. kick boxing? imma pull my leg muscle or something. i don’t paint actually i don’t have any with me but i do color, you know as in coloring the children books. i have stopped because of my nephew. he might poke himself with the pencil. i’m willing to wait till he grows up a bit and then we both will color books.


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