Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 23


Love makes you do all sort of crazy things~

I had so many scenarios going on in my mind before watching the episode and I’m happy to report nothing can keep Hwa shin and Na ri apart. This gives me so much hope for the last episode. Please! Don’t eff it up, drama.

Hwa shin’s courageous move has made everyone stunned into silence and at the same time he’s respected. He goes into hiding for a week. No one knows where he went except for Jung won. He finds his best friend on the grave of his brother. Jung won admits his loss to him and tells him that he likes him more than Na ri. Wipes tears, my bromance. They become new friends.

Hwa shin comes out of his hiding and musters up his courage to break up with Na ri but his tongue slips and he asks her not to break up but Na ri can feel what’s going on. Hwa shin finally tells her it’s over between them but Na ri won’t have that and asks if he’s acting like this because of his infertility. It’s too much of a blow to him and he gets angry at her. He wants to end the relationship but she tells her its alright if they don’t have kids and he can tell she’s lying. She cried her heart out after learning about his impotency.

Na ri tries her hardest to get through him but he’s unwilling to budge. She can live without children but she can’t live without him. She’s someone who had a crush for three years so how can she move on now when they had made future plans. Hwa shin feels guilty he can’t give her happiness but she’s irresistible and the next thing you know Na ri’s taken things in her own hands. WOHOOO!

Rest of the story. Na ri’s brother knew she’s with Hwa shin in the room but still decided to not to say anything. The littlest bro is super cute.

Hye won has given up on Hwa shin but she still finds him attractive.

Hwa shin got the 9 o’clock time slot with Na ri but he blows the opportunity by stating his own views and the director wants him out.

Rak the ever drool worthy guy looks more amazing in the suit. He introduces second mum to his sister and she’s shocked. First mother feels lonely and old. I like how Hwa shin and first mother always have a strong conversation.

Hwa shin and Na ri decide never to wear turtlenecks because they are hard to remove.


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