Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 24 END


I jumped on this drama without thinking much. I usually don’t watch promos and trailers so I had no idea what I’m getting myself into. I was surprised to learn this drama is going to have 24 episodes and that made me scared a bit. What if the drama loses its momentum and has boredom to offer? I have seen drama of 16 episodes dragging itself to the finish line. I don’t think I was bored in this drama instead I enjoyed the journey which had tears and smiles to offer with many other elements.

The top picture tells the whole story, as you know “ A picture is worth a thousand words” but I’ll take you on a small journey because I can’t let go of this drama yet.


Hwa shin and Na ri’s brother accept each other though Na ri’s brother would never have given his sister to someone like Hwa shin but she likes him and he has promised to keep her happy and will not to tell her about the con of her brother.

Rak’s sister plays the cold mother-in-law. She doesn’t like second mum and second mum comes to a decision of only dating him because she wants the permission and blessings of his family. First mum tries to like her colleague. Second mum also decides that she, first mum and Ppal gang to live together and everyone’s happy on this decision. Hwa shin doesn’t scold Ppal gang for the con but apologizes to her.

Since it’s the last episode Hwa shin wants to get married quickly and wants to quit his job that he received as a punishment and he ends up doing a radio show about health and body but in the end does what he wants to do and his partner is first mum. Na ri goes back to her weather forecasting and says she’ll keep doing it until the end and stays true to her word.

They both think who will officiate and host the wedding and the result’s hilarious. Hwa shin never took Na ri to meet his mum so she still thinks Na ri and Jung won are a couple but when she’s told the truth she beats Hwa shin but he isn’t fazed by it and just keeps eating his bun. Hwa shin’s infertility remains a secret between the couple and the doctor.

Hwa shin and Na ri get married and no words how amazing its. Hwa shin dances and sings and Jung won is still single. I wonder why didn’t the drama did something about it when I’m here. Na ri’s brother asks Ppal gang for a date and their friend leaves in tears.

Hwa shin and Na ri have a serious conversation where he asks her to marry someone else if he dies. What a great conversation to have on your wedding day. Na ri grabs the chance and asks he got jealous and started liking her after Jung won fell in love with her but Hwa shin the ever prideful guy says, he doesn’t know but he did think about her before Jung won came in her life. They both bid fare well but Hwa shin isn’t ready to say goodbye so Na ri had to kiss him to shut his mouth.

I’m so happy I gave this drama a chance. It made me cry buckets with happiness and sadness. Thank you so much to the whole team.

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