Weekly Watching-6


I’m a pessimist. I don’t know why but I’m. I always see things in a negative way and this ruins my mood. So, I had an appointment. I was called and was told that I have to be there at so-so date and time and I will be reminded again a day before the appointment through a text message and a call. I marked the date on the calendar. Two months later- the appointment day was here and I was waiting for the msg or a call but there was none and I had to call the help desk and got the news that the appointment has already passed or maybe not. And I was told “it’s your fault” Great! Just great! Now I have to wait and get the new appointment.

Can K-dramas reduce the one hour time? My heart just sinks when I see the episode is exceeding the one hour mark. I have short-term memory and I forget what happened within 15 minutes. And to think I have to leave every 15 or so minutes takes away the concentration and enjoyment and not to mention me forgetting what happened before.


Bungou stray dogs: Episode 7-8
The azure case was so amazing and sad. Doppo and Dazai what a combo. They argue and bicker but when its time they both have each others back. This is called true friendship. It’s not wrong to have ideals but guys don’t fight.
Doctor is super cool and her ability is sadist ahaha. News! Atsushi has found a girl. She was with mafia but Atsushi saved her life and let’s see if he can convince others to keep her with the agency like Dazai did for him.
No one is much worried about Dazai disappearing except for Atsushi and mafia/Akutagawa has kidnapped him through that assassin girl but now that she is with Atsushi she might tell him.


Handa-kun: Episode 5-8: I turn my brain off while watching this because your brain needs beauty sleep as well and I can still understand the hilarity that’s going on. Kawafuji is at fault here for ruining Handa. I wonder what happened to Handa after high school because in Barakamon he’s someone totally different.


Hajimemashite aishiteimasu: Episode: 7-9 END
Okay so the woman is not Hajime’s mother but grandma and I hate her, words can’t describe my feelings. She takes Hajime from Mina and Shin and I literally cried with them. Where was she when Hajime was chained and was malnourished? Where was she when Hajime was abused by his mother? She’s no right to take him. Hajime has finally started to be a normal boy after what he went through. Hajime’s absence is felt and the couple is on the verge of breaking up. It’s the family of Shin and Mina who put them back together. Takumi finally mans up and takes responsibility and decides he will marry the nurse and take care of the baby and takes up a job of a piano tuner. Shin and Takumi’s sister had another baby on the way and her husband finally spoke few lines.
Okay what kind of effed up father was that douche bag who sexually assaulted his own daughter. No wonder she went crazy and abandoned Hajime. Mina won her heart through her earnestness and takes the custody of the boy and I still hate the grandma. I love Domoto and the way she scratched her head.


Career: Episode 
4: I wonder if Minami learnt something from Kin. He always tells Kin to stay in his seat and not to meddle but when his own daughter gets kidnapped he’s willing to do anything. At the end of the day its Kin who saves the girl and gets a “thank you” from Minami. Min’s daughter is his responsibility so he acted on what he thought was right. Kin thinks the people in his district are his responsibility so why can’t he act when he’s right?
I want to know Kin’s father’s story. Its been hinted but nothing has been explained yet.

Shopping King Louie: Episode 5-6: The misunderstanding with uncle reminds me of Handa-kun. Yes, as in the anime. He’s thinking all sort of things about Louie and Joong won. Money can blind one and that’s what’s happening to the uncle and after finding out Louie is still alive he wants him gone. He even makes sure his daughter doesn’t mention Louie to anyone. Joong won and Louie are so funny. Joong won’s mother thinks he’s into men and not women. Damn everyone is busy creating misunderstandings and rich guys falling for poor women.


My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week: Episode 3-4: I think there’s more to the story. Even though Soo yeon and the guy admitted they were having an affair but I feel like they are also hiding something.

Ahn is so freaking hilarious. I love his over and exaggerated expressions and how worried he’s for his friend. He’s not married right? I love the writer too. She’s strong and confident. Poor Hyun woo gets accused from time to time for having an affair.

I just hate that lawyer douche. He just can’t miss a chance to flirt with random women and I hate those women as well who enjoy that little excitement. I want to punch him till he’s useless to do anything. He’s a loser who won’t divorce his wife or he will lose all the benefits that he’s enjoying. The girls, which throw themselves on him won’t even look at him if he’s penniless.


When a Snail falls in love: Episode 3-6: Why wasn’t Xu Xu told about the plan before? It’s not her fault, Ji Bai doesn’t think of her as a team-mate, and she acted what she thought was right. Well she has made her place in the team and has the ultimatum to pass the fitness test in three months. After this my brain turned itself off and I just watched the rest of the episodes without thinking much and have no clue what’s going on and how the other girl is connected to the story.


Dukh Sukh: Episode 3-Pandara saal baad (fifteen years later): While watching I thought the episode should be titled as “Sacrifice” because that’s what the couple did for their families. We have a girl Ma Rukh nicknamed Mimmy who brings a five-year old sick boy to the hospital and there she meets Dr. Salar. After some arguing the love blooms and misunderstanding solves that she isn’t the mother of the child but aunt. They both decide to marry each other but their families have chosen the partners for them. Ma Rukh is to marry her dead sister’s husband and be the mother of her nephew and Salar is to marry someone to save his sister’s marriage. They both decide to elope but Ma Rukh’s father tells her instead of gathering shame she should call the guy and he will give them his blessings even if he’s to do it unwillingly. The girl weighs the pros and cons and makes a decision.

15 years later Salar still not married reads a letter, from Ma Rukh, feeling guilty for not eloping with her and thinking that the letter contains her sadness and angriness for not keeping the promise but to her surprise the letter is an apology for not meeting him at the designated place because she can’t just think only about her happiness. She asks him to love some else as she will do the same. I never saw that coming.


Bin Roye: Episode 6: Saba pretends everything is fine with her. She’s not bothered by the marriage of Saman and Irtaza but after the nikah she completely loses it. She breaks down in front of her grandma. The only person who knows Saba loves Irtaza. She goes crazy and wished for Saman to die or should have died in the plan crash that took Saman’s adoptive parents. Good thing is no one can hear what nonsense she is spouting and her grandma warns her not to say such things in front of anyone else or she’ll be labeled as a characterless woman. Irtaza and Sanam leave for their honeymoon.

Safeer comes back after completing his studies and his mother wants him to marry and she’s a girl in mind and lo and behold its Saba but Safeer tells his mother that he’s a girl he likes but he can’t marry her because of her religion. Her mother’s response’s very obvious. Safeer now has to choose between the happiness of his mother or the girl he loves and he just hangs his head in favor of his mother. Safeer’s mother asks for Saba’s hand from her grandma and she asks for few years time as Saba is still young.

Yay! A cameo from Adeel Hussain. He’s looking dangerously handsome and actually looked good with Saba and he sure can dance!!! I was more fixated on the song than Saba’s heart. Well poor her, she had to dance on her sister’s wedding or the wedding of the guy she loves. She should have said what’s in her heart sooner. What was she waiting for?

Anyways, the song was definitely taken from the movie version of Bin Roye or there was no reason for a sudden cameo but I was glad to see Adeel. It’s been so long since I saw him act. And this reminded me Adeel and Mahira (Saba) did a movie together. Time to watch! if I find it…



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