Romantic Doctor Kim: Episode 2


This is unexpectedly good. The twists and turns and the lightheartedness blends together. I want more of fairy doctor Kim.

The second episode was titled: The last days of….something. There’s some medical term and I don’t know how to pronounce it or what that means.

Our fairy Kim saves Seo jung’s life but gives bad news as well. Her right hand won’t be the same again. I didn’t notice in the last episode which year it’s but in this episode its 2016. We see Dong joo now a surgeon, no one cares about someone like him who doesn’t even have anyone powerful behind.

Okay, so the doc who didn’t help Dong joo’s father is now the director of the hospital. How in the world did he recognized Dong joo is beyond me. Anyways, he gives him an opportunity to climb up and Dong joo takes it. Dammit he’s doing the same thing that happened to him, leaving a patient to help a VIP only to get some recognition.

Dream on! The patient dies and Dong joo gets a transfer to Doldam Hospital. In my opinion he’s removed because the director’s son wouldn’t get the recognition even with his father’s support because Dong joo’s that good.

Dong joo drives to the hospital and it looks like a haunted hospital in a secluded place and without stopping he takes off. Two women watch him from the window. Dejected Dong joo drowns in alcohol and writes a resignation letter on the backside of his transfer letter and you know when there’s a doctor there’s bound to be emergency in drama land. Dong joo jumps into action but a man stops him. Its fairy Kim and Dong joo doesn’t know that. Fairy Kim saves the patient even though Dong joo was sure the patient is a goner. Fairy Kim scares the hell out of Dong joo and he runs to a place he never wished to return, Doldam hospital. He spends the night on the bench of the hospital because he doesn’t have the appointment letter. He’s so scared that he dreams of fairy Kim taking his hand.

I’m kinda hating his arrogant personality. He’s sure he’ll go back to the BIG hospital, whatever the name’s, in a few months. There are surprises waiting for him, first one is meeting Seo jung after five years and learning that she’s still a resident and something is wrong with her hand.

Seo jung after meeting Dong joo hallucinates of her doc boyfriend. PTSD? She still feels guilty about his death and the medication doesn’t seem to help her. She overdoses and slits her wrist. Dong joo just watches helplessly and gathers himself up to help fairy Kim in her surgery.

And the second one is meeting fairy Kim as a doctor. He’s flabbergasted at how the hospital works and admits one thing, he’s impressed by fairy Kim. Fairy Kim tells him, he only cares about saving patient’s lives.

What do you think?


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