The K2: Episode 15


And the game changes again. Everything’s happening so quickly and still I used 4 hours to watch an hour’s episode.

Yoo jin, I love this woman. I just hope she stays alive till the end and achieves what she wants because I’m not interested in the story anymore since like yeah, I don’t know when exactly but the story just went downhill at a superspeed and I’m only here for Yoo jin.


So, uncle brings the bomb to threaten Yoo jin, because he wants Cloud Nine and she won’t give him, and she easily takes out the white-haired guy and uncle is about to lose his life as well. She’s worried about K2 and he leaves saying he’ll not come back and will kill rival. Rival underestimates injured K2 and sends minions to eliminate him and K2 comes out victorious somehow. I was amazed no one found the memory card with dozens of men trying to look for it. Anywho, K2 gives the memory card to Se joon after lecturing him.

Anna is about to leave and rival strikes and kidnaps her and she’s taken to Cloud Nine in front of K2 and he helplessly screams as there is no time left. The bomb can’t be defused and no one knows this yet. Rival tells Se joon to come at Cloud Nine as well to save his daughter in exchange of the memory card.

Anna escapes with the help of JSS guys, especially master. He covers her mouth to protect her and this triggers a memory and Anna’s horrified as she remembers he’s the one who was there in the room the night her mother was killed. Noooo master, you can’t be the killer.

It wasn’t Yoo jin but her father who killed Hye rin. That’s why she wasn’t willing to tell the name. The sob story that uncle was telling about having a lover seems true. What does K2 eat to have such superhuman strength? Yoo jin thinks of K2 as her savior and he doesn’t even want to be her friend after what she’s done for him.


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